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radio silence – he recently reached out

Rekindled LoveQuestion From: Sc
Submitted: Sep 8th
Hey boss, Apologies for seeming like I am ‘beating a dead horse’ here as I’ve asked you about Jim before! We had a year long thing which sizzled out end of march, he met someone else & it’s been radio silence for 5+ months, he recently reached out! I blew it off. My question is, will he try & reconnect again, should I see him? All the best Sandi

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hey SC, Spirit says that he broke-up with his most recent girlfriend, and now he is feeling lonely. He reached out to you, because he sees you as a “safe” friend with benefits. Spirit also expects that his “other head” will motivate him to try to contact you a few more times. It is up to you, if you see him again, but Spirit doubts that anything long-term will develop.

Live! Love! Bark! :cry:


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2 comments on “radio silence – he recently reached out
  1. Sandi says:

    I simply wanted to thank you for responding & always lending your awesome truthful guidance, appreciate it! Sandi (Sc)

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