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Question From: emilyl13
Submitted: Oct 31st
Will I fall in love soon? Have I met the man of my dreams? Will i get out of this dump I am in? Will my bad luck turn around soon? Will I be successful? Am I going to transfer colleges? Or stay at my current one? Will I be happy soon? Am I going to be rich one day? Do I need to follow a new career path other than nursing? Or will I continue on my current career path? Do I actually bring a purpose with my life? Do things get better?

GiftedSoulAnswer from GiftedSoul:
Hello emilyl13, welcome to Psychic Bitch! I am GiftedSoul. I can only answer one question here, but you are more than welcome to resubmit and please do try to include only one question per submission. For further insight please consider booking a private reading with one of our psychics. Questions with multiple questions in them are usually looked over. The first thing spirit takes me to is your finances. I am being shown that you will see some more security within that aspect in the next 13. This can be 13 months, weeks or days. I feel for you at this time it will be within months. Yes, there should be some improvement before then, but within this 13 mark I am seeing you being comfortable with the money you have. Not rich, but comfortable, having enough. If you’d like further insight please visit my website.

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Be open minded and also be careful what you ask about because I cannot control what answer spirit gives me unfortunately it is not always something pleasing to the ear. So if you don’t really want an answer to something do not ask and that goes for when you are getting a reading from anyone… not just me. Please do make sure that you really want to know answer to something. I don’t make up answers and I have a very high accuracy rate/level. i cannot control whether or not spirit gives me a message full of rainbows or black roses, have to give you what I see. I don’t believe in sugarcoating however if something you don’t like happens to come up I will be gentle about it, but still give you the truth. Overall, I am here to help others to the best of my ability and I hope that you will give me a chance to show you that I have what it takes to give you the guidance you need in order to see some progress in your life. I do also use logic in my readings as well and I love to give advice. If I come across as rude I don’t try to it’s just that my guides are very honest and straight forward and I give things to you exactly how they give it to me and sometimes it can sound negative. I always try my best to encourage and uplift all of my clients to their highest potential. If you are ready for a change in direction take my hand. I can lead you to success, but only if you’re willing to drink the water. I am not perfect, but I do aim to please and do whatever I can to see to it that your goals and dreams are fulfilled and that you are walking on a path that truly makes your soul happy and at peace. Sometimes what we want isn’t always what is best for you. In that event we can go over a plan to bring new blessings into your life.

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