How Do We Do It?

How do we give away free psychic readings with no hidden costs? We post the answers here on our website. Our psychics are willing to give you a free psychic reading in exchange for a little internet attention. They volunteer their time to answer your questions in exchange for links and promotions going back to their sites. As you choose a favorite psychic or two (or more) be sure to visit them at their sites, sign up for their mailing lists, and post a comment if you can. Let them know you really do appreciate all their time and effort.


Are You Fed up with psychics blowing pink smoke up your nose?

Are the Fairies Blowing Pink Smoke Up Your Nose?

The Readings are FREE and it is also FREE to get offended. Welcome to Psychic Bitch where we really do give absolutely, completely, 100% FREE psychic readings and the absolute truth. Here at Psychic Bitch you get the honest hard truth. We will tell you where you screwed up and what you should be doing. Get your significant other involved. You may just appreciate our punitive candor.