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who lied and told my ex boyfriend that I cheated

Telling SecretsQuestion From: ce
Submitted: Sep 1st
I want to know who lied and told my ex boyfriend that I cheated on him. He will not tell me who the person is that he was told that I cheated with

StarbreezetarotAnswer from Starbreezetarot:
No one. He just made that up to get your attention and put you in a position where you need to defend yourself. Read more ›

wish that jeremy misses me,loves me, thinks of me

Will My Ex Return?Question From: sumatyme5150
Submitted: Sep 1st
I shouldn’t. say this but I’m gunna. i really do wish that jeremy misses me,loves me, thinks of me,wants me, and wishes we were back together just as much as i do and as sad as i am. pleases tell me if our recent encounter w/each othwr has change eny thing between us at all . have i lost him in that way completely? What can you tell me? I’m desprete.

Cruella D'ArchangeloAnswer from Cruella D’Archangelo:

There is nothing saying that even though he doesn’t feel any of this now for you that, he can’t feel it again. There are ways to encourage him to return if you really love him. You can contact me privately and we can discuss a love spell.There are possibilities of bringing him back. Read more ›

Mt. Rainier Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood will all erupt

Psychic SaidQuestion From: anay
Submitted: Sep 1st
My friend believes she is psychic and has been chosen to save lives from an upcoming biggest natural disaster. We live in washington state and she is convinced that this coming november Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Hood will all erupt causing a catostrophic disaster wiping out seattle and all of western washington and we all will parish. Is this horrible event really going to happen?

Cruella D'ArchangeloAnswer from Cruella D’Archangelo:

There will not be a catastrophic volcanic event. They would be showing signs now. You are more in-danger of suffering from an earthquake than a volcano and even the earthquake won’t wipe you out. Read more ›

boyfriend left saying he doesnt love me anymore

Lost LoveQuestion From: TB
Submitted: Aug 27th
My boyfriend has left me saying he doesn’t love me anymore. However I feel I pushed him away with me constantly arguing etc and stalking. even though we had bad break up we left things on good note and have not been together for a month now. I do call him every now and then. I want to know if he loves me and when he is likely to come back to me? Is there another girl Involved? Thank you

Cruella D'ArchangeloAnswer from Cruella D’Archangelo:

You can’t argue alone, he had to be a willing partner in it. He doesn’t love you and if he comes back it is just to use you in bed. There is another woman involved and was before you broke-up with him. Stalking is not an effective way to keep a person but neither is cheating and that is what he was doing. Move on, he is just not worth it. Read more ›

me an Allen soon live together an get married

CommitmentQuestion From: poopoo
Submitted: Aug 25th
Will me sheri an Allen soon live together an get married. An do he have any interest on Michelle

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Sorry PooPoo, but Spirit does not see marriage. She says you 2 may live together, but there will be a lot of arguments. Also, she does not see Michelle at all. Spirit does see that Allen has feelings for you. Read more ›

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