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find my missing cat

Lost and Found

Question From: Jules
Submitted: Oct 4th
I was wondering if I will find my missing cat Mickey who went missing on September 29, 2015 and if will be soon.

StarbreezetarotAnswer from StarBreezeTarot:
Yes, within 3 days to 3 weeks Read more ›

if he will be in touch

Waiting for a Call

Question From: Ziggy
Submitted: Oct 4th
Hi, Haven’t talked to him in 6 weeks or so, nothing negative happened. we are not a couple, but are friends. Just wonder if he will be in touch again. I have left him alone thinking its the right thing to do. Your wisdom/enlightenment would be welcome here. many thanks!Hope you can connect.

StarbreezetarotAnswer from StarBreezeTarot:
It shows contact within 4 days to 4 weeks Read more ›

where money is hidden


Question From: ks
Submitted: Oct 1st
Wondering where money is hidden in my deceased fathers house in which I live in. Or is it in another place. outside someplace, bank ( which bank), in the roof, in the floor, in a different house, or someplace else. I’m fumbled. Please help me if U can? Thank You Kathy Very Appreciated!!!!!!!!

StarbreezetarotAnswer from StarBreezeTarot:
I do not see that there is any hidden money. Sorry. Read more ›

hardest decision of my life


Question From: SOB
Submitted: Sep 30th
A few yrs ago i had to make the hardest decision of my life involving the best interest of my children, n my heart i know i did what is right for them, but we have been torn apart and seperated from eachother ever since. They live with their fathers, but its been yrs since i have seen them or they eachother. I am consumed with sadness and fear i will never know them again, nor they know eachother. Will i ever feel the love of being their mother, the joy of my family being together again??

StarbreezetarotAnswer from StarBreezeTarot:
There is potential for the relationships with your children to be repaired. It is going to require a proactive effort on your part. It is not going to fall in your lap. Set aside your fears and take the actions needed to make the changes. Read more ›

lost daughter in car accident


Question From: Karen
Submitted: Sep 29th
Hi I lost my daughter a couple of years ago in a car accident. Can you tell me is she is still with me in this life?

StarbreezetarotAnswer from StarBreezeTarot:
Yes, she will always be with you. Read more ›

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