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heavy cloud

SadnessQuestion From: squirrel
Submitted: Feb 25th
Hello ! I would like to ask you to help me focus and see things as should,heavy cloud is that something I do to myself?

AngelinaAnswer from Angelina:
Dear Squirrel,

You definitely need to get some spiritual help for the lack of concentration and focus. It is not something you deliberately do but locking horns with E does not help you as it only results in a stalemate. Please contact me for a private reading as your situation is too deep to be answered here. Much greater digging is required. Hope to talk soon! Read more ›

crossroad in my life

Which Way Do I Go?Question From: aleafinthewind
Submitted: Feb 21st
They say too follow your heart to be truly happy. my heart wants to be a gold or gem minor or start an on line biz.( or both)i am at a crossroad in my life as i am healing from cancer and am re-inventing myself. i feel a tad unsure. what direction is best. Ty

Northern LightAnswer from Northern Light:
There is a certain romance with a gold claim but there are also a lot of people who would take advantage of your enthusiasm and use that against you.

While the cards show you have the money they are also showing that you stand to lose badly with a mining venture that you are currently looking into. There is a lot of moose pasture out there being passed off as paying ground. It is really hard to get into gold mining and make it pay.

In your place, instead of buying a claim, do a lot of research and then stake your own claim. There is still a lot of unclaimed ground out there with decent pay. Enjoy just getting out there with your gold pan and appreciate the majesty of the wilderness. That is where you will find true healing and the adventure of finding some gold…the best part is keeping it fun Read more ›

girl Im in love with

I Love HerQuestion From: Far
Submitted: Feb 17th
I’m wondering if this girl I’m in love with, let’s call her Cara, will fall in love with me? Thanks!

Cricket JonesAnswer from Cricket Jones:
Hi, I am seeing that the woman you have mentioned is only looking at you as a friend. But there is a woman out there for you, you just need to be open-minded and be patient for your mate. Read more ›

chance for change

TransformationQuestion From: somebodysnobody
Submitted: Feb 16th
I’ve been through a lot. I feel like I’m incomplete in some areas of life but in other area, I feel greatness. Is this chance for change gonna be giving to me soon?

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hey there, Somebodysnobody! Welcome to Psychic Bitch! Not soon, but before this year ends, you should see a (subtle) transformation. Its called your Saturn return (Saturn returns to the place he was when you were born). You are feeling it now, because Saturn is getting very close, but he is going to turn retrograde in a couple of weeks, and you should notice the feeling fading. Spirit says there could be a big change coming at work, and it is definitely something stressful. Be very good to yourself in the process. Read more ›

she stop talking to me

Rocky RelationshipQuestion From: LH
Submitted: Feb 16th
I was wondering since me an my wife keep having problems an she stop talking to me.. what would I have to do to get her back in my life happy.. it’s alot of negativety around us. She tell me that her parents never speak on me but I do no they have a grudge against me. Plus they never apologize to me an I was wondering will they ever admit that they mess up our relationship how do I deal with this

Northern LightAnswer from Northern Light:
I wouldn’t go fishing for an apology from anyone. Does it really matter if you are right or wrong? Do you want her to talk to you or do you want her to be talking to her friends and parents instead? What is more important, an apology or you two having a heart to heart talk?

Start with the words “I’m sorry” but I would set that up with something romantic like a candle lit dinner where you two can be alone to have that heart to heart conversation. Maybe even a walk in the park.

Chances are her parents have a grudge because she is still young and dad is a little resentful because he had to give her away a little sooner then he expected. Deal with that with forgiving them in yourself. No need to say that to them but you have to forgive them in yourself to be free of it. She knows what they have done and haven’t done to affect your marriage. She don’t need you to remind her. Remember she is the one in the middle…

You were born in the sign of water and like two great oceans became one. The thing about water is that there is no beginning or end. Its ever flowing as are our human emotions.

You were also born in the year of the dog and she was born in the year of the horse. She will bear a lot of burden but only so much before she kicks. You can’t be nipping at her heels trying to herd her around or try to cut her from the herd.

By the way, the cards are showing a potential for a child? This may be why some of the cards are showing that you have to be diligent in your work to ensure the money is there when you need it. Do what you are good at for an income. Read more ›

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