D has been drifting away

Drifting from RelationshipQuestion From: gemineyes
Submitted: Jul 31st
Hello…Lately it seems as though D has been drifting away from me and I’ve become very insecure about our relationship. Is he unfaithful to me? or is it just my wild imagination? Thank you for your guidance. smile

Ryan Answer from Ryan Rick Zolar:
Hi, this is Psychic Rick.

Fortunately, my Tarot spread reveals he is not cheating on you, but has temptations. He has a good spiritual connection with you and simply needs inspiration to go forward.

The Page of Wands inverted signals to me that you are neglecting him in a few areas and you are unaware of where the neglect is. So I recommend going over what lags in your relationship efforts. Once you pinpoint it, matters should greatly improve. I believe he is patiently waiting for such a development to materialize, so encourage him to open up about his disappointments in the relationship when you have a good talk.

If you need more details, I will be glad to assist you in a private reading. Visit my website for contact information.

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friend and passed away

SpiritualQuestion From: Laura C
Submitted: Jul 31st
She was my cousin/best friend and passed away 8/7/10. I was wondering if she has any messages for me?

Ryan Answer from Ryan Rick Zolar:
Hi, this is Rick.

I definitely see that she is trying to reach you, especially in the early evening hours, but has been unsuccessful for the most part. It appears you have what I call “black muck” surrounding you, negative energies that piled up over the years. It’s nothing you’ve done wrong, it just collects on people who came across a number of negative influences who left their psychic trash on your doorstep (perhaps an ex or unloving sister) Just like icky grime, it’s difficult to get rid of these enveloping energies.

You need a clearing and banishing so your cousin will be able to finally open a channel of spiritual communication and to open new doors of achievement. I hope you find a good clair-sentient where you live to do this. I have experience doing these type of rituals, so if no one is available locally, I’ll be glad to help you. Just visit my website and contact me if you need additional information.

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Will he die

Push Love AwayQuestion From: PS
Submitted: Jul 30th
I am stuck with my husband, R. He loves me, but he is not ready to let go. I am not in love with him, but care deeply about him and the guilt is not letting me leave. I think the only way to get rid of him is if he dies. Will he die anytime soon?

Ryan Answer from Ryan Rick Zolar:
Sorry, we don’t answer questions about health or dying on this website.

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decent job coming

Need a JobQuestion From: Kisha
Submitted: Jul 30th
Please tell me if u see a decent job coming my way before the summer is over. I would like to know if the guy I am currently seeing wants a love relationship or is he just wasting time with me.

Ryan Answer from Ryan Rick Zolar:
Hi, this is Psychic Rick.

Well, according to my senses, the answers are yes and no.

I do see a great job coming your way by mid August and that a very polite woman is responsible for hiring you on to this position. It’s a job you’ve had some experience with, but this one pays more than any other job you’ve had in the past. Keep in mind, you will find this job confusing at first, but within a short time, you will get the hang of it. The field is connected to restaurant or food distribution and you’ll have responsibilities that involve organizing the customer base, or at least to some extent.

The guy you’re seeing is very opposing to your soul energies and you should immediately drop the relationship. Another man who you never met before with dark hair will be very interested in knowing you this October and he is a lot more compatible. I see the color of bright red surrounding him at times and I think it’s his car, maybe that will help you identify him.

If you need further information, contact me on my website for a private reading.

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told by physic – getting $60,000

Another Psychic Told MeQuestion From: Joe1981
Submitted: Jul 28th
Hi my gf and I have been having a hard time lately, I was wondering if it would get better like money wise. My gf was told by another physic we would be getting $60,000 in August but then went on to say we would need to pay her $100 to get guided on how…. I was wondering is this true? Will our money problem really go away in a few short days?

Sarah BellumAnswer from Sarah Bellum:
Hiya Joe,

Thanks for writing to us bitches with your questions. Now, I don’t know who the other psychic is, but please tread carefully there. If you’re gonna come into money, it will find you. If you’re gonna pay $100 to be guided as to how to come into money, and you have the $100 to spare, then go for it, but just bear in mind that what you’re doing is helping the other psychic to come into money, and not guaranteeing a $60k windfall of your own, right?

Now, my tarot shows me that the hard facts are that you’re probably not just gonna walk into a wall of money this month. Yes, things can improve, but you’re gonna have to work on improving them. The cards also show me that the problems between you and your girlfriend aren’t financial. You may be arguing over money, but money is not what is creating the distance between you, there’s something else underlying here, and it’s manifesting as bickering over money, make sense?

Let me know what you decide to do regarding the $100 guide, and also if you’d like me to take a look at your relationship or anything else, Joe. Yeah, I’m working for a living too, just like the other readers and psychics because we’ve all got to eat, you know? However, if there is any service that I can offer you to help you along your way, you only have to ask.

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