inheriate Miss Billys house

I Wish For...Question From: Wanderlust
Submitted: Aug 27th
Will I inheriate Miss Billy’s house? Her family has known mine for a few decades, I grew up loving her house and always going over, she’s spoken about possibly giving it to me when she’s ready, I was just wondering if it will actually come to pass and how soon if it will. Thank you. smile

Janet (Sparrow) MoonAnswer from Janet (Sparrow) Moon:
Hello Wanderlust,

I’m sorry, but Pluto, the planet of powerful transformations, is presently traveling through your 2nd house of money, which reflects into your 8th house of inheritance. It’s quite possible that Pluto will turn your hopes of inheriting that house upside down.

My Tarot’s showing me that, even if she does leave her house to you in her Will, her family will use the courts to block you from taking possession. They’re her legal heirs, and you’re not, so it’s likely that you will not get the house. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t work hard and buy your own nice house. You have a full life ahead of you, with unlimited possibilities.

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my twin flame Chris

Twin FlameQuestion From: Hula Girl
Submitted: Aug 26th
What are my twin flame Chris’ plans in the upcoming future for me? Is he ready to see me? We have been communicating and I “feel” he is coming forward.

Janet (Sparrow) MoonAnswer from Janet (Sparrow) Moon:
Hello Hula Girl,

It may take a little longer than you hope, before Chris steps forward. Venus (love and relationships) is in retrograde right now, and neither of you were born under a Venus retrograde, so it’s not a good time to initiate a new relationship. Also, Venus (in retrograde) is presently at a very negative angle to Chris’ natal Venus. He could be having second thoughts, or he could possibly be feeling confusion about what he wants.

You were born under a Mercury retrograde, so there’s a chance things will begin to move forward during our next Mercury retrograde from September 17th through October 9th. But, there’s also the possibility that you’ll meet another man who’s even more compatible under the upcoming Mercury retrograde, because Saturn, the planet of serious behavior, will be traveling through your house of romance through late November.

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full time permanent job

Your CareerQuestion From: Lost & Fustrated
Submitted: Aug 19th
I am struggling to find a full time, permanent job, I would prefer a job in admin, I am currently working casual in childcare. When will I find a fulltime/permanent job?

O. A. BossAnswer from O. A. Boss:
Hey, Lost! Jupiter, the planet of luck and opportunities, just entered your house of career a few weeks ago, and he will spend at least a year traveling through that house. It is very likely that before this time next year, you will have the job that you want. But, the upcoming Mercury retrograde, from September 17th – October 9th, could slow your progress. Spirit says that it could take longer than you would like to achieve the job in administration. She sees delays in front of you. But, she says, good things are worth waiting for, because you will get the job of your dreams. Try to be patient.

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remainder of the year

My FutureQuestion From: RSZ
Submitted: Aug 18th
Hello there, can someone pls give me some insight as to anything of significance showing up for me for the remainder of the year. I haven’t been through a very good time as of late so anything positive showing up would be great to hear. Thank you in advance xo

O. A. BossAnswer from O. A. Boss:
Howdy, RSZ! Saturn, the planet of what we fear, has been in the process of crossing over your natal Moon since December 2014, and he has just finished. When Saturn crosses over our natal Moons, he can bring up all kinds of fears and phobias. If your birth time is accurate, you have 4 natal planets in your house of spirituality, which Saturn entered late last year. Once Saturn has finished with your Moon, over then next couple of years, you should notice that your life will become more enlightened and spiritual. But, the process to enlightenment requires taking a hard look at reality. Unfortunately, Spirit says your troubles are not quite over. You may find that life has to knock you around a few more times, before you discover who you really are and what you are capable of. Life and growth can be messy, so take time to be good to yourself in the process. Sorry, I went a little farther than just the remainder of the year. Hope that is okay.

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lonely and jobless

UnemployedQuestion From: ziahuss
Submitted: Aug 18th
Hi, I am very lonely and jobless. Do you see if I will get a job soon and what type of job will that be or will it better if I start my own business. If so what type of business will be good for me. Also, will I get married again? Thanks.

O. A. BossAnswer from O. A. Boss:
Hi, Ziahuss! You were born with natal Moon, governor of emotions, in your house of career. You would do well in any type of hospitality work. You are a natural for taking care of others and making them feel comfortable. But, Neptune, the planet of delusions, is presently crossing over your natal Moon, so any decisions you make throughout the rest of this year, about your career, could end up being temporary. But, the good news is that Saturn, the planet of discipline, has just crossed into your house of partnerships, and he will be there for at least 2 years. After Neptune has moved away from your Moon, around the 1st of the year, then it will be an excellent time to start your own business with a partner. Saturn could also bring your next husband into your life while he travels through your house of partnerships. Spirit sees a job in your future, but she suspects it will not utilize your talents. She also sees an older man who is interested in a relationship with you. Whether or not he is really right for you, is something you will have to decide. It is likely that your life will improve quite a bit after 2016 begins. Be good to yourself in the process.

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