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No Answers on ThursdaysThe Omniscient Anonymous BossNo Answers on Thursdays! Da Boss’ indentured servitude contract will be coming up for renewal soon, and the powers that be decided they had better start giving da Boss a day off, or she might quit. Being the crazy heathen that she is, Thursday, AKA Thor’s Day, is her day of worship. We still have her answering questions the other six days per week, and she didn’t even ask for a raise. Guess we really can’t complain.

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met the love of my life

Long Term RelationshipQuestion From: rapunzel210
Submitted: Mar 25th
After 24 years of no relationships with men (and almost completely celibate), I met the love of my life. He has some major health issues, and we both have a certain amount of baggage. But he is the kindest, smartest, sweetest person I think I’ve ever known. I would like to know if he’ll be around for a while and if we’ll be together for a while. Generally, what’s happening here! Thank you!

Sarah BellumAnswer from Sarah Bellum:
Hey there, Rapunzel,

I’m so glad you found us here at Psychic Bitch. My name is Sarah, and I’ve been doing readings for over 30 years now. I’m so glad that you finally found your guy, even if he does come with some baggage (don’t we all!). I’ve taken a walk through my Tarot for you tonight, and while I can’t promise how long he’ll be around, it does look like you guys have a great potential for being happy together.

The cards are showing me celebrations, and that’s a good thing! Just remember to take things slowly. It can be interesting getting to know someone, and the cards indicate that you guys have waited so long for each other that it would be easy to rush into things to make up for lost time, but that could be challenging. You see, the cards show me that there’s definitely some karma here. The full reading can be purchased through my website. I hope to hear from you soon, and I’m sending you lots of love and happiness. Read more ›

eager to move

The Road AheadQuestion From: Winegirl75
Submitted: Mar 16th
I’m eager to move out into a space of my own, but renting a place here in the Bay Area is expensive and competitive!! Will i be able to find a reasonably priced place soon, or should I just suck it up and stay where I am? Thanks for your help!!

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hey, Winegirl! Spirit says beware of a man making unbelievable promises. She says a man will tell you that he can get you a place you can afford, but you will end up turning around and moving back from where you came. Keep saving your money, because there is a better chance to move next year. Read more ›

strong connection

AttractionQuestion From: Jen k
Submitted: Mar 16th
What does future hold for me and bruce? Dont know his d.o.b we met 3 years ago there is a strong connection there but Dont know if its fake plus he was or is still with this person. i keep everything hidden from him so he doesnt no how alike we are as well as everything else hes oblivious. Do me and bruce have a future? If so when will be together? Or is there someone new for me?… Follow up to my question in the blog if me and this guy have a future i met him 2012 dont know his d.o.b just that his birthday is December and hes in his 30s i know and feel a connection there but dont know if theres future with or someone else

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hey, Jen K! Welcome to Psychic Bitch! Spirit says that Bruce is a bit of a player. She says he would love to have sex with you, but she does not see him interested in a long-term relationship. She can also see that you will probably not get that close to him.

I am sorry to say that Neptune, the planet of confusion and delusions, is presently traveling through your house of marriage, and he is also at an opposition to your natal Mercury, ruler of the mind. Wait at least a year, before you get too heavily involved with any man. Neptune could lead you into a miserable relationship that will not last. There is a good part to Neptune opposing your Mercury, and that is your psychic intuition will be exceptionally strong. Trust your instincts. Read more ›

ex entered my life

Rekindled LoveQuestion From: Little miss C
Submitted: Mar 15th
Hello Ladies, I submitted this question last week however when trying to track it, was unable to find it. Last week, an ex boyfriend entered my life out of nowhere. We haven’t spoken, seen or communicated in over 5 years. Why is he here? Is this bad? Or going to end up in a mess? And why did he choose to stay with me? Is there any feelings??? I’m so so confused! I hope you guys can

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hey Little Miss C! Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, is coming to an opposition to your natal Venus, ruler of love. It is common for Uranus to bring an unexpected lover into your life when at this kind of aspect, but Uranus can also take them out of your life as quickly as they came. Spirit says he has an ex who weighs heavily on his mind. She suggests that you do not let this guy get too close too quickly, because he may decide to go back to her. Sorry. Read more ›

house or another apartment

Which Way Do I Go?Question From: Vic
Submitted: Mar 15th
I recently found out im getting evicted and applied for a home loan. Do you see me getting the loan and the house I want or will it be another apartment. If its an apartment can you tell me where? Thank you

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hey, Vic! Spirit can see you moving, but she can also see that you are very unhappy. I suspect you will not get the house loan. Spirit also sees that expenses will end up being more than you expect, and this could deplete your savings. But, she sees an energetic man willing to help you. So sorry. Read more ›

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