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I lost my job of 6yrs due to the wrong people

UnemployedQuestion From: Dream World
Submitted: Oct 20th
I lost my job of 6yrs due to having the wrong people in my life. I have struggled to find a job, will I find a job soon, I am in so much debt, I have never being in this situation before.

Janet (Sparrow) MoonAnswer from Sparrow Moon:
Hello Dream World,

I don’t think it will be too long. I am sensing rapid motion in your life, but I would hope that you wait until after Mercury turns direct on Saturday. If you were to take a job while Mercury is still in retrograde, its likely that the job wouldn’t work out.

Saturn entered your 12th house, of hidden enemies, about a year ago, and he will be there for at least 2 more years. Be careful who you trust. Even people you’ve known for a long time could turn on you. Read more ›

Will I win big tomorrow at this cash bash

Win MoneyQuestion From: ae
Submitted: Oct 18th
Will I win big tomorrow at this cash bash if not will I at least come into big money to help my family soon

StarbreezetarotAnswer from Starbreezetarot:
I don’t know, did you win?

You submitted this on the 18th and it is now the 20th.

If you want an immediate answer, next time book a private reading with one of us. It takes us time to get to the free questions. Read more ›

Hes been cheating on me

He CheatedQuestion From: n h
Submitted: Oct 18th
He’s been cheating on me with I don’t know how many women. How could he do this to me? He knows how much I value relationships . I guess he doesn’t even care about me.

StarbreezetarotAnswer from Starbreezetarot:
That is just how he is. He’s done that to you, he’ll do it again if you stay. He will also do that to anyone in a future relationship. There is something wrong with him. Read more ›

if my childrens uncle will be divorcing his wife

DivorceQuestion From: JW
Submitted: Oct 16th
I wanted to ask if my children’s uncle will be divorcing his wife, or are they going to stay together?

StarbreezetarotAnswer from Starbreezetarot:
There is a slight weakness in the relationship but they will stay together. Read more ›

want to know if he ever loved me at all

Unrequited LoveQuestion From: Tampa mom
Submitted: Oct 13th
I’m not going to ask if he’s coming back I just want to know if he ever loved me at all. Because I felt that he did but was scared

StarbreezetarotAnswer from Starbreezetarot:
He did but it shows confusion, immaturity and an inability to accept it. Read more ›

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