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psycho wife is lying

Truth or LiesQuestion From: Laura C
Submitted: Jan 23rd
David was a lifetime friend of the family and my bother’s best friend. He “died” on 12/23/13. We aren’t sure if he really died if is his psycho wife is lying about it since she lies about everything else. My brother had a dream he faked his death, and we can’t find anything in CA about his death. We just want to know

StarbreezetarotAnswer from Starbreezetarot:
This is bizarre and not the answer I was expecting when I picked up my cards to look at it.

I don’t see him being dead. Shows deception and you will have confirmation of the deception within 7 days to 7 weeks. Read more ›

We always fight

Rocky RelationshipQuestion From: Zachary
Submitted: Jan 23rd
Will my relationship last til marriage and kids or Will it end sooner than I think? I feel like my relationship is falling apart. I’ve been dating my girl for about 2 years and 4 months. We always fight and threaten that we’re going to leave each other but we don’t. We end up arguing it out. Then everything’s ok for awhile and we get into another fight. But I really love this girl. PLEASE HELP

StarbreezetarotAnswer from Starbreezetarot:
It does not look like it’s likely to end but there will always be issues and conflict in the relationship. Be prepared for more turmoil if you allow the relationship to become more committed. Read more ›

husband wants a divorce

DivorceQuestion From: BAJ
Submitted: Jan 23rd
My husband says he wants a divorce because he is unhappy in our marriage and feels we are incompatible. He has already taken a girlfriend (a woman he met in High School). He is moving out in a week despite barely being able to support himself. Is this a separation before reconciliation or is this leading to the end of our marriage?

StarbreezetarotAnswer from Starbreezetarot:
It’s an ending! Count your blessings! Read more ›

transfer to another store

The Road AheadQuestion From: Vic
Submitted: Jan 22nd
I was asked by my boss if I would like to transfer to another store I said yes since it would be closer to home. She than told me i’m not going. I really want this transfer. Do you see me going and if so when? Thank you

StarbreezetarotAnswer from Starbreezetarot:
I do not see the transfer happening. However, I see an entirely new job opportunity coming within 9 days to 9 weeks that will make you happier. Read more ›

wife went to Las Vegas

JealousyQuestion From: Jack
Submitted: Jan 16th
My wife went to Las Vegas with friends even though she knew I was uncomfortable with it. Will she be faithful and respect our marriage while she is there?

StarbreezetarotAnswer from Starbreezetarot:
Yes, but I will warn you she feels your behaviors are very controlling so be cautious about this as it could seriously damage your relationship. Read more ›

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