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Michael and I have been together for over a year

Gambling with LoveQuestion From: juls161
Submitted: Jul 23rd
Michael and I have been together for over a year. What does our future together look like and what is gong on now with him?Thank you for your time,

Janet (Sparrow) MoonAnswer from Sparrow Moon:
Hello juls161,

Next year, 2015, Saturn will cross your descendant (the first degree of your house of marriage and partnerships — the seventh house). Saturn will encourage you to get serious about your relationship. You may even be ready for marriage. After Saturn crosses your descendant, he will spend approximately 2 years in your seventh house. It is very likely that you will get married during that time.

Michael is going through his own “mid-life crisis.” Saturn is influencing him right now. Saturn is in conflict with his natal Venus, causing him to question his relationships. But, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Let him work it through, and he will realize that you are the one for him.

The next 12 – 18 months may be a bit frustrating for you, but in the long run, it will make your relationship stronger. Read more ›

if its a good time for me to be dating right now

Heavy HeartQuestion From: Tay
Submitted: Jul 15th
I just want to know if its a good time for me to be dating right now. I feel like I have kept rushing into relationships for the past year, and I’ve gotten screwed over countless times. I just got out of one, and I really like the guy, but I know he isn’t good for me but I always have the “what if we’re meant to be” thing stuck in the back of my head. Whats best for me right now?

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hi Tay! Happy early birthday, Ms Leo! Spirit says you can go ahead and take a break from dating… Love will still find you. You are young and very beautiful, and it is possible that love will actually come and knock on your door. Spirit says that if your last relationship was “meant to be,” then he will return. You cannot escape destiny. But… Spirit says, as far as your most recent ex is concerned, he had some big secrets, and you are better off letting someone else break his heart. She also says, there is a committed relationship in your near future, and you 2 may connect via the internet. Read more ›

met Gerald on July2 at a concert in highland park

JoyQuestion From: yola
Submitted: Jul 15th
I met Gerald on July2 at a concert in highland park where I’m originally from we had a nice conversation and discovered we both live in the same state. He seemed really cool but when the concert started I raced to my seat and never saw him again before we could exchanged info. Will I see this man again and if so will I have the opportunity to develop a friendship?

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hola Yola! Welcome to Psychic Bitch! You know his full name. You know his birth date and the city he was born in… But, you do not know his phone number? Well… I doubt that would be too hard to find. Spirit says you 2 will reconnect, but he wants a committed relationship. And, she says, you may not feel that way towards him. She says that he wants you to be his lover or not… but he is not interested in just friends. Read more ›

Will our situation evolve into a strong, love relationship

New LoveQuestion From: anneliza
Submitted: Jul 15th
Will our situation evolve into a strong, love relationship with lasting potential or will we simply drift out of one another’s lives and end up as polite acquaintances with nothing but a romantic past? *I often get certain dates (e.g. my mom’s b-day) wrong. His b-day is one of those and might be the 29th. I hope that a reading can still be done. Can’t believe how nervous I am to click submit.

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hi Anneliza! Welcome to Psychic Bitch. Spirit says that he has a secret, and it is worrying him. She says it is a legal situation. There may be an outstanding warrant, or perhaps debts that have gone to court. Spirit says this relationship DOES have the potential to grow into something more, and she sees your wish coming true. Maybe after he opens up and shares his secret, you will be able to help him find a solution. Read more ›

My husband and I have the opportunity to move

The Road AheadQuestion From: ang
Submitted: Jul 14th
My husband and I have the opportunity to move. Should we and would this put a financial strain on us?

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hey Ang! Spirit says, you 2 are more than ready to go, but she sees that there will be mistakes in the process. She says, yes, it could be a bit of a financial strain, but it will not bankrupt you. And… in the long run your family will be much happier. Read more ›

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