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I was great friends with a coworker

FriendsQuestion From: AM
Submitted: Sep 30th
I was great friends with a coworker for a year and a half. Then, it became more. We were very happy. After acting strangely for about six weeks, he said he got back together with a former girlfriend. I don’t understand, he seemed so happy with me. My question is, will we ever reconcile our love and have a future together?

Janet (Sparrow) MoonAnswer from Sparrow Moon:
Hello AM,

Men born under the signs ruled by Mercury (Gemini and Virgo) make such good friends. They impress us with their intelligence and their lively conversations, and there is nothing threatening about them (or at least it seems that way). You would think that Mercury wouldn’t be such a slut, but he is.

I am sorry, but your man needs variety, and that’s why he moved on to a former lover. I can sense that he actually has another woman in mind that he will be leaving his present girlfriend for. Yes, it is very likely that he will return, eventually, but he will never stay… at least not until he gets much older. Sorry. Read more ›

wondering when I would find love again

Looking For LoveQuestion From: Kristen
Submitted: Sep 24th
I was wondering when I would find love again or if I have possibly found it in my current relationships.

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hey Kristen, Welcome to Psychic Bitch. Spirit says that you may feel the need to try a little longer with your current relationship, but eventually it will fail. Spirit says he has way too many secrets, and he is hiding things from you. Fear not, dear maiden, Jupiter, the planet of luck and opportunity, will be traveling through your house of marriage for the next 12 months. It is quite possible you will meet your future husband before this time next year. Read more ›

looking for other solutions to my housing

HomelessQuestion From: Margaret13
Submitted: Sep 23rd
I have been left with no option but to move house. I only have a short time left to find somewhere which is proving difficult because I can’t find my passport, so have no id and no way of getting a new one at the moment. Will this all work out in the end or should I start looking for other solutions to my housing? I would be eternally grateful of any help or advice yours thankfully Margaret.

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hi Margaret, Welcome to Psychic Bitch! Honey, with your situation so up in the air, and Mercury’s retrograde only a few days away, it is probably best to put your life on hold for at least a month. Spirit sees a male friend who may be able to help in the short term, but do not rely on him for too long. Be good to yourself. Read more ›

She quit talking to me completely all of a sudden

Lost LoverQuestion From: tbs
Submitted: Sep 23rd
Will i ever get the love of my life back later on like she has told me many times?? She has quit talking to me completely all of a sudden. Please help me. I have became very depressed and extremely suicidal from not knowing anything.

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hi TBS, Welcome to Psychic Bitch. Did you know that depression is contagious?* That may be why none of your friends are coming around. Spirit says that your depressed attitude is what pushed her away. You are never going to be attractive to her, or any other healthy woman, until you get control of your illness. Spirit says that if you do not get help, it is likely that you will have an emotional breakdown. Please contact a mental health professional soon, and try being good to yourself. You really are a great guy on the inside. Read more ›

Who was behind my best friend murder

TragedyQuestion From: JG
Submitted: Sep 23rd
Who was behind my best friend Christopher H murder and why was he killed? Am I being watched? And what should I do

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hi JG, Welcome to Psychic Bitch. Spirit says the motive for the murder was money. The person who killed Christopher did it because of money. Either Christopher owed him money, or he wanted to take Christopher’s money. Spirit also says that Christopher knew this person. There was an issue between them on the internet. Also, this person had other people encouraging him to commit the crime. Spirit says the situation Christopher was in was even worse than you imagine, and you will receive some information soon to help clarify things, probably during Mercury’s retrograde. Spirit sees no one watching you, but she is concerned about Christopher’s mother. Please check on her, and be good to yourself. Read more ›

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