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seperated from my husband for cheating

He CheatedQuestion From: LTLP
Submitted: Jul 27th
I seperated from my husband for cheating. If I go back to him will he be faithful this time? Im considering moving on with my new guy.

StarbreezetarotAnswer from Starbreezetarot:
Unfortunately no he will not be faithful. This is just his personality. It’s not because of any inadequacies on your part. He is just a cheat by nature. Read more ›

talking to another woman asked for a divorce

Two Women - One ManQuestion From: Alexandria09
Submitted: Jul 23rd
Hello, I have been married to my husband for almost 2yrs, but now he’s completely changed. He started talking to another woman asked for a divorce, but is still sending me mixed messages, is there hope for us two work out this mess? or if he actually loves me at all?

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hello Alexandria! Welcome to Psychic Bitch. To quote the great Tina Turner, “What’s love got to to with it?” Spirit says, he may love you, but he has no intentions on staying with you. She says you can try as hard as you might to hold on to this relationship, but he will still slip away eventually. Do not let him take you for a fool! Read more ›

Ric. Does he really love me

ForgivenessQuestion From: Vanessa
Submitted: Jul 23rd
Ric. Does he really love me. Is he still cheating. I lost my job and need to find an excellent one. Will I? Feeling defeated

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hey Vanessa! Spirit wants to know if Ric is your husband? Because, she sees a marriage proposal in your future. Also, she says that he is working very hard at staying faithful. But, Spirit says that you may not be able to see the big picture. Your relationship with him could turn into a burden. Be good to yourself! Read more ›

girlfriend admitted to cheating on me

TwoMenQuestion From: Mr. C
Submitted: Jul 23rd
My girlfriend admitted to cheating on me in April. She claims it meant nothing and they used protection. I’m seeking the truth before I can move forward.

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hey Mr. C! Spirit says that she has been honest with you. I like her! But, Spirit says it will take time before you can trust her again. Hope you do not lose her in the process. Read more ›

will i get into medical school

DesireQuestion From: rs
Submitted: Jul 23rd
will i get into medical school or should i pick another path and drop my program? what does my future hold especially what kind of obstacles?

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hey RS! Spirit says you have not yet done the work required to get into medical school. It is my understanding that a bachelors degree is needed, before you can even apply. Spirit wants to emphasize that becoming a doctor is hard work, and you may not have the type of personality to work that hard. She says it is likely that your career path will hit a couple of curves before you reach the end. Read more ›

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