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will me and my ex ever get back together

Reunite with my exQuestion From: allanna
Submitted: Apr 13th
will me and my ex ever get back together? because I really felt he was my soulmate.

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hey Allanna! Spirit says that you are only remembering the good parts about him. He really was NOT that great of a guy. Spirit says there is another man coming into your life — an old friend going through a breakup. He will probably find you on the internet (possibly Facebook or another social network). So get online and start socializing! :mrgreen: Read more ›

Will we be together again soon

Lost LoveQuestion From: cielo
Submitted: Apr 13th
Will we be together again soon

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hey Cielo! Spirit says there is a chance you 2 will reunite for a short while, but you are destined to breakup again. I suspect that you will remember why you broke-up the 1st time. Be good to yourself, Honey. :cry: Read more ›

Will I win a large amount of money

Win MoneyQuestion From: Ashley
Submitted: Apr 13th
Will I win a large amount of money this year?

Auntie MaimAnswer from Auntie Maim:
Ashley my little love,

Everything is relative. Win large? As in 6 or 7 figures? No. There are plenty of shady sites where you can get free lucky numbers, or even pay some serious dollars for bogus “luck.” YAM suggests you consult them rather than asking legitimate psychics this kind of piffle.


Your Auntie Maim

P.S. Why is your “second person” even included here, and why is he named for an airport? Read more ›

Does Abi really love me

New LoveQuestion From: GC
Submitted: Apr 13th
Does Abi really love me? Are we going to get married?

O. A. BossAnswer from O A Boss:
Hi GC! Spirit says your lives are a bit of a mess right now. She cannot see the specifics, but she can sense a lot of bad luck and bitchy people around you. She says that she does not see marriage, but she does see a committed relationship ahead for the 2 of you. You 2 are still very young. Do not rush into a marriage. Divorces are very painful. :mrgreen: Read more ›

Im in love with my ex boyfriend Daniel

Unrequited LoveQuestion From: Breezy
Submitted: Apr 13th
Im in love with my ex boyfriend Daniel I know he is my soulmate will I ever get back with him or is it not meant to be? I love him with all my heart is there anything I can do to make him realize we are meant to be I dont want him to move on and I want to get back together now! Please help me

Dona MurphyAnswer from Dona Murphy:
Dear Breezy,

Some facts of life:

Soulmate relationships are NOT necessarily life-long romantic partner relationships.

You can’t “make” anyone do anything – particularly love you and/or stay with you, short of employing physical restraint (for pointers, you should speak to my Auntie Maim); or threatening physical harm (holding a gun to his head for instance).

If you loved this man with all your heart, you would want or at least consider his happiness, not just what you want.

You say, “I want to get back together now!” You are showing your age, immaturity and inexperience. Why not just lie on the floor, kick and scream, maybe hold your breath until someone responds to your tantrum? Note: it won’t be him.

Sorry if this hurts, but it’s a reality-check and it’s the truth. Read more ›

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