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No Answers on Thursdays

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is he flirting with someone


Question From: elizabeth
Submitted: Nov 22nd
is my husband cheating with someone he works with or the mcdonalds next to the place he works at? If so what does the girl look like? If hes not cheating is he flirting wtih someone or have feelings for someone other than me?

Sarah BellumAnswer from Sarah Bellum:
Hi Elizabeth!

I’m Sarah and I’ve been doing readings for over 30 years. There’s not a whole lot in my Tarot that indicates that your husband is cheating, but there is a lot here that speaks of your lack of confidence and your insecurities. Yes, heartache is here, but it doesn’t seem to be only because of any actions on the part of your husband.

The cards go on to show me that you need to Read more ›

name of man I marry

Tell Me Their Name

Question From: RMS
Submitted: Nov 21st
Hello, I would like to know the name of the man I will marry. Any other information describing him, when and where we will meet, etc. would be amazing as well. Thank you so much!

Sarah BellumAnswer from Sarah Bellum:
Hey, RMS,

I’m Sarah and I’d love to answer your questions, but divination and psychic readings don’t work like that. You’ve got more than one potential partner; and the name by which he’s called could vary from person to person or relationship to relationship, depending on who’s using it at the time? What if I told ya his name was Frank, and ya meet a perfect guy called Robert; are ya gonna dump Read more ›

Whats My Purpose


Question From: Mzv
Submitted: Nov 20th
When will thing get better for me? When will I find Love? When will I find the Good In my? What’s My Purpose?

Sarah BellumAnswer from Sarah Bellum:
Hi Mzv!

I’m Sarah and I’ve been doing readings for over 30 years. My tarot shows me that things should start to pick up for ya next year, and that’s when the potential for things to really get better starts. Lay the groundwork for it now by getting rid of unwanted baggage, so that ya start the new year in a better place. The cards show me that love is all around ya, but ya have to get rid of Read more ›

have two babies

Young Mother

Question From: Luhbrii
Submitted: Nov 20th
Ok, so financially I’m struggling, I have two babies, and I recently lost everything because of my kids father. Do I have any job opportunities on it’s way? If so what should I look out for? Who should I talk to? Do I have any money in the future? I just want to make sure I make all the right moves so me and my kids can have a better future! Please help me!!

O. A. BossAnswer from O. A. Boss:
Hello, Luhbrii! Saturn, the planet of restrictions, is presently traveling through your house of money and possessions. Its not likely that anything will happen quickly, and Saturn will make you work hard for every penny you receive. Spirit sees a job offer coming soon, possibly before the 1st of the year, but she says, it won’t be nearly enough to make ends meet. Money does not guarantee that Read more ›

I want true love

True Love

Question From: Luhbrii
Submitted: Nov 20th
Ok so I’m having problems in my love life. Well my previous relationship was hell! I should’ve ran like hell when I realized his mother was bipolar lol. But the guy I’m talking to now I feel like it’s genuine. Could he be my soulmate? I don’t want to waste anymore time if he isn’t. I want true love, not that bull%$#! that’s been coming at me lately!! Lol please help me!

O. A. BossAnswer from O. A. Boss:
Hey again, Luhbrii! Welcome to Psychic Bitch! Sweetie, you know what they say, “In order to find a handsome prince, you have to kiss a lot of frogs.” Your last guy was a frog, and you had to go through that in order to really appreciate this guy. I’m not so sure that Mr. Taurus is the right guy either. Taurus and Leo are not usually a good match. Taurus can get very possessive when dealing with Read more ›

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