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near future in my love life nd finances

Love and MoneyQuestion From: sumatyme
Submitted: Sep 19th
What do you see happening in my near near future in my love life nd finances? tell me if i already know him nd when will he contact me.

Janet (Sparrow) MoonAnswer from Sparrow Moon:
Hello sumatyme,

Saturn (restrictions) is crossing your natal Venus (love and money). It is no wonder that you are worried about relationships and finances. Saturn can bring up what we fear, and often those fears have no foundation. Saturn should be finished with your Venus in just a few more weeks, so you should be feeling better soon. But, there will be an eclipse on October 23rd that will conjunct your natal Mercury. There could be real money and transportation problems next month. So, squeeze those nickles as best you can.

My intuition is also telling me that there could be some financial bad luck ahead for you. And, as far as romance, the person you have in mind is in a new relationship. If you talk to him, he may lie to you about it. Read more ›

new janitor have bad intentions towards me

Mystery ManQuestion From: PiscesGirl320
Submitted: Sep 19th
Does the building’s new janitor have bad intentions towards me? He is really creepy.I really have a bad feeling about him. Am I right should I be on alert with him?

StarbreezetarotAnswer from Starbreezetarot:
I don’t think he has any specific negative intentions towards you. He looks to be mentally unbalanced so that is probably why you feel that way. Read more ›

lack of trust when it comes to my boyfriend

TrustQuestion From: M.S.
Submitted: Sep 19th
Why do I feel lack of trust when it comes to my boyfriend? Is it because of his ex wife? I’ve been having some strange dreams but sometimes they feel like warnings…Is it possible? I want him to be the man of my life but sometimes I get this sensation that something is wrong..

Milton Jackson(Lovemecoach)Answer from Milton Jackson (Lovemecoach):
Hi, part of you not trusting him because of people that is around telling you about how bad your relationship is. I feel your man is keeping his emotions closed in for various reasons. Would love to connect with you.. Blessings! Read more ›

Is that person ever coming back to me

Will My Ex Return?Question From: emma
Submitted: Sep 19th
Is that person ever coming back to me. And when are we going to be together in the future.what can I do to get a hold of him. Is he ok and well

Milton Jackson(Lovemecoach)Answer from Milton Jackson (Lovemecoach):
Hi! I see you have to work out some difference in your heart to bring this man back. In time you will hear from him in a little while.. Would love to connect you Read more ›

Will I meet a holiday romance

Adventure AheadQuestion From: JenQ
Submitted: Sep 19th
Hello lovely bitches! Will I meet a holiday romance next month on my whirlwind trip away? Thank you smile

Milton Jackson(Lovemecoach)Answer from Milton Jackson (Lovemecoach):
You will meet someone on this trip. It someone different than you would normally date etc. Good luck! Read more ›

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