Mother’s Day 2016 is Rescheduled

There could be an emotional nuclear war happening on Sunday, May 8th, Mother’s Day. The Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune will be at exact odds with one another creating the most negative aspect in astrology, a grand cross. Luckily, the Moon is part of this grand cross, so it will only last a day, but that day happens to be Mother’s Day. This grand cross will be in Mutable signs, and these signs are not one’s to take initiative. They are not as set in their ways as the fixed signs, but the mutable people are usually the people who follow trends. This grand cross will take away their direction, and a mutable sign with no one to lead them can get very cranky indeed.

May 8, 2016

Now to look at the planets involved. The Moon at a square to Neptune can bring poor judgement and emotional infatuations. The Moon oppose Saturn can cause encourage us to waste our time and efficiency, and they can force a change in plans. The Moon square Jupiter can bring impractical decisions and encourage excess. Jupiter and Neptune opposing one another can bring conflicts between reality and ideals. Jupiter at a square to Saturn can cause ill timing and a loss of faith. And, Saturn square Neptune will encourage us to run away from responsibilities. Put all of these individual aspects together in one big basket, and you get chaos. We’re are not going to be thinking clearly, and it’s likely we will make some wrong decisions.

So, what to do about Mother’s Day. Well… the stars also have a solution. Two days before Mother’s Day, on Friday, May 6th, the planets will make a grand trine, the most positive aspect in astrology. May 6th is also the day of the New Moon, and the Sun and Moon will come to a trine with Jupiter and Pluto. This grand trine will be in Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, and the Earth signs like to focus upon the tangible. So, Friday will be an excellent day for investments, redecorating, improving our health regimes, and working on our properties.

May 6, 2016

Celebrate Mother’s Day on Friday! Tell Mom, something came up and you can’t make it on Sunday, or make the suggestion to beat the Mother’s Day rush at your favorite restaurant. Or, maybe she’s a reasonable woman, and you can tell her the truth… the stars are gonna be crappy. Or, more likely, you’re Mom and you need to convince the kids to reschedule early… good-luck with that! Whatever you’ve got to do, do not allow convention to force you to spend time with Mom on Sunday.

If you are a Mom, please take time to pamper yourself on Sunday. Maybe take a long bath, or watch a television marathon, or maybe curl up with a good book. But, do not make any decisions, and keep conversations short and light. Happy Mother’s Day!

Learning Tarot – Numbers and Colors

The Tarot Minor Arcana cards consist of four suits with each suit containing ten numbered cards from one to ten, (and four court cards, which we will look at in a later article) and the Major Arcana cards are numbered from zero to twenty-one. Just as the suits have applied meanings, each number has a meaning too. Colors also tell us a tremendous amount of information. Every image, every suit, every stroke of color, and every number has a meaning. As you learn those meanings, it will help you to find your own personal meanings for each card. And, don’t forget to keep that Tarot journal as we mentioned in our first article, Learning Tarot – The Beginning. Keeping a Tarot journal will help you to identify patterns and and meanings much more quickly, than trying to keep all the understanding in your head. Read more ›

Cross-Quarter Money Spell

Money, money, money! Who doesn’t need more? Money spells can be very effective when practiced properly and with moderation. Common sense is always important with any kind of spell work, and if you devote your time to practicing many different money spells over a long period of time, you can bet that the universe will become desensitized to your longings. The Universe is like a gigantic xerox machine, and if we keep saying, “I want” over and over to the Universe, the Universe will end up saying, “okay, you want,” and it will leave us with only our yearnings. We must believe. Belief is a very important part of all spell work, and if you keep asking for more, it’s telling the Universe that you don’t really believe in the unseen power available. Read more ›

Learning Tarot – The Beginning

Many people find it difficult to believe that simply shuffling and laying out cards can predict our future. How do they really work? Carl Jung called it synchronicity, which basically means there’s no such thing as coincidence. Jung believed in astrology, spiritualism, telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance and ESP, and he also contributed two new notions, synchronicity and collective consciousness. This author believes that eventually quantum physics, specifically string theory, will have our answers. Somewhere in the quantum entanglement is the connection between the past, present, and future. Read more ›

The Slow Burn of Mars Retrograde

The planet Mars is the governor of energy and sex. He is the warrior, and he represents the masculine. It’s best not to pick a fight with a child of Mars, because they will fight back. Mars and Venus are the two planets closest to the Earth in the solar system, and compared to the others, their orbits are not that different than ours. Venus requires 225 days to orbit the Sun, and it takes Mars 687 days. (Mercury orbits the Sun every 88 days, and Jupiter requires 12 years.) Retrogrades occur when a planet is passing the Earth, or the Earth is passing a planet on our solar racetrack. Because Mars and Venus have orbits so close to ours, they don’t retrograde as often as the other planets. Mercury retrogrades three or four times a year, and all of the planets outside of Mars retrograde once per year. But, Mars only turns retrograde once every two years and two months.

Because Mars retrograde doesn’t happen often, it usually knocks us off kilter. Its not part of our natural subconscious rhythms like the other outer planetary retrogrades. Mars will always come to a trine (a very positive aspect) with Sun fifteen to twenty days before his retrograde begins. This usually brings up a lot of excitement and positive energy, then… BAM, retrograde catches us off guard. Mars will come to a second trine with the Sun fifteen or twenty days after his retrograde ends. In fact, many astrologers feel that we don’t really get out from under Mars retrograde until Mars comes to its second trine with the Sun. Mars will also come to an opposition with the Sun half-way through his retrograde. Subconscious energy that has been building since Mars retrograde began often comes to a head during the Sun-Mars opposition.

Astrologers would like to warn people not to sign any contracts or make any life changing decisions while Mars is in retrograde, but we understand, because Mars retrograde lasts for about two months, that isn’t always possible. But, be sure to use caution, and postpone what you can. The slow burn of Mars retrograde can either be psychologically depleting and corrosive, or it can free up frustrated energy. Pockets of anger may flash and surprise us during Mars retrograde, and repressed rage and passions could bring knee-jerk reactions. Some may call it ill fated or bad luck, but astrologers understand it may just be a case of bad timing. If you are already feeling disorganized or your life is chaotic, Mars retrograde will likely exacerbate those feelings. When it comes to marriage, Mars retrograde may make us aware of our abilities for diplomacy and strategy. Patience and alertness must be employed or depression could ensue. Illness and stress could weaken one’s immune system, and sickness is most likely to attack when Mars turns direct, so be sure to take care of yourself throughout Mars retrograde. Sometimes we lose our inspiration when Mars is in retrograde, but it always resurfaces with new and more realistic goals after Mars turns direct.

When Mars hits his retrograde station (the beginning of his retrograde) our drives and our energy reverses direction. Simple chores can suddenly become huge efforts, and our routines can become greatly disrupted. Our interests and focus can stop altogether, and some things may not seem all that important anymore. This feeling of lethargy can actually last until after Mars has turned direct and returns to the point where his retrograde began, which takes about four months total. Mars retrograde marks a period of reaction rather than action. We may decide to spend some time reflecting our own moral and ethical motives. Ventures and other kinds of projects in progress may get postponed or even terminated. Our passions and our ambitions could actually get reversed. Often Mars retrograde brings up repressed feelings of hostility or frustration. Old wounds, hurts, or frustrations could come out at the most inconvenient time causing unexpected disruptions.

When Mars comes to an opposition to the Sun, the retrograde halfway point, all that internal energy that has been gestating and cooking since Mars retrograde began becomes external. Get ready for drama! Because Mars and the Sun are at an opposition, when looking at your natal chart, you will also need to check the house opposite of transiting Mars, the house the transiting Sun will occupy. This Sun-Mars opposition will cause a conflict between the two houses in your own chart. This could bring us in contact with deep-seated and often disguised forms of rage, passion, heat, energy, raw libido, and ambition. It could bring an explosive moment that will clear the air, or it may ignite a series of frustrations that will not let up until Mars turns direct again.

After we pass the Sun-Mars opposition a period of reconsidering will come about. We will be ready to rethink any new directions that may have emerged during the first half of Mars’ retrograde. We may need to totally re-evaluate our goals and plans during this period to bring about a reclamation of our own personal power. We may have a tendency to deflect or displace anger, irritation, or fear while Mars is in retrograde, but these sore spots have a tendency to erupt when Mars comes to his direct station (the point where he changes from retrograde to direct motion).

As I mentioned before, some astrologers believe that Mars retrograde influence doesn’t really end until Mars comes to trine the Sun fifteen or twenty days after his retrograde ends. That’s because this period of time is often marked by tense apprehension. You can feel the need for change, but the time isn’t quite right. Often struggles come to solution after the second Sun-Mars trine. Most find that any harbored animosity has a tendency to clear out. But, this author thinks the best thing about Mars retrograde is its proximity to the Earth. So be sure to get outside and take a look at that big red star in the sky.