Spring Holidays and Love

Groundhog day is a holiday called Imbolc it is the first of the new spring season and is attributed to the Celtic Goddess Brigid not to be confused with St. Brigit who was kidnapped by Christians as their saint and changed the spelling of her name. This is because the Christians did not have an original thought. Read more ›

Are They Real or Are They Make Believe?

Are they real or are they make believe that is the question people ask about spell casters. There are tons of charlatans on the internet and in business. These fake spell casters are any age, any gender and any walk of life. The big question is how do you know if they are fake or not, that is the million dollar question but there are signs. Read more ›

Mo Money

It seems like there is no end to needing money in this life. The whole point is not to get greedy about it. Some people want lottery numbers and pretty much they want me to give them money. Money spells are like giving you money, just I give you the tools to do it yourself. Read more ›

Practice Safe Magic

Everyone tells people to practice safe sex but that is not the only safety you should practice. When doing magic, even the most simple you must not dabble or take it as a joke.

Magic is not a joke. It is important, and if you take it lightly or as a joke you will be punished. The spirits are not amenable to being mocked. Playing fast and loose with magic or divination really irks them. Read more ›