Ouija Boards – Divination or the Devil

Ouija Board - Divination or DemonicThere has been a lot of controversy about the ouija board over the years. Some swear that its an excellent tool for divination and for contacting passed over loved ones. Others believe that it can lead to demonic possession. This article is not meant to side with one opinion or the other. This author’s objective is to review the facts and the testimonials, and let the readers come to their own conclusions.

The origins of the ouija board (also called talking board or spirit board) goes back to the mid 1800’s with the Fox sisters of New York. They were mediums and they often did their readings, contacting the dead, publically. They would ask questions of the spirits and receive audible knocks on the wall. They would then translate the knocks into letters of the alphabet. A few years later, after the Civil War, people were enchanted with the idea of contacting lost loved ones, and came up with different ways to contact the spirit world. There were articles in newspapers about the “new” talking boards coming from the Spiritualist movement. Read more ›

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Samhain – All-hallows Eve – Halloween

Ghosts come out of the graves in the old cemetery with full moonThe origins of Halloween began more than 2,000 years ago with the ancient Celtic festival, Samhain (pronounced “sow-in” with the “ow” like “cow”). Their calendar began on November 1st, so October 31st, Samhain, was their New Year’s Eve. It was believed that the dead would rise on Samhain, and they would wreak havoc, including damaging crops. They also believed that on that day their priests, the Druids, could see into the future. They had huge celebrations with sacred bonfires, and many would wear masks to fool the spirits into thinking they were also part of the walking dead.

By 43 A.D., the Romans had conquered most of the Celtic territory. They also had a holiday that occurred in late October where they commemorated their dead, and a second day to honor the apple. The Celts incorporated the Roman tradition of apples into their holiday, and now we “bob” for apples. Read more ›

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Eclipses and How They Affect Us

Solar Eclipse "Elements of this image furnished by NASA "Every month, as the Moon orbits around the Earth, it comes to an opposition to the Sun, the Full Moon, and it comes to a conjunction with the Sun, the New moon. But, about twice a year, on the new and full moons, the moon lines up in a straight line between the Earth and the Sun, and we call those alignments eclipses. Pagans believe that the New Moon is a time for attracting, for starting new projects, and casting spells and prayers to fulfill their needs. They also believe that the Full Moon is a time for banishing. It is a time to let go, to exhale, to expel negativity. Lunar, Full Moon, eclipses are believed to be 10 times stronger than a typical Full Moon, and the same goes for Solar, New Moon, eclipses. Eclipses are also known to bring changes. That is probably why they get such a bad rap. Most everybody hates change.

Eclipses are like forest fires. They can be very destructive, but they make way for new growth. We need these spiritual muscle builders to keep us growing. If life were to stay the same and “perfect” all the time, we would never be motivated to change. We must experience loss to appreciate what we have. But, knowing all this doesn’t make living through the adversity brought by eclipses any easier. Read more ›

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What the Hell is a Retrograde?

Retrogrades in AstrologyMany of us have asked that question at some point in our lives, and many are still asking that question. And, when you try to research information about retrogrades in astrology, you get so much flowery and technical information and diagrams, you come away feeling even more confused. An example would be (from the Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology):

“In fact, the backward motion is an illusion created by the revolution of the planets and the Earth in their concentric orbits around the Sun.”

What the hell does that mean? Its simpler than you think. First off, no planet actually reverses the direction of it’s orbit. But, all of the planets, except the Sun and the Moon, will appear to be moving backward across the sky from time to time. Why do they do this? Its called parallax error. The easiest example is when you are passing a car, or a car is passing you, on the freeway. There is a point where the car appears to be moving backward, then it finally reaches a point where it appears to be moving forward again. The same thing happens or our solar freeway. Read more ›

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Getting Over a Breakup

Breakup“When will my ex come back?” That is the number one question asked of psychics. Many people contact psychics absolutely sure that their ex is their soul mate. They know in their hearts that they must have shared past lives, because they can feel it with every bone in their body. It’s not limited to any sort of age group or gender, either. We have had women as young as 13 years old (of course their questions were deleted) and as old as 83 asking about their exes. Males usually have a little different approach. Their first question is normally about career or money, but you can bet the second question will be about the ex. We’ve all felt those feelings, and looking back we can see that they faded over time. But, why do they happen in the first place?

Scientists have discovered that different stimuli in our lives causes our bodies to secrete different chemicals. Melatonin to help us feel sleepy when it gets dark. Serotonin to make us feel satisfied after we eat. And, we don’t want to forget those wonderful endorphins that we get during sex. An endorphin is a neuropeptide (manufactured in the brain), and science has learned that our brains manufacture many different neuropeptides to respond to our emotions. In fact, science has proven that our cells cannot tell the difference between neuropeptides and heroin. So, when you are in love with a person, your brain is constantly manufacturing these “love” neuropeptides every time you are with your lover. After the break-up your brain stops manufacturing the “love juice,” and your body goes through withdrawal. But, not realizing that it is withdrawal, we imagine some kind of spiritual connection that we think we are losing. Read more ›

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