Karmas yul-a-g

In honor of the memory of one of our founders – Karma’s Venom

Karmas yul-a-g

When Boss ask me to write Karma’s yule-a-g, I didn’t think I could write it.

Karma, this is the last song I’ll ever write for you.

Karma was born the night the lights went out in Georgia on the banks of the Wabash in southern Indiana.

Growing up she was a member of the National Rifle Ass. and the Y.M.C.A. where you can do most anything.

Cats, dogs, canaries were among her favorite things. Goodbye to you my trusted friends. She said a little salt goes a long way.

In 1971 she was in the Navy where she retired because, as she put it, “Indiana wants me”

Sitting on the dock of the bay was her favorite pass time along with visiting good old Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tennessee.

When she was asked to write for psychicbitch, it was almost heaven for her. If fact, she said it was the time of her life.

Karma will be best remembered by this diamond ring she was never asked to wear, her gentle slaps, and alternative spelling that drove the Boss crazy.

A yule-a-g for Karma wouldn’t be complete with out mentioning That Cruella who hit her with her best shot. Consider it mentioned.

Is that all there is my friend. “SSSLLLAAAPPP!!!”

Spider Mike

Karma’s Venom – July 25th, 1952 – August 4th, 2016

Note from Da Boss: This poem was written as a joke, and I never thought we’d be posting it for real. Karma, you may be gone, but your words will live forever. Love you.

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Karma loved the sound of her own voice, and she had a ball back in the day pod-casting her answers. Hope you like them as much as she did.

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