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Of course the Psychic Bitches can write. Its the number one prerequisite to work here. And, some of them have written some very interesting articles. We have articles that are comical and entertaining, some that will make you think twice about how you’re living your life, a few on educational esoteric subjects, and even some special poetry from one of our founders. Whether you are looking to improve yourself, learn more, or just have a good laugh, our psychics have something to say.

We hope you enjoy our Bitch Alerts, new age articles. Please leave your comments, and let us know what you think.

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Breaking Up

The Wise Old WomanDon’t use a keyboard
The Internet is great for many things: Locating discount airfares, paying credit card bills, wasting hundreds of hours looking at weird sites; the list goes on and on. But one thing that is not on that list and never should be is dropping a boyfriend like a bad habit.

Seriously, canceling a relationship like a credit card will put you in his Worst Girlfriend Hall of Fame for life. Read more ›

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Astrology and the Psychic World – The Basics

AstrologyWe really love astrology at Psychic Bitch, and we really want to teach you more. We could write thousands of words about the planets, the signs, and the houses, but we’re going to try to keep it brief and in a “nutshell” for this discussion. People in most western cultures know that their astrology “sign” is calculated by the month and day they were born. But… there is so, so much more to know. The Sun is an important planet in astrology, but there are nine other major planets in the zodiac. The inner planets (Mercury through Mars and the Moon) can tell much about your personality by knowing what signs they are in. Astrology is also used for predictions. Knowing where the planets are now and what aspects they are making to one another (and to your birth planets), just like knowing the upcoming weather, can help you plan your life. Read more ›

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What’s All the Fuss about Soul Mates?

Fuss About Soul Mates

Soul mates? Kindred Spirits? Twin Flames? What’s the difference? It’s easy to find the answer bewildering. How do we know what we want, when seeking someone special? The answer is personal for each individual, because (thankfully!) we’re all different and have different experiences. This is how it’s evolved for me, and how many people for whom I have done readings have found it to be in their lives, too.

For some reason, a lot of people seem to think that they need to meet their soul mate in order to feel complete. They seem to have this idea that a soul mate is the answer to all their love issues, their knight in shining armor, the one person on the planet with whom they can live out their lives in bliss. They get frustrated when they don’t find this in the people whom they are meeting. They’re looking for a life mate, and a life mate is a very different relationship than a soul mate.

Read more ›

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Have you experienced a relationship? or think you have?

Love RelationshipsI recently pondered the many lessons and concepts my clients have experienced in past and current relationships.I have compiled a useful list of important and valuable relationship truths.

If you apply any one of these truths, you are certain to see an immediate improvement in the quality of your relationships. Please take what applies to you and incorporate it into your life to create a relationship you cherish.

It’s your job to educate your partner about how to treat you so you feel loved.

Communication doesn’t mean talking. It means sharing.

Infidelity is the surest way to destroy a relationship.

Generosity is rarely about money or things. It’s mostly about heart.

Until you resolve your past, you are not free to have a future. Read more ›

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