Learning Tarot – The Court Cards

Some say the Tarot is sexist, and when one looks at the court cards, it’s hard not to agree. The court cards consist of the Pages (masculine), the Knights (masculine), the Queens (feminine), and the Kings (masculine). Personally, I like to envision the Pages as children, the Queens as women, and the Kings as men. Then, I look to the meaning of the knights and interpret them as behaviors, not people. But, each of us has to learn our own meanings for the cards, so this is only one suggestion. Read more ›

Why Numerology?

You’ve heard of numerology, and wondered how it applies to you. You may have even seen the free numerology reports offered to Psychic Bitch clients who book a private reading with one of the Bitches. But what can numerology tell you–and indeed, is it worth knowing?

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Learning Tarot – Numbers and Colors

The Tarot Minor Arcana cards consist of four suits with each suit containing ten numbered cards from one to ten, (and four court cards, which we will look at in a later article) and the Major Arcana cards are numbered from zero to twenty-one. Just as the suits have applied meanings, each number has a meaning too. Colors also tell us a tremendous amount of information. Every image, every suit, every stroke of color, and every number has a meaning. As you learn those meanings, it will help you to find your own personal meanings for each card. And, don’t forget to keep that Tarot journal as we mentioned in our first article, Learning Tarot – The Beginning. Keeping a Tarot journal will help you to identify patterns and and meanings much more quickly, than trying to keep all the understanding in your head. Read more ›

Cross-Quarter Money Spell

Money, money, money! Who doesn’t need more? Money spells can be very effective when practiced properly and with moderation. Common sense is always important with any kind of spell work, and if you devote your time to practicing many different money spells over a long period of time, you can bet that the universe will become desensitized to your longings. The Universe is like a gigantic xerox machine, and if we keep saying, “I want” over and over to the Universe, the Universe will end up saying, “okay, you want,” and it will leave us with only our yearnings. We must believe. Belief is a very important part of all spell work, and if you keep asking for more, it’s telling the Universe that you don’t really believe in the unseen power available. Read more ›

Learning Tarot – The Beginning

Many people find it difficult to believe that simply shuffling and laying out cards can predict our future. How do they really work? Carl Jung called it synchronicity, which basically means there’s no such thing as coincidence. Jung believed in astrology, spiritualism, telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance and ESP, and he also contributed two new notions, synchronicity and collective consciousness. This author believes that eventually quantum physics, specifically string theory, will have our answers. Somewhere in the quantum entanglement is the connection between the past, present, and future. Read more ›