Frequently Asked Questions


  • Remember your nickname and question. You don't know how many people leave comments asking, "Is this my question?"
  • Sign-up for our Mailing List We send a daily flyer listing all the questions that we have answered that day.
  • Check our Tracking Pages. You can follow your question as it progresses through our system.
  • It takes about 1 week MAYBE! Not all questions will be answered
  • We may answer your question in as little as 5 or 6 days, but most of the answers are being posted one week after the question was submitted.
  • If your question has not been answered within 1 week, it will be archived and left unanswered.
  • Email the boss ( or use our Contact Form). Be sure to tell her the date you submitted your question and the nickname you used. (If you can't remember them, tell her your birth name, birth date, and the approximate date you submitted your question.)

Tips to Get Your Question Answered

  • Give us complete information. We need your full birth name for numerology, and your full birth date, birth time, and birth city for astrology. Be sure to include your birth country if you are outside of the US. Some of us are not so good at geography.
  • DO NOT Submit a Similar Question Twice. evil That will REALLY PISS OFF THE BOSS. If you get an answer from a psychic, but you would like to ask a different psychic a similar question, contact them privately at their sites. The boss hates any kind of competition among the psychic bitches.
  • Please DO NOT ask for names or exact dates Da boss swears of all her years in psychic work, every psychic she has met who has predicted a name or date ended up wrong! Time is not constant and the god's would never take away your free will. Ask instead if love is coming soon, rather than a name and a date.
  • If you are asking for a relationship reading, give us as much information on your partner as possible. ALL private information is kept STRICTLY PRIVATE.
  • Ask questions that are specific to your situation. Playing "stump the psychic" is a waste of time and money, so we are more likely to skip those kinds of questions. When we do choose to answer vague questions, we often either bitch you out or give you a vague answer back.
  • Avoid using new age buzz words like soulmate, twinflame, karmic partner, or kindred spirit. Some of our psychics will give you a long lecture on the real definition of soulmate and other things
  • Don't ask when you are going to get pregnant, or if you are pregnant. Don't ask for health readings. You need to talk to a health care professional with those kinds of questions.
  • Submit Questions Separately Many of our psychics refuse to answer more than one question, and it makes you look really greedy and cheap trying to stuff many questions into a single paragraph.
  • And PLEASE, don't ask us when is your ex coming back. We get so sick of that question. Ask us why your partner left, or ask us what you can to do change your relationships.
  • This is not a lottery. We read every question, so don't bother submitting your question over and over, you WILL piss us off.
  • And, it would be nice (since we put out a lot of time and energy answering your question for FREE) if you would leave a comment at the bottom of your reading. Even if you don't like what we said and you want to bitch back at us, at least we will know that you read it.

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  • Thanks for Helping! Every time I receive a question, it helps me to see the site from your perspective - OA Boss