See How We Process the Questions We Receive


Our Question-Answer Process

Question Submission

First you need to sumbit your question at our Question page. Be specific! Accurate, detailed questions are more likely to get answered.

Admin Approval

All questions are read by our admins. They delete questions from children, questions asking about fertility or health, questions already answered, etc.

Open Pool

Questions that are approved are allowed into our open questions pool. Psychics come here to choose questions to answer. Questions unanswered after one week are archived.

Psychic Hold

When a psychic chooses your question, it goes into their inbox and is held there. The psychic usually answers it right away, but occasionally they hold it for later.


After your question is answered by one of our psychics, our admins then need to post it to our blog. Answers are posted once a day, except on Thursdays.