Should I continue my upgrading

Question From: Shaylea
Submitted: May 23rd
Should I continue my upgrading or should I just quit because of the difficulty of it and the little teaching that I get from it?

O. A. BossAnswer from O. A. Boss:
Hey, Shaylea! I wasn’t sure what you meant by “continue my upgrading,” so I Googled those key words to see if the Big G could help. You are either upgrading your nursing education, continuing your taxes without upgrading, continuing your research if you upgrade your lab, upgrading your ArcGIS Server, upgrading your account with, or adult upgrading with a distance learning center… Read more ›

Will we get back together

Question From: Kim
Submitted: May 23rd
Will we get back together will things finally change between us all the fighting and arguements be there for me like I’m there for her all the time have her love like she has mines show me her love like I show her all the time text and call we have not spoken since I broke up with her

O. A. BossAnswer from O. A. Boss:
Hello, Kim! Welcome to Psychic Bitch! Spirit says, “No, no, no, no!” You will smother a free spirit holding her like that. Your woman is a Sagittarius. She values freedom more than anything else. Spirit can see that she will contact you, but you will chase her away unless you loosen your emotional grip on her. Read more ›

been a rut for me on 4 yrs

Question From: Purelove
Submitted: May 23rd
Its been a rut for me doing on 4 yrs. When will my life change for the better so i can provide properly for my kids?

Psychic JenAnswer from Psychic Jen:
Hi Purelove these ruts we get into really do suck dont they! I do see a few time lines important here this year 1 is your birthday, in about 3 weeks time when the season changes into summer and you get thru this last year and into the next you will be feeling like a breath of fresh air has come thru you. I do feel that you will be getting a better focus and then seeing results of your choices and Read more ›

if he is now honest and faithful

Question From: Angeline
Submitted: May 23rd
just wanna if he is now honest and faithful to more third party involve..and i just wanna know my future next year.regarding also the money problem.thanks

O. A. BossAnswer from O. A. Boss:
Hey, Angeline! Without your birth time, I cannot see your house of money, and Spirit can usually only focus on one topic. So, today, Spirit’s going to talk about your man, and you can resubmit your question about money. And, Spirit says, you’re a fool! This man doesn’t love you and has no intentions of committing to you. But, Spirit says, your man will still be hanging around next year, if you Read more ›

my financial and career future

Question From: JR
Submitted: May 23rd
Hi, I am an Indian citizen born in riyadh/Saudi Arabia. I would like to know my financial and career future?

O. A. BossAnswer from O. A. Boss:
Hello, JR! Welcome to Psychic Bitch! IF your birth time is accurate (and not estimated and you didn’t bother to tell me), your mid-heaven, the power point for career, is located in nurturing Cancer and your ascendant, the power point of yourself, is located in diplomatic Libra. That tells me that you would do well in any kind of work that deals with the public, including anything from politics Read more ›