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KyeishaDate Submitted: 2017-07-14When will he get out of jail will he ever half to go prison and serve his whole ten year will it be soon he will come home to me and am I the only one he set up and think about 24/7

QueenbrittDate Submitted: 2017-07-14my gf told me that she been rape when she was working home one night and she told me she might be pregnant I just wanna know how true it is. what should I do she want me to stay with her but idk what to do.

saDate Submitted: 2017-07-14I kmow he now has a girlfriend. But will he try to get back in contact with me soon?.. does he miss me?

MichelleDate Submitted: 2017-07-14There was a seperation between my ex partner and I because she got a new job offer, my main question is will my ex girlfriend and I get back together?

LeeDate Submitted: 2017-07-14Will I ever find a love like I experienced before and if so how long will I have to wait to be truly happy again?

ashDate Submitted: 2017-07-14i would like to know second person marry me?if he is just playing with me? is any drama going? or will i never marry anyone?

EJJaneDate Submitted: 2017-07-14LONG LOST WILL! Haven't seen or spoken to him for a couple of years, I had a little crush on him when we played together, which I think he knew about, I still kinda do, I just simply want to know if he ever had the slightest bit of attraction toward me? I just sent him a friend request, so also I wanna know how is he likely to respond? could there be an attraction now and will we become friends or more?

PiscesBxtchDate Submitted: 2017-07-14Me and my friend (mentioned in 2nd description) have recently fallen out. Can you see us becoming friends again? Is she a good friend for me? Is she talking about me negatively? There is another person aswell. Is she a good loyal friend or should I ditch her? Will these two be good in my life?

BeeDate Submitted: 2017-07-14Will he change enough not to hurt me again or am I wasting my time waiting for him? Does he love and has he always like he claims

JaimeeDate Submitted: 2017-07-14I feel lost. I don't relate to this world, nor it's people. The harder I try to "be normal" the more I alienate myself. Why do I feel so out of place? Why am I so lonely?

Bsm0517Date Submitted: 2017-07-14My son D and daughter haven't spoke to me in 6 years due to their dad's influence. Will my children ever see the truth and come back into my life? Thank you!

ChazDate Submitted: 2017-07-14My son and I have been alienated from each other because of a jealous evil bitch when will I get my son back. Justice.

Earline manneryDate Submitted: 2017-07-14Is he the one.were we meant 2 be together. Will we live happily ever after & have a family like I want 2

NSDate Submitted: 2017-07-14My husband might be facing retrenchment. If he applies for a job at NYSE will he be successful or will we remain in south africa. Thank you for your time

ToetoeDate Submitted: 2017-07-13My ex girlfriend trying to text me on June 17 on June 27th and nothing showed her family lied about it and not let her talk to me why do I think about her all the time will we ever get back together

GabreielDate Submitted: 2017-07-13This girl and I (friends of 7 years) broke up despite admitting that we both still love each other very much, and as a result I'm horribly hung up on her. Her parents are homophobic and she couldn't deal with it. I need to know if I should wait however long it takes, or move on and let the idea go?

TmwDate Submitted: 2017-07-13I have met a few guys since my fiance passed away in 2013. Lately I have met 2 guys I am attracted to. Both of them have found someone else and I get the "You're a sweet person" or the "You're a good friend". Will this keep happening with every guy I meet and why does this keep happening to me? I would appreciate any guidance you can give.

BrittyDate Submitted: 2017-07-13I was wondering what would my future like, how would my life be , what is the outcome.and would ever accomplish anything

DelDate Submitted: 2017-07-13My question is will me and my boyfriend get back together again when we met it was love at first site we are so compatible he was having problems so was I with our family not about us anyway after being together for two years he broke it off but we still text I would text him everyday he stopped texting me it has been a month then the other nite he text and says he got married in the Philippines he had job over I don't know if it's true I'm in love with him and I feel he love me to will we be

Carol Taylor Date Submitted: 2017-07-13Will Carol and Darren get back together and live happily and get married and have our dream what we want?

CathyDate Submitted: 2017-07-13Back to work after being off for nine months on medical. I was put into another job and it's really difficult. I'm not typically mechanically inclined. It's a huge machine and really more of a man's job. I'm struggling hard to learn this. Am I going to make it on this job or am I better off exploring other options ?

NiseyDate Submitted: 2017-07-13I need to know when well I be financially stable and find real estate? Also I need to know about my love life well I ever get married? Wen well I find a good paying job so I can support my kids and family? Well I ever find a good nice home for my baby's and me and what month well I move in?

ArlettaDate Submitted: 2017-07-13I growing feelings for Jamal everytime we hang out and talk I like him alot do he have feelings for me as well.

QTDate Submitted: 2017-07-13What was the purpose of DC being brought back into my life? I am confused about whether this is a test or something. I've been wondering is his reappearence meant to be or is their ulterior motive to sabotage me.

Confused female Gemini Date Submitted: 2017-07-13I am attached with my boyfriend of 7 years, there have been this guy I almost started relationship with who kept coming and going in my life, when he disappear he will block me in WhatsApp and then 1 mth or 2 later unblock me again and telling me he misses me and love me. He always wanna meet me but never once succeed in meeting him. I misses him alot always thinking about how we would be if we were couple. I wanna know, what he really want from me? Does he really love me like what he said??