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Jclark7Date Submitted: 2018-02-18I just wanted to see what will go on this year in my life. Will I have a good financial year? Will I travel or go on road trips? Will I be happy this year?

SFDate Submitted: 2018-02-18Are me and this man going to be together? Do we reunite in the future and if yes when in the future how long do I have to wait

BatmanDate Submitted: 2018-02-18My partner is my fiancé. It feels like he is diverting himself away from me. I've asked him plenty of times and everyone knows that it won't work that way. I've asked his friends, family, and work mates if he seems off to them but they say he seems fine. I'm honestly really worried. I love him but I don't understand what's going on. Is there anything I should be worried about? I honestly don't know how/what to ask in general. Any advice or really anything would help. Help me! Im in distress.

Mammamia Date Submitted: 2018-02-18I am moving really soon and have been looking. I have seen places on both southwest and northwest sides of town and not sure which one will be more favorable for me and my children. Can you see which direction I should be moving?

WendysueDate Submitted: 2018-02-18Will i ever find a love that excepts me for who iam and really loves me wholly and truly and wants to make me happy and is scared of loosing me instead of me worrying and trying so hard to make them happy

JessDate Submitted: 2018-02-18When will we get back together and realize that with our love we can make it through everything even no one likes it we deserve to be happy no matter

kcorangeDate Submitted: 2018-02-18Hi there Kathleen here. I have to take a state test for work in May. Will I pass. I have been studying it is just so hard.

teddybear2766Date Submitted: 2018-02-18I havent been in a relationship in almost 10 im ready to get out and mingle. A younger guy named David seems to have intrest in me. Can u check to see if we have a connection. I don't have his dob but he is 28.

LlvDate Submitted: 2018-02-18Need a better job will I get it and will I find a new man or new friend. Will I get a chance to see my son

DreamAnalysisDate Submitted: 2018-02-18Hi, 3 nights ago I had a dream that I was in England and met a man there who I became romantically involved with. I think he was English. Was my dream prophetic in any way in the sense that I will meet my future partner in England and that he will be from a different country than my own? Many thanks in advance

majan.wolfeDate Submitted: 2018-02-18Lately I have been feeling pushed to find a spiritual path. I wish to make the right choice. I have searched and searched until at last I ended up here. I am a strong believer I just need to know which path I should follow as a guide.

MegsDate Submitted: 2018-02-18Will I get married and when? The 2nd person listed is my current boyfriend and I would like to know if we will end up together? What career field will I be going into? is it similar to what I have studied?

SisDate Submitted: 2018-02-17I am at a point in my life where I feel I should know what I want and be running towards it. I have a passion and a passion for people. Which do I choose?! HELP!

MichelleDate Submitted: 2018-02-17Will will my relationship be with this person in the future. How soon will my current relationship change

helenc22Date Submitted: 2018-02-17When is my husband going to stop talking to his sister? Is he going to tell me when? Would it be before my birthday?

JCDate Submitted: 2018-02-17Hi I have been on probation at work for 8 months now and it feels as if someone is playing a mean control game over me (manager James perhaps?). We created a 6 week plan which takes us to 1st March for him to make a call on my employment. Will he make me permanent or keep me on probation or will I end up leaving?

LOlaaDate Submitted: 2018-02-17I recently got out of an abusive relationship and slowly recovering. What do you see happening in my love life?

Jessica Date Submitted: 2018-02-17My parents are getting divorced and my house is going up for sale soon. I am having trouble finding a place to live due to poor credit and not making enough money. Will something fall into my lap as far as a place to live or will I move in have to move in with my boyfriend and his family?

vickie44Date Submitted: 2018-02-17I feel so alone. I've been through a lot this last year and I can't seem to find someone right for me. Do you see anyone coming into my life this year?

MookieDate Submitted: 2018-02-17I want to know if my boyfriend Beau have any resentment toward me. I used his name because I really need to know his intentions toward me.

SUNSHINE24Date Submitted: 2018-02-17I started university in 2011, in 2012 I got bad friends, I ran away from home, stopped going to university, my GPA is low now and I cannot get accepted to programs, my question is if I plead with the university to "erase" my marks from the year 2012, do you think they could do it for me? I have papers from detox also doctors, that I was not in the right mindset. please shed some light thank you so much for your time.

bleary99Date Submitted: 2018-02-17When I was in high school, I became very close to this teacher. I was home-schooled so I never met him. He was always their for me when I needed someone. When he checked out as a teacher, he gave me his personal email an told me I could email him whenever. We stopped talking after I graduated. Now, he’s been on my mind a lot lately. It felt like he was more than a teacher to me. He’s help out with all my problems, we’d email back an fourth. Why is he constantly on my mind?

omega19Date Submitted: 2018-02-17Will My wife and fix our marriage and stay together we have been trying to get over her affair.We both love each other

RCDate Submitted: 2018-02-17My male friend has stopped texting me for sometime due to serious conflicts. We started chatting in March 2017, initiated by him and became intimate friends. I grew feelings for him and then conflict began. We are both married and no expectation of any commitments. But he felt stressed and wanted a break. I didn't listen and continued texting & he was annoyed. We are social friends. Therefore will meet socially. I am extremely anxious to make things alright. Will he start texting in future?

KelDate Submitted: 2018-02-17I've been in love with person for 3 years and even had a child with him, I need to know if if he's truly in love with me or should I just let go?