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SSEDate Submitted: 2017-03-26Is my husband cheating on me and does he have a girlfriend why would his baby mother and her friend say that to me to leave him alone to divorce him. I almost had a panic attack she always doing this to me. Should I divorce him

SJDate Submitted: 2017-03-26Will I ever have financial freedom and stability? I am struggling and unhappy and in search of answers.

Love2cookDate Submitted: 2017-03-25My husband and I are currently separated, will we ever get back together, if yes will it be for good.

PmDate Submitted: 2017-03-25My husband is currently in jail and has trial on the 29th of March 2017, will he be realeased? I really need to know as I'm suicidal and I beleive that his return to his family would help my family move forward

PoojaDate Submitted: 2017-03-25I met A 2 or 3 times 2 years ago cant get him out of my head since then . He is married to someone so am i. I want to know if there is any connection between us? Does he think about me ?

BAMDate Submitted: 2017-03-25My ex gf cheated more than once, was very emotionally abusive. She left me for another man yet few days before she said she loved me. Will she ever try comming back even though she moved on and doesn't love me according to her? Will she ask for forgiveness an want us back together?

Jm Date Submitted: 2017-03-25My family is really struggling on money, with that being said what are the winning Hoosier lotto numbers for this upcoming week ? Will I ever be wealthy ?

YmDate Submitted: 2017-03-25I wanted to know why he act like he hate me so much. We just broke up a few months ago && he said we can still be friends but he want talk to me do he still love me!

NeshaDate Submitted: 2017-03-24Do A love me and want to truly be with me. Will me and A be together forever and get married.

MsnishaDate Submitted: 2017-03-24I have been seeing this guy D for about a month now. We both seem to hit it off. But im not sure. I would like to know if this guy the guy i will be with?

PMDDate Submitted: 2017-03-24Last year, I rescued 6 horse . Several months ago I saw something beautiful but very strange in my small horse barn, I saw it through my bedroom window in broad daylight.It seemed very tired and sad and just needed to rest a minute, it never saw me, I dont think I was suppose to see it. Birds and other animals that we dont usually see out and about are on the property too, I would like to know what it means and does it need my help somehow, I tried to research it no luck, thanks

suzieDate Submitted: 2017-03-24I first met I 18 years ago, i have always loved him but i was never good enough for him he kept searching for another,. recently he has declared that he loves me and was a mistake leaving me,. Is there any chance of a relationship working between us or will it just cause more pain and wasted time if i try again,. Please help me as i do still love him very much and do not want to spend the rest of my life wondering what could have been,. Many Thanks for your Consideration,.

Madcouture Date Submitted: 2017-03-24Should I just move on from him or is there something there? If he did love me, why did he push me away? I just seem to be tortured by the universe with signs and he seems to living happily.

cariadDate Submitted: 2017-03-23My beautiful mum A passed on 17/3/2013 we were the very best of friends. Is there a message for me from her? Deb

NateDate Submitted: 2017-03-23Is my mom proud of me is she in my house is happy I name her grandchild after her miss u mom love u xo

dollieDate Submitted: 2017-03-23the 2nd person is my father.. he passed away march 5, 2017... i would like to know if he's still with me and if I make him proud?

BFDate Submitted: 2017-03-23Will my ex wife N and I get BCL together again?we tried after 3 years divorced to get back before Christmas. should've but we're both stubborn

CjcDate Submitted: 2017-03-23I have been thinking about a loved one i lost last year the love of my life BT was killed in a hit n run in andover by folly roundabout i miss him so much and find it hard with out him around

GNDate Submitted: 2017-03-23I couldnt love anyone until I met D. I have a feeling that fate arranged our meeting for a reason. He broke up with me and I don't see him coming back in a near future but there's a feeling that our roads will meet again. He is the only person I desire. Will love come back to me?

B.V.TDate Submitted: 2017-03-22I continue to be told by family and friends that good things are coming to me and my horoscope has been saying change is in the air for me so is this true and what is the good that is coming what is this huge change and when will it happen

SarahDate Submitted: 2017-03-22Hi there I'm in love with my neighbor the one above we've been having some flirty eye contact n innocent smiles for around a couple of years I tried speaking to him once or twice it's clear he liked me back but then everything changed he became cold distant I feel like he's avoiding me have I done something wrong also I heard his older brother has been teasing him abt me will we evertalk?Fall in love get married I can't get over him I truly love himshould I moveon? he's my neighbor IC himdaily

ScubaDate Submitted: 2017-03-22I'm at a crossroads and don't know what to do. My job my marriage my life. Not sure if this is all in my head/self imposed or if it's life pushing me.

hjDate Submitted: 2017-03-22will I ever get a boyfriend. hows my college life going in hairdressing.will I pass my exams coming up

Tabbiejo78Date Submitted: 2017-03-22I would like to know if J is or has cheated on me since we have been dating from September 18, 2016 too present.

Melinda Date Submitted: 2017-03-22Would like to know my relationship holds as we are not in good spirits I'm not feeling him He and I don't fightbit something is really wrong Will we get through this and where can I run free thanks