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Marinac1987Date Submitted: 2017-02-19A and I have been dating for a little over 5 months. Recently he's disappeared.. again. He's done this before and he says it's work or something with his depression. I'm always unsure and not confident un what he's telling me. I want him to come back but I want to know if he really loves me and if this relationship is meant to be?
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Lorraine Date Submitted: 2017-02-19Hi can please give me a general reading. I am single. So a insight into love life would be nice also any chance of me making decent money this year. Thank you Lorraine.xx
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carliDate Submitted: 2017-02-18I think My husband is cheating on me is this true,will be do it again and will we work through it and be happily married again ?
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KayleeDate Submitted: 2017-02-18I want to know how does MR feel about me? And if he truly loves me and why? Will he leave his baby mother?
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DayDate Submitted: 2017-02-18Hi there thank you for this. Just want to make sure I'm on the right path in my life I'm planning on moving to him and starting our lives together is that a good move
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EBDate Submitted: 2017-02-18Hi, my husband(T) and I has been getting into it alot lately. Yes we are expecting but his sisters and I have also gotten into it because they claim "i think im too much." I am not sure where our marriage is headed with family involved, this is why i'm coming to you because it gets really scary thinking about it.
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FCDate Submitted: 2017-02-18Is AS will be the one i will be with forever or i will meet another person to be with?
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islandgurl767Date Submitted: 2017-02-18Hello,I would love to find if there is a future with the gentleman that I am currently dating and whether marriage is in the future? Thank you.
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SkittlesDate Submitted: 2017-02-18Are K and I going to work things out or will it be over for good this time? I don't want it be I love him so much him being gone is killing me
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hillbillymamaDate Submitted: 2017-02-18Who is hacking my mobile phone. 3rd time now. It's been cloned and monitored and all calls recorded all data printed etc. This is 3rd phone I have got to get replaced by phone carrier insurance. Cost and lack of privacy. Why and who is doing this to me. Also hacked facebook and emails all social media outlets I'm in.
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TootsieDate Submitted: 2017-02-18I want to have enough money to not only provide for my family but also help others build a steady financial life for them selves. Will I ever come in to that type of money to have that goal reached weather it be by opening several business, owning several property or even winning the lottery? If so how do I stay on that path? If not what do I need to do to find and follow the path to financial freedom? Thank you.
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RADate Submitted: 2017-02-18Will I reunite with this guy? Is he holding secrets from me? Dose he have feelings for me? His month and year of birth are correct but I'm not to sure about the day of the week he was born.
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KPDate Submitted: 2017-02-17I have had a relationship break up with the partner mentioned. Will i ever be able to let go, i dont know how he feels or if i can ever have another relationship. I guess i want to get out of this awful emotional rut and i dont know how to heal myself or if i should give it another shot?

C.S.Date Submitted: 2017-02-17Do you see any changes in my near future?. I am confused as to some things going on in my life right now. I am not sure which direction I should go in. I have to make one of the biggest decisions in my life right now. I need to know exactly what I should do. Do I follow my heart or do what I feel is best all around? Where do you see me at in my life 6 months from now.?

Donna AshleyDate Submitted: 2017-02-17Last year several psychics told me that K is my soulmate. We are no longer seeing each other mostly due to our age difference. He said he would marry me if I was his age. He lost his younger brother right before Christmas. It was sudden. I know he is going through alot. Have we completed our purpose for each other? Could we actually be twin flames? I think of him all the time. But if it's time to forget, I will try very hard to do so. Please help.

Jacqui Date Submitted: 2017-02-17Had a reading with da boss,she told me l was getting married in 2 to 3 years,can you please tell me what he will look like hair and eye colour does he have tattoos is he younger than me thankyou

plowboyDate Submitted: 2017-02-17Does N really love me and will she marry me is she always honest and truthful to me and am I the only person she is with

doreenDate Submitted: 2017-02-17Hello My dad is waiting for a lump sum of money which is owed to him .When will they pay out this money?

ShygirlDate Submitted: 2017-02-17We will be selling our home soon- when should we sell it, March, April, May or June? Are we gonna get a good offer on it? Will we be able to move into our new home by June? Will it be better to hire a male or female realtor?

HeidiDate Submitted: 2017-02-17Is my son Adoption truly finalized or is my son on his way home from foster care soon as in Febuary 18, 2017 and is my life about to get better financially

Katie Date Submitted: 2017-02-17Does my ex miss me? Will we ever get back together? Did he even love me? Will he get into contact with me?

TravisDate Submitted: 2017-02-17What is my purpose in life? I have talked to a medium in the past and she gave me an interesting response, but I want more information.

GBDate Submitted: 2017-02-17Will my husband E leave his mistress JTV and stop his desire to divorce me and come back home to me and his children.

me123Date Submitted: 2017-02-17So my boyfriend has been at his recent job for a couple months now, and they just treat him horribly, his main boss is a bully and he's a little worried to stand up for himself for the fear of losing the I was just wondering is there going to be an opportunity soon when he'll find a better work environment elsewhere, where he'll be happier? That's all I care about is if he's happy..

JSCDate Submitted: 2017-02-17My husband and I have been married for a year now, it has been rocky start. Will our marriage be successful and is he finally being truthful and faithful?