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SgDate Submitted: May 29thHello nice to meet you all. I was wondering if you can give me some insight on what I have to do to finally be happy with the one I have great love and become closer to him for GC

Caleb's momDate Submitted: May 29thI lost my job and I have a one year old. I want to if I should move back with my parents or try to work things out with my sons father.

Piscesgirl1963Date Submitted: May 29thMy brother, Andrew, is in the process of moving to a country town of Bairnsdale in Victoria. I am quite worried about his welfare and longevity on this planet. He is a regular marijuana smoker among other things I have been told by his daughter, Jade. What is to become of this move to the new town of Bairnsdale and his life?

tarna1978Date Submitted: May 29thI'm not sure if this can be answered..but how much longer will i be single ? Lol last times I've had issues really fibeing anyone ,someone from my past had to come back for whatever reason,not sure if this is one of those things. I'm talking to someone but not sure they even interested. I don't know enough about him to put in in the above search info,other than he's an aries,42,named brad.not much help for ya. ultimat question is how much longer before my efforts pay off & I find a guy?Ty

sparky79Date Submitted: May 29thI'm not asking for definite legal advice, but do you feel like that I may be able to get a postponement on a court dat coming up on June 14 (being sued unfairly for a debt...) or will filing a bankruptcy be necessary?

Future Minister Date Submitted: May 29thI kno Christ has a plan for me, I have insight & my pastor & prophet tell me I have a calling. So much mess and evil in my church against me and my mom. I want to move to Texas to be with the church I feel drawn to! Do u see me moving?? Praying about it bt I need to kno if Im making the right decisions as Im so lost! I hear a voice say they need me here, That god needs and wants me to stay..IDK!! I always talk to him because NO ONE knows HIS plan but anything u all see would help!! Please!!!!!

clareDate Submitted: May 29thWhy is it that everytime i have a crush on someone they do not return my affection? What can i do for better luck in love

KRDate Submitted: May 28thI included BW because he's my kids father and who I love. Will we end up back together as boyfriend and girlfriend?

TvWDate Submitted: May 28thI guess it is the most common questions. Where will I be in my future? How and when will I find my soulmate? Nothing fancy, hehe.

TMDate Submitted: May 28thMe and my wife are separated right now she wants a divorce I don't . Will we reconcile or is thus marriage over ?

SMADate Submitted: May 28thBrian and I broke up on September 1, 2015. 8 months have passed with very little contact. I am still in love with him. Will we get back together? How and when will it happen?

CoraDate Submitted: May 28thPlease give me more details about the outcome of two court cases in which I am involved. I s my life in danger?

HrDate Submitted: May 28thMy husband and I have been arguing a lot lately. I'm worried about our marriage. Will we get over this and be happy again?

LynetteDate Submitted: May 28thDo u see my boyfriend and I get different jobs or win alot of money.We r so tired of our supervisors always changing the rules and not telling us.

SlDate Submitted: May 28thIs this man the person who I can spend my life and be happy with..I feel as though hes cheating on me

CindyDate Submitted: May 28thI believe M is my soulmate but i feel very insecure because he is way more attractive than me. Do you know if he is attracted to me to the point where he will settle?

RueDate Submitted: May 28thWhy is my ex husband emotionally and mentally abusing myself and our ten year old daughter. He has betrayed us and abandoned us and is passive aggressive towards me. He stone walls me and says hate ful things behind my back. I get abused so badly . My mother is abusive towards me as well. Mrs MAC.. I am treated very badly by both of these people and it hurts . Neither shows empathy or compassion or care. Just abuse.

ginaDate Submitted: May 28thgraduate with my associates degree, win lotto, get a car, find the love of my life, my son, and get in touch with my dad and grandma

Didoctor Date Submitted: May 28thWill Chris and I make passionate love to one another again? Will we ever get that close bond feeling? She is my wife.

s.lDate Submitted: May 28thi was waundering if jacob has the same feelings as i do for him? hes already married but we secretly see eacother for 3 years now i know its wroong but i love him and just wanna know if he loves me too?

nessieDate Submitted: May 28thdo i need to worry about kevin being friends with an ex girlfriend? She reminisces a lot on facebook,it does irritate me

DASDate Submitted: May 28thWill I be successful in my music career and be with GM? I work hard and I really love this woman a lot.

OllaDate Submitted: May 28thDoes my boyfriend love me and really want a future with me? Will we get married and live happily ever after? I've been with him for 5 years now

SanjeevanDate Submitted: May 28this there any affect on my job due to the present circumstances. Will I get success and will leave to my home country happily

AllyDate Submitted: May 28thWill i be successful in my own business, meaning will i be financially set running my own company or will I stay broke forever?

sweetmel81Date Submitted: May 28thHi i was woundering if i will find love anytime soon and have a happy life again and will i get a job anytime soon too give my kids a better life please and thank u xx

TrentDate Submitted: May 28thSo me and Kelsey have ben friends for a little while now but I can tell she does have a thing for me and of course so do I. I also know one of the reasons why she's a bit distant towards me is because of her past. When can you see her overcoming this and will we truly be soulmates and together.

CostaDate Submitted: May 28thIs bryan back coming home soon to live with lacosta for the rest of his life. Is my spells working on bryan

This oneDate Submitted: May 28thWhy doesnt she like me why does she steal my firends what does she have agianst me why does she thinks is better than me what her problem whit me

MRHDate Submitted: May 28thI have been working as a temporary employee at a job that I really enjoy working at. Will I get hired on as a permanent employee there? If so, when? Will I ever become financially stable while working there so I can be able to move out on my own?

ShelleyDate Submitted: May 28thWill Stacy ever sort his issues out and come back for good. We still love eachother but he can't cope with my exes meddling.

MRHDate Submitted: May 28thI started a new job a few months ago and I quickly befriended a girl who is a couple of years older than me. She seems like a nice person and always wants me to hang out with her after work or during the weekends. We tell each other pretty much everything like we've been friends for years. Should I trust her? Is she worth being friends with?

BooDate Submitted: May 28thI go to court next week need to know if u see bad. Im mean im not a bad person just a bad decision.

Heather RichDate Submitted: May 27thWill Randy marry me? Does Randy miss me? Is Randy upset about me? Is Randy thinking about me? Will Randy and I ever talk again? Will Randy and I ever meet in person? Will Randy break up with his girlfriend? Will Randy contact me?

Sharmake abukarDate Submitted: May 27thI would like to get my finical for the next couple years I'm tired of this proverty I would really appreciate it. Thank you

julesDate Submitted: May 27thwhat does my future hold? i.e new job, new romance, i would be grateful for anything you can tell me

MelDate Submitted: May 27thLately I have been getting an urge to relocate to another state for a fresh start when it comes to work and better living conditions. As much as I would transplant myself I do not want to follow a whim, I'd like to know if this is an actual calling to let me know that the time is now right to start in a new direction.

PermilaDate Submitted: May 27thDoes Naden still love me and will he marry me. Will he propose to me and will the relationship last forever

Ttexasgal1Date Submitted: May 27thIm having Matt's baby I know that he is seeing someone else but my question is will he come back to me and will we be a family together?

RuthDate Submitted: May 27thWill my husband ever show me love and affection again in every way in my very lonely marriage so I can be happy

foxeeDate Submitted: May 27thI'm so upset. I just found out my son tried drugs for the first time this weekend. Is this going to be a onetime thing, or is this going to be a lifelong stuggle?

RhondaDate Submitted: May 27thMe and Alfonso were in a relationship we had a baby our son is 3 months old and we're separated I wanted to know if we were going to work things out with a relationship and be a family again or did things just die out for us and will never patched things up and just be parents to our son

ChatterboxDate Submitted: May 27thMy youngest daughter is quiet, not a chatterbox like her Momma, she moved to Chicago and lived there for a year, recently moved home. An on/off bf lives there and pretended he was going to move back here with her said he found a job, she moved back expecting to start a life with him and he gets his phone number changed and wrote her a nasty email, he never intended to move here because she said something he didn't like, total bs on his part. Do u c her meeting a good guy, getting a great job?

JCDate Submitted: May 27thDoes Pauline Love Me, Why Do I Keep going back to her , who is my soulmate what does my future consist of What does my heart want

Daniel Edwards Date Submitted: May 27thWill me an her get back together an if so what will be our time frame an what our sexual life look like

treyDate Submitted: May 27thDoes he love me. Will he come back home. Will our relationship stick. Will we be happy. Will he cheat on me

How to fix my marriage Date Submitted: May 27thMy wife and I have recently separated an I need direction how do fix my marriage getting back to what we once had or even better

Pete Goodall Date Submitted: May 27thWill my fiancé, Robyn, find her peace and be happy again to continue with building our life together?

WhitDate Submitted: May 27thI'm really worried about where my relationship may be going with my boyfriend, I believe he is my soulmate I never felt this way about someone, however I feel we are mentally unstable at this time and I don't know where our relationship Is going, im constantly anxious about if he is okay. And I'm continusously puting him before me. I feel trapped is this relationship worth pursuing?

akaDate Submitted: May 27this my bestfriend around me if so whats some of the things she does to let me know its her or does she wanna tell me anything

NinaDate Submitted: May 27thMy question is, me and my friend Marcus are very close, I think, but we live so far a part. I have begun to have feelings for him and I just wanted to know if all the things he has said to me, like he loves me, did he mean it and Is there any chance we will be together...... thank u

RKRDate Submitted: May 27thWhen will i get a boyfriend becuase there a guy a like that i really want him to be the one i feel a connection with him but never talked to him before if he does like me when will he ask me out

DarryDate Submitted: May 27thI knew Larry for 9 years I saw him again in February we were so close he told me things no one knows about him he keeps pushing me away from him he lost his dad in December and his dog last week he said he tired of this dose Larry have feelings for me or did he really mean what he said today he don't like me he thinks I'm a loser did lie to me the whole time

PsDate Submitted: May 27thI play the mega millions lottery can you see if I ever hit the Jack pot.if not can you see if I will be financial stable with a job I have applied at

cjDate Submitted: May 26thhi am cj transgender transition to female and I cast a spell will it work and will I achieve my scientific ideas and become famous and have lots of kids and become the girl a lot of guys want and will I trun lots of heads and will I live a happy life and stay safe in my transition I need some answers

BbDate Submitted: May 26thI wanted to if he is still Inlove with me and does he think about me why did he leave so sudden what happened in our relationship

ChrisDate Submitted: May 26thHi my name is chris and i want to know when will i find the right girl that is meant for me. I want a girl that i can feel comfortable with. I also want a girl that can please me sexually. I want to feel comfortable with a girl sexually.

SassafrassDate Submitted: May 26thI am in need of a job and need it quick. I have an interview Thursday, June 1st at 3pm. Do you see me obtaining favor for this position?

LSDate Submitted: May 26thWhat does my future look like? I really want to know if I am fulfilling my purpose on this earth. Can you give me some answers?

LizzieDate Submitted: May 26thHave I met my soulmate? I've been having some major bad luck with love and relationships. There's this guy that I dated about 5 years ago that wants me but I just can't move backwards. But the question is, should I go backwards

D.K.R.-W.Date Submitted: May 26thAfter 10 months why is there still awkwardness and nervousness between us and does she love me or is she just with until she finds someone she desires more.

idiot 66Date Submitted: May 26thWill I find new love soon or will I get the chance to get married again ? Or will John get back together again with me? Does he still have feelings for me or has he moved on to someone new? I just need to know if he really feels like getting back together with me or not

QweenJuicyyDate Submitted: May 26thI moved to North Carolina 2 years ago I am contemplating moving back to my hometown very soon, there's been mixed emotions about going back. Alot of crime goes on back home. I don't care about the crime I would love to start college and gain my degrees and be surrounded by my family for support . Does the move back home benefit me or will it be a disaster?

Wee jacquiDate Submitted: May 26thHi could you please tell me if the man l will spend my life with is American,will l end my days in Denver Colorado. Thank-you.

Sassykat801Date Submitted: May 26thHiya! I wanted to know if my social security disability will be approved and monies received by my birthday. I'm trying to save my parents home that I live in and I believe the SSI is what's going to help. Please let me know what spirit is willing to tell me. I'm losing sleep over it. Than you!!

Vanessa Date Submitted: May 26thWho is my soulmate ? What do you see for me in the future? What will be my career? How does this year look?

MilJah Date Submitted: May 26thI asked about this person before but I need to kno if this girl ever even loved me? I can understand taking time apart as we need it but why just leave me like that? How could she just move without me like that? Im just heartbroken. Inside im heartbroken! Im SO sick of being used and broken then pushed away! Why won't anyone love me for me?? Whats wrong with me??? Please tell me!! Thank u all so much..

DiabloDate Submitted: May 26thIs my husband interested in someone else?My husband has been deported for 9 years ,I visit him every two weeks, sometimes for the weekend, or sometimes for a week or two . Recently he doesn't call me as much ,and now everytime I call him his cellphone is busy for 2 or 3 hrs .I know he talks to his mother every night ,but now I'll call him during the day and it happens to be busy for like 2/3 hours .I don't care if he talkes to his mother ,but every single day and at night for2/3/4 hours?

WawaDate Submitted: May 26thWill my ex boyfriend come back to me in near future? Are we getting married? He is so special to me and I really love him so much.

Just existingDate Submitted: May 26thI can't afford a reading. Will I find a full time job to keep my home I live in now. July is still a long way off and I really don't want to "move".

Ms.BickDate Submitted: May 26thIs my luck ever going to turn? Had a run of bad luck the last few years and I have a great family and work my ass off as does my husband but we just can't get ahead, everytime I turn around the car breaks down or my dog of 14 years dies or we get audited by the IRS, I just can't catch a break! I am a good person who always does for others, I have had so much bad luck for so long I feel like I have to win the lottery or have a huge windfall some day to makeup for my %$#!ty luck.

Jen Date Submitted: May 26thJust wanted to know where me and my boyfriends relationship is headed will we be married or stay together long ?

AFMDate Submitted: May 26thAt this time, I am at my lowest point feeling like there is no where to turn. Will life get better for me? It is almost unbearable.

Renee Date Submitted: May 26thI have two children [moved to private info] cps took my children away from me due to a scratch in my ex husbsnd car and he had me arrested we go back to court 6-19-17 I am doing everything cps wants me to do to prove I never hurt my kids and I want to know if the judge PG will grant them back to me I have been a single mother for over a year .. I want to know if they will come home .. right now my ex husband has temporary custody

PepsiCola12Date Submitted: May 26thDo you see i will be having a chance to travel or settle down in overseas countries in my immediate future? If yes, which place i will likely go? am i going to be alone in the journey? thank you

MDDate Submitted: May 25thIs he the man for me?Does he love me or he just not interested?Is he going to marry me,Is he a caring sensitive person?Is he loyal trustworthy?

CMHDate Submitted: May 25thDid ACM cheat on me in our 6 year relationship? His denial is impossible for me to accept, as I was honest and also have been since separation. Since having a baby together unplanned, I need this closure as we still keep in close contact & almost seem together at times and it plays with my head almost constantly. I need your help in assessing the truths being uncovered, during and since our relationship ended. thank you. Kind regards, Chelsea

Shivool84Date Submitted: May 25th1- Does Askin (boy friend) really want us to have a future together? 2- will we meet soon again? When? 3-does he love me?

Sheila M Jones-BargarDate Submitted: May 25thHow does RCB feel about me? Will he be getting out of jail soon? What is going to happen with mine and his relationship? And pther information you can give will be greatly appreciated

Heather-ozDate Submitted: May 25thHi, my name is Heather Williams. My husband enexpectedly died in October last year. I miss him so much and just feel very lost without him. We were always together 24 hours a day and like best friends as well as lovers. I wanted to ask if he is at peace? as I don't feel his energy around anymore. Thank you Heather Williams

Lost in lonlinessDate Submitted: May 25thI was recently crushed, I loved someone for the first time in so long. Thought he loved me and I could see us together. I am saddened but I only want someone that loves me in return and I'm willing to wait. I can't see myself with anyone that is not special. Can you tell me if you see the right guy coming into my life soon? I feel like I've waited and that I had given my love to a good man to find I'd not. I'd wait for him but I don't think he's the one or he'd have not left. Sadly. Thank you

L.PDate Submitted: May 25thWill we ever be together forever due to problems and conflicts arrise will we have problems is he my true love

OMG!Date Submitted: May 25thWill my middle daughter ever straighten out her life. She seems to be doing better now but I don't know if that will last. She makes the wrong choices/ picks the wrong people to be around, especially boyfriends. She was a happy, sweet child but now she is always flying off the handle at people almost like she looks for trouble and drama and trust me she finds it, I have been praying for years that she will straighten up her life. Is there a happy ending for her?

RabinaDate Submitted: May 25thDoes ritesh loves rabina ?will he marry me or not? When will he be calling me?and will he meet me or not?

ChandraDate Submitted: May 25thWhen I was settled and how is my life going and what is my future when I get removed tensions from my life

MJWDate Submitted: May 25thI am thinking about taking someone to court for money that is owed. Do you see the courts in my favor?

HJHDate Submitted: May 25thI have visually seen Charity ( my sister) be very sexually flirtatious with a friend I have had for 7 years and intimate with for 11 months is Charity secretly having sex with Perry and for how long are they still? Will either of them tell the truth?

MMBDate Submitted: May 24thGiven my present situation with my spouse in jail, will my marriage survive these difficult issues in front of us?

a.vDate Submitted: May 24thWill SA marry me is she close to marrying me like what date and year and month I really wanna know please

ErDate Submitted: May 24thWill there be a future with Tonica what will happen in the future she is very special to me should I wait

missgiggles97Date Submitted: May 24thHi! This June at my local leisure centre, I plan on practicing yoga, then in Sept/October I plan to join a yoga studio. A couple of nights ago, I had a dream about this guy named CN and that we were dating. I used to know him in high school, and I never really thought about dating him until now. It's kinda weird, because his mom works at the yoga studio that I plan on going to this fall. Will she tell CN about me? Will CN be surprised how much I have changed and matured into a beautiful lady?

FoxtrotDate Submitted: May 24thWill our marriage last? If so how much longer. Will our marriage end in divorce? Will i remarry and stay married in my second marriage?

maryDate Submitted: May 24thCan you tell me what I did to make this person for her to not want to be friends anymore and just stopped calling and talking to me? Will we ever be friends again or at least talk so I know what its about and if she is feeling guilty about something she did? It has been buggin me for awhile now and I need closure, I want to hear it even if the truth hurts, thanks I hope you pick me to answer cuz I really want to know!

Dee369Date Submitted: May 24thWill all our plans to rent our home & buy my stepbrothers out & move in with my mom doe to my dad passing g in janruariy & all go well with my marriage & famiky

MGDate Submitted: May 24thHey ya, just wondering if I will ever meet my soulmate, better late than never. Do you get a name and time he will appear in my life, I am lonely even tho I am not alone, just not happy with the man I am with now, he complains all the time and makes life stressful and I know he was never the right one for me, I hope its too late to find happiness. a guy that I could grow old with and be happy, if you see this I would love to know what he looks like so I can kinda know when he comes along.

Nikhil BhojwaniDate Submitted: May 23rdThere is a girl I really like. I have seen her at different occasions but didn't get the chance to introduce my self her. Ever since then I have had feelings for her and looking at her photos on social media. Will we meet again and be soulmates someday.