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leeDate Submitted: Jul 20thSince I made the trip to the far north in the late 1990's, I have been getting what can only be described as a calling to go back. Every year in June and July. I don't know if it is someone wondering what happened to me or if it's just me with a case of nostalgia? When I first went there, the land welcomed me. Sometimes I wonder if it is where I belong. Thank you

N.LDate Submitted: Jul 20thHi I have been loving this guy for more than 3 years but no matter what I do and how much I show my love he keeps going away from me and not talking to me and being distant from me and I don't know why and it hurts me a lot. When will he talk to me on the phone in a loving caring way and when will we get married together ?

AfNr8090Date Submitted: Jul 20thMe and my fiancee (NSR) have been having problems lately and I will like to know is there someone else or is he keeping a secret from me that he feel he can't tell me because he is afraid of how I will react to it and of so what is it?

NaDate Submitted: Jul 20thI had a poem written by my grandfather, but my mom misplaced it. Where can i find the paper of poem??

SamridhiDate Submitted: Jul 20thWhat will be my future in general? Will I ever fall in love ans get married to thst same person? Will I be travelling the world?

DBHDate Submitted: Jul 20thI want desperately to just be happy in my life, will I ever find true happiness and just be at peace?. Thank you

src2sDate Submitted: Jul 20thWill I get the job that I interviewed for on July 6th? My life has been in turmoil this past year and I really need a change.

Angel520Date Submitted: Jul 20thIm doing the right thing to leave my husnand for him. Will be more happier with him in my life.foes he really love me.

Z.BDate Submitted: Jul 20thI failed my marriage twice, both are bad man, i dont have any luck with man, both are abusers, am i not supposed to be married? or am i destined not to have good man in my life? and my finance are always going down the cliff, will i have luck in fullfill my dreams of having my own house and stable finance

MyiaDate Submitted: Jul 20thWe Have Been Together For Almost 4 Years & Have Went Through A lot But Should I Continue Holding On To This Relationship?

LQNDate Submitted: Jul 20thLately I've been having dreams where I'm sitting somewhere drawing something, but it turns out to be a drawing of Satan. Usually it's only half of his face and the other half is just the outline. As soon as I'm done drawing half of his face, I wake up. Is there any significance to this dream?

EricaDate Submitted: Jul 20thLots of confusion around what he should study next year and how his matric results will be this year?

S.BDate Submitted: Jul 20thGood day, can u please tell me if there is a possibility of marriage in the future and if all the tension surrounding our relationship be gone for us to move ahead

Michelle RDate Submitted: Jul 20thHello and thank you - Will the current investigation at work find the guilty parties guilty. I want right over wrong to win here.??

KarentDate Submitted: Jul 20thCurrently in a long term relationship, feel like the relationship has stalled, will we overcome this and eventually get married

Bette The Doll Date Submitted: Jul 20thI JUST WANNA KNOW NOW! I think James likes me romantically, he says he's attracted to me and I think I like him and the way he looks too. I want to know if he has good intentions toward me and likes me the way I'm reading his behavior. I have been told that I would meet the one when I was 23 and he'd be tall, dark and be 6 years older and his name would begin with M or C. I'm 19 now James begins with J and he's my age, short and blonde but fits everything else I was told, could he be the one?

DizzieDate Submitted: Jul 20thI want to move to Michigan to be with my soulmate. Is my son SR same birth place as mine and my mom going to be ok without me?

Selena2117Date Submitted: Jul 20thI have been talking to him as friends for the last couple months! The more I get to know about him, the more I believe we could work.i have a strong feeling that he will be the one I marry, but as for right now the timing isn't right and I just need to wait. He seems interested but I don't want to pursue anything if He's not, or the timing isnt right. Is he interested and if so will he be the one I end up with eventually? Thank you so much!

ReaDate Submitted: Jul 20thI will be taking my MBLEX this coming Monday 24. I fell maybe I will pass it but I want to know what you see if I can make it in I am I going to be successful in this fields massage therapy? Thank you. Hoping you will be able to help me.

HazelDate Submitted: Jul 20thJason and I have been dating on and off for about 2yrs and have been long distance for a while now things haven't been going so good he has all these excuses on why can't spend time with me lately I just want to know if I should just move on or stay pls help

Tinkerbell1998Date Submitted: Jul 20thI really like KeAndre and we go to school to get there. And we where good friends until we had sex and some of the people I know told him I was telling people . but I want more then sex and I dont think he does but I want to date him and maybe be his girlfriend one day. But I dont know if things will ever change for the better for me and him.Will he be my boyfriend and love me for me?

SMDate Submitted: Jul 20thWill I find a loving relationship with a man that I have never met in the next few months will he be good to me?

chefswifeDate Submitted: Jul 20thMy marriage doesnt ferlnlike it used too,I feel lile something has changed,and my doubts are mainly with him,I feel as if he has been hiding something from me,and I can't pinpiint it,is he hiding something or someone from me?

Will me and Shane ever be together againDate Submitted: Jul 20thWill me and Shane ever be together again we used to be together before he went to prison and he has to serve a year

SiggyDate Submitted: Jul 20thHow does HP feel about me and will I be in a relationship with him and if so how soon? I won't see him for a month or so would his feelings still remain the same?

SADate Submitted: Jul 19thMy husband johnny got a phone from his friend and he had a contact that says babe and he says that its his friend wife number and he hasn't deleted anything cause his friends needs numbers on there is my husband Johnny having an affair and is our marriage going to get better?

JtownnDate Submitted: Jul 19thHello! Thank you for taking the time to try to help me. I got a call today saying my dog fell in a pit that I have in my barn. I am very suspicious of this because she has been going into our Barn for 9 years and never just fell in. My question is did my dog really fall in? Or did somebody push her in the pit? I thank you very much for your time!

NaeDate Submitted: Jul 19thHi, I would like to know if I will be successful in the year or two, career, family, car, & money???

CLDate Submitted: Jul 19thI have recently gotten to know Frank and I'm wondering if it will turn into a proper long term relationship?

Rosemary Motilal Date Submitted: Jul 19thWhen will Matthew file divorce so we can start our future together? He doesn't have real marriage his wife lives in Chicago they see each other 2x per year and he doesn't love her he loves me.

SwDate Submitted: Jul 19thDoes Marvin love me? Will be together in the near future? Is he moving out to a new apartment in the next few weeks?

AudsDate Submitted: Jul 19thIve been in love with this women for a few years. She is married which I respect but ive always been curious as to know if she loves me back?

Heather_australiaDate Submitted: Jul 19thI'm wondering if I should continue the current relationship I'm in? My husband passed away last year and he is divorced and moving back to Australia to be with me.

HeyveeyahDate Submitted: Jul 19thI know I am clairvoyant and clairaudiant. I have been since a child. I am really trying to practice to control it. My question is what happen between my childhood and now to make my visions fuzzy. They use to be so clear and in full color now i get small pieces here and there.

Anil chapagainDate Submitted: Jul 19thI am in a serious problem and it's really hard for me to get a job and I am in so much debt.How will my future life be in terms of wealth and success .Can I win lottery?

Caidensmom08Date Submitted: Jul 19thI believe that I have found the love of my life, Matthew is so perfect in every way. My mother has let him move in with us and it has been wonderful. Matthew is great with my boys and they love him so much. Today he lost his job at a place he loved working at. His job loss made no sense. We want to have a future together and we want to get married. What does the future look like for us?

marlen barajas Date Submitted: Jul 19thWhen and where am I going to meet my soulmate? Should I move states? What about my career and son? What dies my future look like and my family mom sister brothers my love life what is in ny future please

KspDate Submitted: Jul 19thWhat is the importance of 906. I see it on clocks all the time and on paperwork. I know this is my birthdate, but why in the last 5 years does this always show up everywhere, I know it's NOT just a coincidence.

KHDate Submitted: Jul 19thHello! My husband and I have recently being going through hell and high water to buy our first house. We keep running into road blocks. We are starting to loose hope thinking maybe it's just not our time. My question is will our next move be going into homeownership or renting another property? Thank you!

LrmDate Submitted: Jul 19thDid i make a wrong decision getting married. Do he really love me i just cant stop thinking about this

Kerry McCoolDate Submitted: Jul 19thI was recently in an accident, a fire and I feel like my life has been at a stand still ever since. I also have reason to believe the fire wasnt an accident. Do you feel that it was caused by someone ? Thank you so much xx

Nellie Date Submitted: Jul 18thWill jd and myself separate permanently within a few weeks or months from now l feel this would be best if we do

ClfDate Submitted: Jul 18thWill me and Charlie make it together and be able to make a family? Does he love me like he says he does?

Jeneye21Date Submitted: Jul 18thWhen will I be making a steady income in a stable work reliable environment? I have quit so many jobs and been fired that my track record isn't good enough to keep up with debts piling up.

SoftairDate Submitted: Jul 18thI've been without relationship for about 5 years now and its very difficult to find someone who is the one. Im vulnerable and heartbroken. I have been another woman, men have treated me bad and said im ugly etc. I have a pattern to fall in love with men, who are nice and friendly, but not very trustforthy. Or i think that being nice means something more.. Past experiences say that i have no worth. Dont want to compete with other women but there's a feeling i have to and im never good enough.

smqDate Submitted: Jul 18thI met him just like it was prophesied to me in 2009 I met him in 2014 and I just never been the one to make the 1st move but I knew that he was the one that I had been praying for when my Apostle and my Bishop along with many others told me the one that I was dealing with was not the one and when I let him go the right one would come and even the smallest details that I talked to God about this man did them all I just want to know is there another chance for us is is it completely over with him

Charlotte Date Submitted: Jul 18thMy ex has recently come back and has asked we try again. We're not official but are spending time together. Do you think this will work for us? Will he come home?

BeckyDate Submitted: Jul 18thIs there a dead person or family member trying to communicate with me or help me through this horrible time?

SGMDate Submitted: Jul 18thI'm at a point where I have to make a desicion of where I want to go with my career. My mum said I'd be a good lawyer but I'd rather be a film director or a buisness woman. Could you please tell me if I would be successful in any of these careers and if not any of these, then which areas would I be successful in? Thank you.

DawnRDate Submitted: Jul 18thMy daughter, Dara, has left the home and moved into her dad's. I think about her everyday and still tell her I love her and miss her. She doesn't like the rules I have and says she resents when I question where she is going. I've taken a tough love stance because I don't approve of her partying underage. I'm trying to be patient, but wonder the following: How long will I have to wait until she returns to my home at least some of the time?

Cheesecake34Date Submitted: Jul 18thI'm lost regarding finances and my future. I used to have a clothing line that I put on hold as I have no money. Will it ever open to be an international clothing line representing my country and will I be a renowned business fashion mogul? I'm starting my internship in HR on 20th July, will I make it to Head the HR in that company internationally? Finally will be a wealthy rich influential lady in both Human Resources and fashion field. What's my future like career and finance wise

Ms ASDate Submitted: Jul 18thWhile searching for a new career I've been pointed spiritually & professionally into an entrepreneurial direction to start a group home for drug rehab, mental health,or elderly. My new love has taken an interest in this and is aggressively pushing me towards it more than I am pushing myself and claims he will use his resources to help. He also suggested we move in together in 7 months. Can I trust his intentions? Is this a strategy to keep me obligated to him?

KimmyDate Submitted: Jul 18thPlease can you tell me what lays ahead for me and Greg, during this difficult time. Is there hope for our future. Is he also being truthful ?

999Date Submitted: Jul 18thHe's properly still busy. I just wanted to request a date and time of when I could receive a message or text as I gave him my number. assuming he will, please can you just give me a date, time, if he were to at some point? Will we go swimming as planned?

BeaDate Submitted: Jul 18thDoes Hugo want a relationship with me now. Does he care for me i like him but I'm getting mixed signals.

IvyDate Submitted: Jul 18thI have two questions the first one is woll AA like me and want to date me when we finally me. My career how soon will my acting career start

Lillyrose75Date Submitted: Jul 18thMy son is being confused and turned against me by my ex husband and the woman he married, my former friend. Will they be shown for what they are? How will it happen? These people have abused me. What will happen with them? When and how will the truth come to light?

TinyTeacupDate Submitted: Jul 18thI've always had a sneaking suspicion that I'm more open than the normal person. I also seem to have some sort of spirit at my Grandparent's house that targeted a friend but I shielded her with my own energy, taking all the negative feelings and energy meant for her. Am I more spiritually/supernaturally open and what is this spirit? I have this burning desire to know. Like I HAVE to know. Please help!!

M.MDate Submitted: Jul 18thDoes Angel have love feelings for me like I do her or even a little? I'm pretty sure she doesn't but I'm not really psychic. But man I love her. I'd rather know so I can put it to rest. Truth is better than a comfort lie.Thanks

babyroseDate Submitted: Jul 18thIf you could please answer this, I would love to know what role he plays in my future. And if you can't answer that, then could you tell me if my life is going to change for the better. Am I finally able to get my destiny because I am tired of going through pain. Also, I am adopted and I don't really know about my birth certificate. My name used to be Alex. I am not exactly sure how to spell my birth last name though. Thank you very much.

BMDate Submitted: Jul 18thWhat do I do about my ex, RW? I dont think she meant to breakup with me and she got herself a rebound who actually dumped her a few months ago. She unblocked me from Facebook when they brokeup and we had some friendly chats online and in person. On Friday after 3 weeks of me not talking to her or contacting her, she blocked me again and I dont know why because it was always me that initiated contact with her when she unblocked me :/

MABDate Submitted: Jul 18thI met Tyler at work not too long ago. We connected pretty well from the start. However he broke things off because he still has feelings for his ex. I think hes really great, and I can be a patient person. I just want to know if me and Tyler are going to have an actual shot at being together later down the road.

JorgeDate Submitted: Jul 18thHi ya My name is Jorge I"m 49 years old single when will I meet my one true love and get married?? just wondering ? I was in Las Vegas in June 19/ 23 of this year it was an incredible experience I was at the NHL awards show, and ,I was near the red carpet I met 20 NHL stars and had my t-shirt autographed which, I had framed , I have had this sort of winning streak I found some money have won free coffees free photo printing will this steak continue??? thanks JORGE

Looz Date Submitted: Jul 17thHe was my boyfriend of 3 years, he broke up with me after months of cheating on me.. he left without explanation and without closure.. I just want to know.. does he regret it? Does he know he #$*@ed up? And anything you might wanna add that could make me feel better to be honest

SandyDate Submitted: Jul 17thSir , I am presently working in Mumbai , India , I have got the apportunity to go abord , UAE , for job , will it be right decision ,

TNDate Submitted: Jul 17thIt's the first time I have met someone that help me so much and care for me silently like that. I clearly feel his feeling for me, I can see it in his eyes, smiles and action. We had diner once and went a drink after work once. We are co-workers.He asks many questions about me showing his interest but nothing really happen since then. I think he hesitates but I don't why. I'm opening my heart to him little by little... What are the obstacles to our relation, what is he afraid of?

minakakismariaDate Submitted: Jul 17thHello, I am having issues obtaining my inheritance my father left me. The trustee, Charles, is not releasing the trust fund. I will be starting litigation soon. What will the outcome be and how long would it take. What is the issue that he is not releasing it. Thanks, MAria

CathyDate Submitted: Jul 17thI've had it pretty tough for awhile . Is it ever going to get easier ? I'm wanting to finish fixing up this house to sell it to get something I want. Pay off my bills and live a little. Maybe fall in love again. After so much struggling I just want it to be my time but I'm wondering if that will ever happen.

TrixiDate Submitted: Jul 17thI just want to know when will I get to move out of Houston and if so any idea when and where ill end up?

BnrDate Submitted: Jul 17thTell me our furturs if any together I would like to know if we have anything together or ever will please

FrankDate Submitted: Jul 17thI told CF my ex girlfriend i love her and want her to marry me and she said she loves me to..but the thing is she is dating a man online from Ghana which I think he is a scammer

kokoDate Submitted: Jul 17thhello Im single and never been to a relationship . how will i meet the person with whom i can make a long lasting relationship with and would it happen this tear ?

SMCMDate Submitted: Jul 17thI was wondering if my boyfriend is committed to me and is our relationship going to get better or worse? We have been dating for a few years on and off but lately we have been having a hugh lack of communication. We do not go on dates like we used to and we barely see eachother. It's really stressing me out because I really am in love with him. Thank you for your time.

C. L. L. H.Date Submitted: Jul 17thI did have a new friend. Her name is TMT. I have been trying to get her to date me and failing and probably screwed myself in the process because I can no longer get her to speak to me, but it was my fault to began with. My question is, Did she read the hand written letter, will she forgive me, will we end up dating, and having a happy life together?

MICAH BROWNDate Submitted: Jul 17thIs my wife being honest and faithful with and to myself. Is it SOMEONE WHO she's interested in, or WANTING TO be closer and or with HER. Does she want somebody other than MYSELF.????

ghDate Submitted: Jul 17thWhy did my father lose his job and did he do anything that he wasn't suppose to that might have compromised his job?

Ellie r. 🌹Date Submitted: Jul 17thWhat is our future with each other? He has been trying to talk to me and get to know me better. Now he offered to help me with a problem I have. Will this develop into a love relationship or will we be just friends. I'm not good at distinguishing guys intentions until it's too late and they've moved on. So this would help me a lot. Thank you smile

elle1980Date Submitted: Jul 17thDo you see a future with me and my son mathew. See he is in foster care just now so I need to know if I am in his future I put his name so you can get a feeling of him.

LittlemissDate Submitted: Jul 17thI want to know if james is truly and deeply in love with me. Will we be together. Is he thinking about me.

Butterfly Date Submitted: Jul 16thI have been dating Robert 6months now, I really love him and would want to know will we get married and when?

s.fDate Submitted: Jul 16thWhen will my ex boyfriend return to he seeing anyone else? where is he located?do.he still loves me

WellaDate Submitted: Jul 16thI just want to know if me and father of my son will getting back again? I really need to know if he still care for me and my son so that i will not still hoping, i just want to give my son a complete family,if he still think to back on us. If he still love me?

ReshmiDate Submitted: Jul 16thWill I get a new better paying job by Sep. 2017 or at least by end of this year and move me near family?

womanDate Submitted: Jul 16thhas he had sex with any 1 behind my bk?if so when? whats he hidin fem me? do i believe him wen he says he working late? if no,whar he doing?with who? what he really fwels 4 me xxx

ShellsDate Submitted: Jul 16thDoes Joseph love me as just a friend or dose he want more from our relationship such as being a couple

TOHDate Submitted: Jul 16thDoes Michael have a sincere interest in as girlfriend and or potential wife or is he simply playing games?

jacDate Submitted: Jul 16thI got cheated on a little more than two months ago, I love him and we're still together and worked it all out but I'm still stuck here in a fog and the thought of this situation still persist, can you give me more insight on the situation that happened and if it was truly a mistake?and how can I completely get over it because I want to but it's so hard.

RonnieDate Submitted: Jul 16thI'm not really talking to my mate right now as I feel a lil taken for granted. he called yesterday but I let him speak to the kids and he text me about my mail last night. I do love him hes my heart I have been through such great deals with him over a span of 5yrs. N continue to love him. I'm no walk in the park sometimes either lol. I continue to show him that he can be loved unconditionally because he has a good heart and is worthy of it. Does he love me as well is out relationship ok?

RonnieDate Submitted: Jul 16thSo I have a childhood friend FP that I have always had a crush on...only about 2yrs ago did I tell him in general convo n moved on with convo. We haven't talked in a while and I miss him. I call but I know he's a very busy man. As of late I dream of him last nite even I was hanging out with he and his sons in a dream and just me hugging him felt oh so he was/is all I ever need in life as a mate. Why is this happening out of the blue for the last couple of weeks? 😮

Misti dawn krauss jacksonDate Submitted: Jul 16thWill I remain alone forever or will I find someone to love and love me back? Is my life gonna be this lonely till I die?

SassieDate Submitted: Jul 16thI've been talking to Jason for about 3 weeks now. I've known him since we were kids. We grew up in the same town. We recently started talking exchanged numbers and text eachotger everyday now. Is this someone I should invest my time in?

WonderingDate Submitted: Jul 16thDo you see if I will met someone this year that I can spend my life with? or maybe I was destined to be alone?

KLHDate Submitted: Jul 16thDoes my future present a man who will love me, romantically, as much as I love him; and if so, will I be able to maintain a long-term relationship with him?

Dreambig3Date Submitted: Jul 16thI have a feeling that my husband is taking to other girls on his phone and I feel like he's hiding something and maybe even secret social media accounts

MWDate Submitted: Jul 16thI'm loss and don't Know what direction to go at all so what is my destiny in love, career etc ?whatever info you give me will help really

YuvarajDate Submitted: Jul 16thPls check for general reading based on the details I have provided. I want to know more about myself

LexiDate Submitted: Jul 16thHello can you tell me what I need to do in my love life and do u see any interference going on with any black magic? I've been in a hole and I need to know what I can do to improve myself

YayaDate Submitted: Jul 16thWe haven't been together in a really long time and I'm looking for closure I never got from him. After the magical summer we had in 2010 he dumped me, popped back up a few months later, we sleep together and then he disappears from my life. Until years later he resurfaced by stalking my social media going on 4 years now. I recently found out he's married now but has been on my pictures.I just want my closure he never gave me. Can you provide closure on this guy so I can finally put it to rest?

NoorDate Submitted: Jul 16thI need to know if I will get into university this September. I have just taken some very important exams and their results will be revealed soon. I need To pass them to get into university. Please can you tell me if I will pass Thankyou My life depends on this and I am very very worried to the point where I am not sleeping stressing about it

JayyDate Submitted: Jul 15thHello, I would like to know if my very good friend is using me. I gave her 20$ and I don't think she was honest about being "broke". How long is our friendship going to last ? Is she going to ask me for money again?

JCDate Submitted: Jul 15thGreat first date, passionate kiss and great connection. He did mention for me to let him know what day am I available next week so we can meet up again. We normally chat until we fall asleep but for some reason I felt things were different after our date. He did send me a message the following day saying he was out with the boys from work. I panicked for whatever reason and told him it's best to move on. Do you think he'll be back in touch to talk about things and try again?

DemiDate Submitted: Jul 15thA psychic my partner bumped into at work said that something is looking over top of us and something big is going to happen which has me worried, just wondered if you could elaborate just so I can have a peace of mind- Thank you

JPDate Submitted: Jul 15thI'm confuses about my relationship with Micael. He claims love me since 7 grade recently we reconnected and want us to give the relationship a tried that night we hook up and after that he act funny towards me not answers my call and text. I'm not sure if Micael still love me and still want to be me anymore. I don't know where I stand in his life anymore. Is there any hope for us or should I move on. I love Micael and I thought we have a second chance together as a couple.

AK92Date Submitted: Jul 15thMy ex contacted me after I got married saying he regrets letting me go. We've been in contact on and off & he's flirted a lot of times and even asked to meet but I've always rejected his advances. He recently got married and sent me a text letting me know. He said it's not love, that he agreed to under pressure. My mom came to town and he met her and asked if I was happy in my marriage. I want to know why he's still in touch. Does he miss me? Does he really regret his decision of letting me go?

Nedelea MihaiDate Submitted: Jul 15thHello please ..i want to know what to to and how to proceed with her ..she is mad on me for a good reason but i want to change my life and love her for the true beutiful women she is .

J.D.Date Submitted: Jul 15thWill u ever marry this person in the future. I am concerned that things will not turn out how I want it to .

Stinkerbell704Date Submitted: Jul 15thAfter 8 maths went back wit ex.he's away workin n comes in holidays.was in for the 4th.he went off to do the family thing one of the days.toward evenin I text him then called,no answer.went on til later that nite sayin he left his cell in truck charging n turned it off n went wit his sis to bros house.then next day I got blocked # n he got one later.his ex bev would do that before.did he see or talk to her while in?if so how can I catch him?was it her call in? Thanx much

LauDate Submitted: Jul 15thI am always unlucky. I was told an evil entity is preventing me from good luck and someone is transfering their karmic debt on me even though I am entitled to a karmic bonus. My question is what is the name of my guardian angel ?

SmileyDate Submitted: Jul 15thI'm so ready to leave my hometown to move to Los Angeles. I've always had signs to move there and it really feels like home. The more stuff I go through here, the more anxious I am to get out there and live my life with my daughter. I'm over everything here. I'd like to move out there spring of 2018. What's in store for my new life out there hopefully starting next spring.I feel like it'll be better than this one. Had too many negative experiences not a good love life, and overall unhappiness.

TjDate Submitted: Jul 15thI like to know if my kids or ok and if there in good hands with foster mom is she caring for them as if they were her own my daughter name Leila

Veronica Date Submitted: Jul 15thA lot of things have happened in my life to get me where I am. I just ended a bad relationship that lasted way too long but I still believe in love. I meet good men but I can never get that commitment or the relationship I want and I know I don't hold any negativity about my old relationship. Everything in my life is falling into place since that relationship ended except that one area. But I have an overwhelming feeling like I've already met the one or he's like right around the corner.

Mousegirl2675Date Submitted: Jul 15thI keep having dreams a guy keeps asking me to forgive him and he is really sorry i can't see his face. The only male that has upset me is my daughters dad who was forced to do a dna test by his current wife ive been having the same dream even before i found out about the test but something inside of me is telling me she did something to the test to make it come back wrong am i right in thinking that and can you please tell me what the dreams mean. I've added him to see if the dresm is about him

MissbeeDate Submitted: Jul 15thIt seems like we are always being brought back to one another, and the most recent scenario had left us speechless. Our connection feels extremely intense and confortable like we are soul mates. Are we meant to spend the rest of our lives with each other?

ALVDate Submitted: Jul 15thI'm experiencing the same unloyality and lies from this Man, even after we separated. Hanging out like old times, I feel our current situation allows more freedom and before setting myself up for heartache, yet again, I made my intentions for us perfectly clear and he agreed. I hope to one day be his wife. Now, it's like a re-play of the same circumstances that caused us to separate, and I'm finding myself back in square one- broken hearted. Is this Man worthy of my heart?

LCHDate Submitted: Jul 15thI need to know if my marriage going to work out. Is my husband going to focus on our marriage and our children and stop being around the toxic people he's been more focused on. M, J, A D T. And whoever he's been spending time with at there house possibly MM or other females that hang out with those people. I'm desperate to make our marriage work and keep those people out of our lives.