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Ashleyash89Date Submitted: Feb 24thWill we be getting married this year? We have been together for four years. I would really like to know if we will get married this year!

AnkitaDate Submitted: Feb 24thWhn ill get job n will i get support from authority figure? Or will i got success by myown self ? I am jobless from a long time? Will i get a break from anywherr? Ifeel so depress day by day . ... Its like m living in hell...can yoi plz tell my future

emilyDate Submitted: Feb 24thwill P be okay and come out of his problem.will P go back to his job as a fisherman.will he go in his boat and go to his cabin again

AngelDate Submitted: Feb 24thWhat are the steps I need to take to have a better life to discover my life purpose so I can make a difference in the world? I really need answers and I am grateful for your help.Thank you.

MILKYDate Submitted: Feb 24thhey i want to be irresistable too..the best man in the room..charming and awesome..but i hold some beliefs whenever i do somethings..i have been trying to break these..and i want to nfluence my subconcsious can i do it? i know with practice and autosuggestion..but i lose the momentum sometimes..can you help me so that i will be the person who achieves anything he wish to?

ShortRoundDate Submitted: Feb 24thI was trying to fall as sleep and also trying to sell my soul when I see this black shadow come so I asked if he wanted to make a contract when he touches my head my body starts to shake and I see flashes of black and white and I felt a lot of pain from my head to my body until I woke up. So then I went back to sleep and I asked him does that mean yes and he did it again until I forced myself to wake up again. what does it mean? was it just a dream or something more serious?

DMGDate Submitted: Feb 24thI would really like to know how my Aunty is and whether she is happy. Whether I can help her in anyway? How can I open myself to receive messages from her.

breed47Date Submitted: Feb 24thIs my fiance R currently sleeping with another man and dating him as well or will she come to me?

LilyDate Submitted: Feb 24thWhen will i meet my destined life partner? What does he do? How does he look? When will he propose me?

MizDate Submitted: Feb 24thWhat's going on between me and this guy? It's been 3+ years. When will he start acting his age?? What does our future hold? His family love And. Cherish

Magical.moon.503Date Submitted: Feb 24thOther person was my boyfriend since 2012. We, I, instantly felt a connection incomparable to any other. Our relationship struggled but my heart never wavered. Last summer he temporarily moved out. Last fall he stopped caring and trying. I put the relationship on the line and he left and began dating other women. My world has been shattered. Heartbroken, broken, unable to cope or understand how or why this happened. I need to know what type of relationship to expect from him moving forward.

RamonaDate Submitted: Feb 24thI have added my partner as i would like to see what the future holds for us, anything would be awesome thanks

LovelylmsDate Submitted: Feb 24thHello, thank you for your help. Unfortunately, I think someone was in my apartment today while I was at work. I found that my bed hado moved and my TV was on. I think it was my ex Zack, but imy not sure. That's why I'm asking yousmile.. I don't know of anyone else that would walk into my place and watch TV.

Ewelina Date Submitted: Feb 24thI want to know about my father are he is happy are im going to see him soon and did he miss me like i do

RissaDate Submitted: Feb 24thI want to know if he is my one love for life. I have been having dreams about him ever since I was 16. Now we have made some interaction but it stopped this morning because my older cousin hates him and doesn't want me to be happy. Please help me.

pamelaDate Submitted: Feb 24thNeed some closure with loved one need to know about forgiveness and is there any msg for me or family

BiebsDate Submitted: Feb 24thMy ex girlfriend T broke up with me 3 weeks ago, i want to know if there is a chance i can get her to fall in love with me? because i want her back she is the one.

NR Date Submitted: Feb 23rdI want to know where this friendship is going? I don't understand where I stand with the guy? Would help if someone could give me a little insight.

L Date Submitted: Feb 23rdThis man that I like does he like me, is he the one for me, will he be the one that I will marry, our is he not the one. If not him how is.

Rahul Date Submitted: Feb 23rdthe person mentioned above has been hostile towards me since past couple of weeks and upon asking regarding my enemy gets upset and kind of tries to shut my mouth and this is killing me the way she is behaving and she is also hiding lot of things with me even though she is our own family member. it's kind of frustating to see these kind things happen In front of my eyes, my question is how to mend things with her again and show her that I am not bad person and how can I get rid of that enemy ?

LiptonDate Submitted: Feb 23rdI want to know if you can see if W intentional tried to hurt me, did he even like me? Why? Thank you for addressing my concern. Leslie

Sarah MariaDate Submitted: Feb 23rdThank you for taking the time to read my question. I am struggling to find my path in this lifetime, and was wondering if there is any advice that can be provided that will help me along the way?

KlcDate Submitted: Feb 23rdI am currently cheating on my husband with J, I am not happily married, he is also in happily married too. Do you see us being together in the future?? Iam falling for this guy & I think he is feeling the same way too. Any insight would be very helpful, thank you very much

MGEH945Date Submitted: Feb 23rdThank you for taking the time to read my question. My fiancée and I recently broke up. He's in the USMC and just got back from deployment. He said he needed time. I love him and I want to be with him. Does he still feel the same about and will we get back together? I appreciate you looking into this for me.

A.TDate Submitted: Feb 23rdOK no more lovey dover questions smile If its OK though can I ask how my financial situation will be this year like will it get better?

TyDate Submitted: Feb 23rdI would like to know if where I am in life is the right place to be!I feel like I took the right path in love and life but I can't help but wonder if there's something more for me out there,or if my life,that place it's at now is it real and will it last?

SMEDate Submitted: Feb 23rdIs my boyfriend still in love with me or has he found someone else. Will he come back home to me or will he come with another female.

JMDate Submitted: Feb 23rdI would like to know the future of my love life in 2017 and if it is with this person? I'm nervous he likes other girls.

LysisDate Submitted: Feb 23rdI know the 2nd person from an online connection of talking on and off and at the moment it's been awhile since we talked. I just want to know if his honest thoughts on me if he has any still, and if he has moved on ?and I seek straightforward honesty. Please and thank you for your time.

SchatzDate Submitted: Feb 23rdWe are good friends and are about to take this relationship to the next level. Do we have a common future? Should I keep persuing this relationship?

JRGDate Submitted: Feb 23rdMy Dad died a few weeks ago and I would like to know what he would like for me to do now and with my life.

MSJDate Submitted: Feb 23rdHi I would like to know if I will have a future with the girl I'm with which is why I have added her name to this form would like to know if she loves me and she will never hurt me and will I settle down with her

MelissaDate Submitted: Feb 23rdI want to know if my dad and his GF and I will be moving out of Connecticut This year. Plus will be be happier?

CMVDate Submitted: Feb 22ndHello I would like to know If there is still a chance to save our marriage.and when will I hear from my husband?we got into a big fight. I miss him very much.

MMBDate Submitted: Feb 22ndWill I get married with JAO? The man I'm currently living with and I'm I going to get anther job? Does JAO love me? Or just using me ? I'm I going to to file for divorce this year from my ex husband RB? Is thier ppl who are jealous of me? Does JAO care about me? Does JAO want a relationship with me ? Or is he just using me ? Will I get my own house with him? Does he plan in staying in my life for a long time? Does he really l

NykkeDate Submitted: Feb 22ndIs my husband cheating on me? What does our future hold? It is fairly new marriage and I have recently losses a very special person.

CFDate Submitted: Feb 22ndI was attending a spiritual church with my ex partners mother. I didn't realise they were using witchcraft enabling what i though was my dead sister at the time to speak to me for there own selfish reasons since discovering what they were doing and leaving the church, i'm still at the receiving end of as a form of control to hold me back. Please Help.

LNCDate Submitted: Feb 22ndHello I would like to get into contact with my guardian angels. I believe I have seven protecting me. Can you tell me more about them?

Resee74Date Submitted: Feb 22ndCan you see any danger coming to me from my you see me leaving him for good safe and soon.I put his name with this because I fear him and not sure what he will do if I leave minute he says he will kick me out soon then he turns around and says if I leave he will hunt me down and kill me.

NickyDate Submitted: Feb 22ndWill A come back into my life? He is very pissed at me right now. I also brought him a gift to say im sorry! My life just feels so empty without him. Is there hope for us! Thank You!

SENTDate Submitted: Feb 22ndIm wondering what wonderful things are ahead for 2017 In love and finance. I keep meeting the same kind of guys and I want my finances to take a millionaire turn this lol please help....

LynsDate Submitted: Feb 22ndAm I on the right path mentally; will my ideation ever go and is it enforced by a spirt called Emily? Is K looking over me? Is he angry? Does he know that I am sorry?

lemonDate Submitted: Feb 22ndHow strong is this energy that i emit and whats the colour of my aura and what makes me one of a kind

MariaDate Submitted: Feb 22ndWhat will happen for me in the nearer future ? Love life, health, money, etc. if you could give me a reading as soon as possible please

KaylaDate Submitted: Feb 22ndMy good friend M and I are planning to go to Romania next year. Both of us come from low income families and she has never been out of the country before. Each of us need to save at LEAST $2,044 to be able to go and return home after a week. Will we be able to pull this off, or will we fall short and have to wait longer than anticipated?

KlopopDate Submitted: Feb 22ndSubmitted: Feb 15th5 years of hell. Please help I have a court case that has been simmering for 5 years now! I have used up every penny of my savings. Will I win the case and be able to fix the damage it has caused me as well as get back all the money it has cost me ?? Thank you very very much.

NeamaDate Submitted: Feb 22ndI want to know how my father isn't doing , I haven't spoken to him in a long time due to leaving home , and want to know how he is

SR0Date Submitted: Feb 22ndD and I are going through a rough patch due to him dealing with family issues. We have been together for 10 months and love each other dearly. But, will we continue to be together as a couple? we talked of taking a break or just being friends which I don't want to happen. If I could get some advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

KaprikornDate Submitted: Feb 22ndHello. My question is this: what are my near or long term future connections with this girl?

BG Date Submitted: Feb 22ndI wanted to know if I am going to get a job soon as a clinical laboratory assistant or any other type of job.

TazDate Submitted: Feb 22ndI would like to know if T still has feelings for me, or thinks about me, and when will be the next time we talk?

RsDate Submitted: Feb 22ndDoes he care for me like he says or am I being used and is there another girl he likes cause everything has been great with us until last week I feel like he is pushing me away

BriDate Submitted: Feb 22ndWould EJ have a happy future with BKJ romantically and vice versa if B tells E how she feels about him?

Bonbi the groomerDate Submitted: Feb 22ndWill my financal sitution improve soon? I have been struggling to pay my bills and I work hard. We have had car issues. People ripping me off right and left. Will this bad luck end? When it looks like I might get ahead its another set back.

DDDate Submitted: Feb 22ndWill everything work out for me & my husband S with buying my stepbrothers out on our family home & will our lives become better with this move & chamge

RADate Submitted: Feb 22ndI have been waiting on my old job to rehire me for awhile now an I wanted to know how long it will take before I have it back?

ScarletDate Submitted: Feb 22ndI had been going through really hard time financially. My family spending is kind of huge. My husband and my salaries are not enough to pay all the bill and expences. I felt like I had been struggling for money for all of life. I have lots of debts which had been keep filing up, to date my debts is more than RM300,000.00. I tried my hardest to make things right. I just wanted a good life for my family. Please help...

DjDate Submitted: Feb 22ndWe been together for five years broke up three months ago i miss him in love will he ever come back will he ever love me again will we ever be together again?

GTHDate Submitted: Feb 22ndI will be graduating soon and my mind is in a million directions, GRE's, LSATs, but right now I want to know if I will have a full time good job by the time I graduate or will I be applying/being accepted into grad school (GSE-Rutgers)?

Lisa hDate Submitted: Feb 22ndHello my question is will we be able to have a happy stable relationship he is the father to my kids and feels like I have lost and was hoping for some guidance on weather to let the past Bethe past or is there still hope for us to be happy together and have a life and family together

m.jDate Submitted: Feb 21stDoes he truely love me but has cheated on me with a person close to me and are we compatible for each other

JGottiDate Submitted: Feb 21stI am Feeling trapped; I live with my mom, 2 brothers and stepdad. Its constant arguing, and yelling, cursing each other, Its a hostile environment! I WANT OUT! I have no job, I am looking for another as I was just fired, I have no car, no way to even get around while my stepdad is stingy with his truck, I have no friends or anyone I can depend on.. Do you see me getting out & things getting better?? I am scared I will be like these ppl, that unhappiness will ruin me or already has..

teaDate Submitted: Feb 21stwill the landlord ever get ahold me about getting a bigger place and will i get anything out of my divorce

ElleeDate Submitted: Feb 21stI have been single for many years and I am finally ready to bring love back into my life. Do you for see me being in a committed relationship this year?

ElleeDate Submitted: Feb 21stI have been in an extremely poor financial situation for too many years, I can barely support my family, will my finances improve in the near future?

F Z WDate Submitted: Feb 21stWhat will happen in the future with my familly and relationships within my familly ? Will i be happy

P.PDate Submitted: Feb 21stI've been single for over 2 years working on myself.I feel like I'm ready to find my partner but the universe has indicated I'm not ready yet and to keep working on myself.I've taken this time to do that & have improved on certain things & acknowledge I need to continue to work on other things.How long will it take for me to get to the point in my life where suitable partners will notice me? I'm getting older & would like to start a family soon.I hope this is possible.

AngelbabeeDate Submitted: Feb 21stI've named V, she's my daughter, I need to know, is she gonna win joint custody (primary).To her baby....She loves n lives for ???

CnDate Submitted: Feb 21stWill i have the strength and the drive to change what i need to change in my life without fear and achieve the love and financial desire through my own talents or will nothing change

FlutterbyDate Submitted: Feb 21stWill I get a job offer soon - if so, when will I get one? What will I be doing, what job will it be?

BoogDate Submitted: Feb 21stWill insurance company come up with a settlement so I won't go to court. Will I have to pay anything?

TerriDate Submitted: Feb 21stWill my husband of 25 years leave his moms permanently and come back home with me his wife to stay for good?

B Date Submitted: Feb 21stHi psychic bitch! My question for you is about my lesbian relationship... I met S a few months back now and we fell in love with each other very quickly and everything was amazing, until she told me that before we met she was sleeping with her manager at work.. but wasn't anymore and just wanted to be honest with me about everything.. problem is I have trust issues which she knows about and I can't help but feel like there's still something going on.. is there or am I just paranoid? Thanks!

margieDate Submitted: Feb 21stI need to know if l have a chance to win in free lotto or any gambling? I will become wealthy?. I can buy a car? if yes what is the month and date? Thank you so much l hope you can help me to answer my questions thank you so much

ROSCOEDate Submitted: Feb 21stDo you see me being gainfully reemployed in the very near future, Iam so keen to work again,I make numerous applications for positions that I know I'm suited to and believe I am the best for the position,all the required skills and attributes for the position,and still can't even get an interview to prove my worth, please help

JM74Date Submitted: Feb 21stHello. I have a desire to create my art career with illustrations, paintings and jewelry. Would i success in this in my future? Thank you

Current job and financial prospects.Date Submitted: Feb 21stJob and financial married recently so probable timing for expecting.moved to a new city so how it will be in terms of job, marriage and health.

different leoDate Submitted: Feb 21stHi. I would like to know if I will be I a new relationship or will I meet the person Im supposed to be with this year. Will things go smoothly when I leave my current job. will I find a better job this year. Will my ex(details included) contact me again this year? what will he want? Please and Thank you...

DiwakarDate Submitted: Feb 21stDid she cheated recent past? regarding character? Answer should be perfect.Her behaviour changed.?is she reliable?

KVDate Submitted: Feb 21stI am constantly thinking Of another tho,I'm with someone else.Me and the person that is on my mind constantly use to be high school crushes.This person re-entered my life 3 times in the past yr.As a friend.1 Time we wasn't sure what we wanted.The other times were catch up talk.Can I expect this certain someone that is constantly on my mind to re enter my life?And possibly make more to what we once started?

AKRDDate Submitted: Feb 21st1. Will I be able to travel for work in the next few months? Specifically, will I be able to land the job I am waiting for a quite some time now? 2. 2nd person included is a lost friend, will I be able to connect with him in the near future?

Slyfox89Date Submitted: Feb 21stWill i get a job in the future which will allow me to emigrate to the United Kingdom.i chose S as she is my fiance and we live together.

LPDate Submitted: Feb 21stI've been with her for 6 urs and had our fair share of ups and downs I am very worried jealous and I've caused alot of pain to her more so cus she doesn't understand me and doesn't care to I feel like she settled for me I've always been straight with men but i tried sumthing different to be with her but I have so many trust issues I just need to know am I correct or not I always think she's cheating idk

klarissaDate Submitted: Feb 21stHello I am wanting my nightmare with C to end. Its been 8 months of hell. Im scared I will be prosocuted for being good and inocent. Im trying to do all right things yet punished so badly. Please tell me when it will be finally over and will outcome be Great ???? Please help me

JaimeDate Submitted: Feb 20thWhat career path should I take? I have been bouncing around from job to job for the past few years, and I feel like I am at a dead end. I love the arts, helping people, and all around using my creativity. Not sure if my current position with the company I am at will allow me to grow. Thank you for taking your time out! I appreciate it! <3

DwDate Submitted: Feb 20thWill AB my ex girlfriend and soulmate come back into my life and date me again and is there hope of marriage still

LaylaDate Submitted: Feb 20thMy husband and I have been together 18 years. Been through a lot together not all has been good. We've been in a down spiral lately and my question will we remain together lifelong and find the happiness with one another again?

Ab Date Submitted: Feb 20thWill my husband beat his addiction? If so, when? Also I am waiting on money to come in the mail, will it arrive soon this year?

SuDate Submitted: Feb 20thWill he come back into my life? I am confused because there is another man who is a tutor who I have feelings for, I was told that I would have to choose between them, is this true?

F. V. C.Date Submitted: Feb 20thDid my son JMA kill himself in June 15 2005? Or was he murdered? Or still alive?I need to know because I have never been convinced he is dead. His father would not permit me to come to his wake or funeral. And people has told me they have seen my son since 2005.

bindyb65Date Submitted: Feb 20thWill I find a man that is going to be my partner for the rest of my life? Will both of my grown children who live with me now have lives of their own?

Tarna1978Date Submitted: Feb 20thI am wondering if E and I are heading for a complete break up or just on a " break". If we do break up, I'mhoping we could still be friends in time. We had a huge fight and I havnt heard from him in over a week. I know relationships have fights and ups and downs and take alot of work. But this seemed like a ..I'm done..type of fight.. idk. Hope you can help.

NatalieDate Submitted: Feb 20thI've known him for quite some time now. One time it seems like he doesn't even notice me. Then, he seems interested again. I feel drawn to him like to no one else before. Is he going to fall in love with me one day?

NBDate Submitted: Feb 20thHi psychic Bitch ! You guys have been a great help to me twice before. This is time I've come to ask you'll if I'll have any new employment any time within the next few weeks to a month. I'm looking for a new and better job. I'm an entry level manager (key holder) in a store I'm beneath the assistant manager. My store is closing at the end of March and I've been putting in apps for assist. manager at other places . Could you tell me if and when something is going to come through for me? Thanks

sharonDate Submitted: Feb 20thWe have been married for twelve years and have a difficult relationship also we have financial problems will our relationship survive and will our finances improve?

Misssy01Date Submitted: Feb 20thK and I have been on and off several times over the course of 2 1/2 years and we still find ourselves with each other. We are currently off again but remain very close. Will we eventually remain in an actual relationship together for good?

SpaanishDate Submitted: Feb 20thHi guys, I have a strong feeling that some thing significant is about to happen. Usually when I get these feelings things happen (not overly notable things) but this time it's different because it's stronger. Pls I need help interpreting this feeling.

M.a.cDate Submitted: Feb 20thI want to know what will happen with me and my girl friend we used to be in love as kids i mived away and 21 yrs later we were back in eachothers life she is married and i left my girl friend for her...i want to knoe will we make it together in life

FleeDate Submitted: Feb 20thWas it G that set out to destroy me does he feel bad at all for destroying me? Was it girlfrien

jjDate Submitted: Feb 20this my boyfriend cheating on me? and can you tell me how long has he been if he has? its driving me crazy to know the truth.

KaylaDate Submitted: Feb 20thS and I have been close for a few years now. Over that time, I ince confessed that I had feelings for him. At the time he said that we should simply remain friends. NOW however, he's been saying oddly sweet things and asking when he can see me next. (It's been a while.) problem is, I can't tell if he's being nice, like before, or if he's actually flirting for real this time. Does he have feelings for me, or am I just holding onto something that will never happen?

Morena10jDate Submitted: Feb 20thI want to know if my man J and my sister ETM have ever been sexually intimate with each other?

Kayla Date Submitted: Feb 20thI don't know where or when she was born. But she was my neighbor and I babysat for her multiple times. I grew to love her children... The bright eyed little girl and the incredibly polite young boy.... Kelly was an incredible woman, and I just want to know if she knows just how much of an impact she had in my life. Does she know how important she was to me? Do those kids think I've forgotten about them? Do they know that I've tried get in touch? I miss them... So much.

Srgs11Date Submitted: Feb 20thI need to know if my grandparents are trying to contact me or not and why they are try to contact me. Im in a difficult situation right now and their help would be nice.

BarbDate Submitted: Feb 20thAre S and i going to get married? We know we are meant to be together. I would like to know when we are getting married because I would like to get married soon.

CRYHELP Date Submitted: Feb 20thPLEASE HELP me figure out my life, Im trying to fix it but Idk where to start? I talked to this guy I like for a while (J.M) but after we had sex he abandoned me, was I used? Are guys really not into me cause my butt is small? Why did K leave to be friends with Y? Should I leave them ALL alone? I want to confront her but should I? I miss J.J does he ever think about me? Will I ever see him again? Car soon, is my Future damaged?? Y do ppl shut me out? I love them!! Why am I so damn troubled??

ajDate Submitted: Feb 19thWILL I GET MY DISABILITY ,been to the doctor over 80 times car accident .had a lawyer for over 18 months now.

BrandlesDate Submitted: Feb 19thIs the man im engaged to,the man im meant to be with forever? And will we live to be old togrthor???

r.pDate Submitted: Feb 19thCan u see a major change in my life ? Regarding what and when ..? Will I sustain that financially and emotionally

NinaDate Submitted: Feb 19thAm i gonna get my disability and get out of debt and get my kids back and start a new better life . Is MP cheating on me are we gonna come out together

HBDate Submitted: Feb 19thAre we, (A and I), making the right choices this year going to benefit our future, or set us back?

JenQDate Submitted: Feb 19thHello! I've been single for agggggeeeeessss. I'm okay with this, but I woudn't mind a quick fling or one night stand. I haven't met anyone to take home for a little bit of fun, and no-one has approached me in recent times. Do you see an end to this drought and some fun loving times coming up for me?

searchingfor insightDate Submitted: Feb 19thHe left me all of a sudden after plans have been done to build a future together. A Philipine (confidntial) woman had got in between us from Manila His family and i are worried, as this woman and her family had done some black works on him and on me mum says he still thinks of me. what can be done that he realise and come back to our home and block this woman. we know she is in for interest and she doesnt care of breaking a union and hurt people and his parents dont want her thnks

ConfusednidsDate Submitted: Feb 19thI'm impressed because you guys were right--- HK couldn't forgive me. Now, my question is will we ever get back together?

JPDate Submitted: Feb 19thMy fiancee and I have been together for 5yrs. She left me 3Months ago says she doesn't love me anymore. Will we get back together?

Colorado AustralianDate Submitted: Feb 19thIs it likely our family will remain financially stable after our new baby is born within the next 2 1/2 months. I am planning on working from home part-time, whilst my partner is planning on getting a 'real' job.

KyannDate Submitted: Feb 19thI want to know what you see for me over the next couple of months in love, money etc.. I also want know if my partner has been honest with me. We have been together for 6 Years in oct this year.. Does he really want to be with me as Ive found in messages him saying to his ex that he loves her and wants to be with her..

PoseyyyDate Submitted: Feb 19thDoes J like me? What are his intentions? Does he only like me, or is there someone else? Someone like KD? Does he like her, want to purse her, or doesnt really care about her?

RADate Submitted: Feb 19thI been working and it seems like it's been off and on. When will I be going back to work permanently?

D. G G Date Submitted: Feb 19thWill I get money in my life? I am going through a very difficult situation with my husband's job loose.

SdrcDate Submitted: Feb 19thSo I just got out of a very abusive relationship I have three children two of which are disabled I just want to know if we are going too be alright soon? It's getting hard too be happy or provide or them even tho I'm trying so hard. I included C, my sister, because she been with me through all of the recent changes I feel more connected with her than any other person.

BeckbeckDate Submitted: Feb 19thI've been really questioning my life and choose I have made I have to beautiful daughters and I'm really just looking for some guidance on my life and the course I'm on because I feel like I'm not living the best way for my children and myself I have also been struggling with a feel of something awful just over the horizon I included the second person because we are together and he is very much invovled in my daughters lifes and mine he is the father of my youngest daughter thank you

Colinna Date Submitted: Feb 19thwill B and I get threw this or did he really cheated over the weekend and now choose C And Since He's In Jail For hitting me 2day ago will he try to contact me and did intruely lose him

Tzug Date Submitted: Feb 19thBefore S broke up with S was he trying to actually build a relationship with her like so he could bring her home to mom..but I sense he didn't trust her .and there had been quit a few arguments what where they over?her lying over?

Lotz2bluvdDate Submitted: Feb 19thI filed for a divorce almost a year ago. I met K and we hit it off. I fell in love with him but I am starting to have doubts. I'm not sure if I'm just making this all up in my head and sabotaging this new relationship or if I'm seeing signs. My ex husband has come to me numerous times asking for forgiveness and wants me to take him back and now I'm completely torn. I love this man I'm with now but I'm torn on wanting to give my ex husband another chance. I would love some guidance.

LisaDate Submitted: Feb 19thI want know if M likes me. I want to know if M is going to ask me out on a date? Is M going to move to Florida? Is M being a house in Florida? Did my quite La Fitness to ask me out on a date? Will I see M again?

KRDate Submitted: Feb 19thI have been married to T for twelve years, we have two kids together, do you see my marriage lasting?

Jimmie Date Submitted: Feb 19thMy children's mother and I recently broke up. I've gone through a complete transformation of personality and ceased my drug and alcohol issues while tending to my mental health issues. I've become a nicer kinder more attentive human. I'm 100x the dad I was. She keeps telling me she needs space. She checked out of the relationship when I was on drugs and not tending to my bipolar. Will her and I get back together?

Kay413Date Submitted: Feb 19thI'm having a really hard time finding an apartment right now. Will I find one in the next few weeks?

SkyelynnDate Submitted: Feb 19thI'm actually torn between two men right now. I have strong feelings for C but I like M as well. I am unsure which way to go. Are either the right man for me?

CathyDate Submitted: Feb 18thWill I ever meet someone special , fall in love again and remarry ? I've dated some since my divorce but I've been hurt pretty bad in more ways than one. After all I've been through I'm comfortable being alone but can't help thinking sometimes of how nice it would be if someone came along and rocked my world.

jdm21714Date Submitted: Feb 18thWill my financial struggles end soon? I work hard for my family and struggle to pay for medicine, food and everyday essentials. I'm tired of being scared about my family's future.

Sassykat801Date Submitted: Feb 18thHi. I'm having a rough time now, trying to stay positive. I wanted to know if my dad or mom had a message for me. I miss them terribly and sometimes I feel a little lost. Please let me know if they have a message. Thank you

MotelierDate Submitted: Feb 18thI was told about a motel manager job going and spoke many times with the owner A. We have meet once and I have spoken to her many times about the job, this is now going back months (4mths). Is she giving me the run around or should I still try and go for the job. My confidence is feeling kicked.

Linda444Date Submitted: Feb 18thMy mom has been struggling for years ever since she quit her job to take care of us.. sadly things haven't worked out for her, and financially she's not ok and it's getting worse. I'd like to know if there's any hope for her will her situation change and what can I do to help her?

MimoDate Submitted: Feb 18thWhats my future with R? We are in love with each other but he has some trust issues. What will be the result? When will we be together?

SeelieQueenDate Submitted: Feb 18thWhen am I going to find my true love and soulmate? I never seem to get anywhere. My crushes failed miserably and I even failed at online dating. I know I am ready to find love but nothing seems to be happening for me......I feel like I'm supposed to be alone forever and never have anybody.....when is it my turn to find happiness.