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fizzDate Submitted: Mar 30thWill we get back together when will he call me we had a fall out and he left on 04/02/17 i love him so much we have spoken afew times and get on but still he asnt called me as he got someone else

poojDate Submitted: Mar 30thWe have been married for 5 years now, things have been very very difficult, I am confused whether to take this relationship forward or not, if I come out of it what will happen to my life and future and his future also.

AnthonyDate Submitted: Mar 30thIs the marriage​ going to get better or worse? What is going on the marriage? Should I divorce her and move on or stay with her.

ShraddhaDate Submitted: Mar 30thI love him.he is my good friend and he proposed me earlier but after sometime he said it's not working..And he want me to be his frnd again..I m talking to him but I can't be his frnd again because I love him a lot and I want him to come back to me as a boyfriend.will he propose me again?

KiDate Submitted: Mar 30thI love C does he love me an want to be with me an have a future with me I love him an want him .

delbaritaDate Submitted: Mar 30thI was wanting to know what JF feelings are to me and is there a chance of us being in a relationship together and the reason for e asking about J is because I have feelings for him and I love him.

Amanda Date Submitted: Mar 30thDoes my bf really want me to be his wife? Does he really love me is he the one I'm going to spend the rest of my life with

KrisDate Submitted: Mar 30thI have a father that passed and want to know if he is angry with me. I also have always felt i would hit lottery and live a decent life is this going to happen for me? And lastly me and my boyfriwnd have been together for 3 years and have issues will we stay together. If not will he continue to see my son even after dating someone else if we dont make it?

DLDate Submitted: Mar 30thDoes D have feelings for me? I feel so strongly about him, but I cannot read his true intentions. Something tells me that he's the one... but I'm so scared of getting hurt sad Thank you for answering

HLFDate Submitted: Mar 30thMy mother passed away nearly 3 years ago and wanted to know if she is watching over me and my family?

DeeDate Submitted: Mar 29thI have a big issues I dont have a birth certificate but as I know I was registered at the time of birth I would like to know if I was ever registered and if it took place in Canada please help thank u

millsortDate Submitted: Mar 29thHi, I have been having financial problems lately and any cash I get can't do anything nor buy anything important. Is there any hopes for better change?

rupalDate Submitted: Mar 29thwhat my guy thinks of me? is he really loves me ? he is really into me? why he is not talking to me ? its been week we hadnt talked no contact last week i called him n he talked in a ignoring way? is his frnds influencing him to leav me?? or his ex influence ? when he will marry me? what really he wants from me?

BrandyDate Submitted: Mar 29thI been having back issues since 2001 from a car accident, I'm out of work because of it and rely on my ex ... will I get ssi disability?

PinkieDate Submitted: Mar 29thI am really anxious these days. My boyfriend is currently doing his PhD. Recently his supervisor let him know that there has been a set back with his thesis. He cannot ask for my hand in marriage until he completes his thesis successfully. Will he succeed this year or is a delay is inevitable ? Will we be able to marry by next year?

RuchiDate Submitted: Mar 29thWill J come back to make relation with me in life? will he marry me ? I want to know if he loves me ?

C aDate Submitted: Mar 29thWell I'll be financially stable within the next 90 days will I be able to purchase a new home for me and my children will I ever be happy I will I ever get married

Reality GirlDate Submitted: Mar 29thI would like to know if he is telling me the truth about the money he owes me and a cell phone he says that's not his.

KatDate Submitted: Mar 29thI'm wondering if I will get back my daughter from the state? Or will she go to her dad in New York city?


J.O.Date Submitted: Mar 29thWill I ever obtain purpose and meaning in my life or some form of financial balance and if so when and how?

JubaDate Submitted: Mar 29thShe left without a fight .i lost my job and I'm struggling to support my family i also lost 12 family members

MarsDate Submitted: Mar 29thWill I win a legal matter will I receive payment and will it finalise by April .will I be able to travel overseas after this

flanDate Submitted: Mar 29this there a special person out there for me. someone kind and has a sense of humour that we would grow old together happily. would like to know or am i to stay single. many thanks for any advise. 🐾

Dee DeeDate Submitted: Mar 29thMy spouse and I have been together almost 5 yrs.I feel we are soulmates.Is there marriage in the future?If so sooner then later?Will there be a financial break through for us through this struggle?

pinkypinkDate Submitted: Mar 29thCan you tell me if there's anyone who likes me in a different way or maybe something about the future?????

Brandi Nicole Date Submitted: Mar 29thIs he cheating. On me cause he stays gone all night a never can tell me were he was an has females calling his number but don't no who they are they say wrong number blah blah blah

SarahDate Submitted: Mar 29th1st question: What is the meaning of my dream? His name is VCM, the name that I include in the information about 2nd person. I include him because he is my 1st love before and I dream that he still loves me until now but shy to confess his feelings. We are classmates before when I'm still 2nd year highschool and I'm also shy like him. 2nd question: Sometimes I can't stop thinking of him. In google, it says that he is thinking of you if you keep thinking of him. Is this true?

LoisDate Submitted: Mar 29thHello. I would like to know what year will L and I be married? L is a mail carrier for the USPS. He used to live in S, IL as I do and he worked in C, IL. We met on his route in C, IL and we both fell in love but I didn't get his last name or any other information. I moved from C to S two years ago and he followed me out here with his apartment and job. The USPS transferred him to another state. Can you tell me when will we be married?

JuleDate Submitted: Mar 29thI have lost very special and expensive piece of jewelry that was given to me as a 10th wedding anniversary gift. It fell off and I don't know when or where, but I just know I realized it was missing last Wednesday. I have searched everywhere and it will be 1 week it's been missing tomorrow. After searching in the last place today, exhausted w/no sleep and breaking down into tears, I am desperate at this point, and here I am, seeking any help I can to see if there is any hope in finding it.

DMTDate Submitted: Mar 29thP and I broke up over a stupid last drop, He is under the control of his family - parents and ex-wife - and I can’t live like this. I asked him to do something that his parents opposed, he didn't. I'm not reconsidering my position - as I've done so many times before. If I do, I feel that I will be choosing a path of unhappiness, But I am in pain. A lot of it. It has been almost a month. We are barely communicating. Is this really over? If so is there love for me in the near future? Thank you

Thank you!Date Submitted: Mar 29thResubmitting. On January 27th I took a route of leaving my home due to a unhealthy relationship with "C" my fiance/ best friend. My family was separated. My life has not been easy since. I have jumped house to house with kids trying to survive, flee from negative people, especially my own family. Why is there so much anger and animosity towards me? Is there wealth and happiness in my future? What does the number 25 mean? Guidance please. In all respect Thank You

ThDate Submitted: Mar 29thHi I need to know if I did the right thing yesterday or have I put myself in a bad place I had to do this but I'm very worried I've put my family in damger

SPDate Submitted: Mar 29this my husband cheating on me? did he cheat on me before, I want to know with who? did he sleep with my sister?

fdr3Date Submitted: Mar 29ththe Question is that i want to know the future of my relationship with M she is the woman i love. the struggles in her life are keeping is apart but i truly believe we belong together. will be be together and will she solve her personal struggles?

EmDate Submitted: Mar 29thAre we going to stay together is he cheating on me and telling me lies and who with is he cheating on me with

Peyton's GrandmaDate Submitted: Mar 28thAbout a year and a half ago I began having health issues that led me to financial hardships since I can't work now. I have no car, home, or hope left. I have issues with family and I want to be able to take care of my grandchildren and keep them in a safe and secure environment. I worry about them all day every day. I guess my question is, will I ever be financially secure? If so, when? I'm pretty desperate at this point. Thank you so much for your help! smile

Erin Date Submitted: Mar 28thAlthough I have yearned to contact a loved one.. I must put my selfishness aside, There is a young man missing and The entire story makes no sense.. I am hoping someone can contact him and maybe give an answer as to why, when or where..

Laura CDate Submitted: Mar 28thDate Submitted: 2017-03-17M is my older brother, and he's been doing some REALLY stupid things. His wife is about leave. He even threatened to hit me and we didn't speak for weeks. He's breaking all of our hearts with all the drama he's causing. Our parents died when we were teens and it's been he and I against the world since. Now it seems it's him against everyone, wife, kids, me. Do you see this situation getting any better?

JMNDate Submitted: Mar 28thR and I recently broke up We both know that we love each other but this last time we broke up it caused serious consequeces for both of us. we stll talk every day although we havent seen each other in over a week .we love each other but he says he cannot think about a future with me right now as he is dealing with the consequences of our last break up .my question is how can i fix things with him so that we can be happy and have the future weve talked about

She's CraftyDate Submitted: Mar 28thDivine, please tell me if there is anything I need to know that i may not be aware of regarding love?

StarDate Submitted: Mar 28thHow does M really feel about being with me? Do we have a chance to be together? Is he afraid of committing to me?

OrcodaDate Submitted: Mar 28thAround what time frame will I find the one that I can spend my life with? I'm really ready to settle down. My last ex just used me and kept breaking up with me and wanting me back. It wasn't a good relationship though. I was just hoping that you guys could tell me around when I would meet my next partner. I used a paid physic but what she told me was wrong and never happened. Thank you so much if you choose to answer my question!

SilvyDate Submitted: Mar 28thIs my husband withholding any more secrets he hasn't told me since the affair of flirting for years with coworker he confessed to having sex once she also but there stories change about when the flirting began is it because they were having sex threw out the whole flirting affair and are affraid to admit, she also got pregnant 2 yrs ago and that scares me you know. My husband also left that out he only admitted to having sex and had a std but don't you get those symptoms a week before having it

LisabellaDate Submitted: Mar 28thMy husband, Adam, and I have been married for 30 years. Our marriage is not as happy and connected as I hoped it would be, but I feel like there has always been some psychic inner commitment for me to help him grow spiritually. Did we agree to this before we incarnated? Also, what are my psychic gifts? Please tell me your feelings on this. Thank you

LisabellaDate Submitted: Mar 28thHi, For most of my adult life I have felt the presence of someone around me. I feel a great love from this person, as though it were a strong romantic love. I have felt the name "Tony", but I don't really know if this person is real, someone from a past life, a soulmate or twin soul...or if I have somehow just created this out of need. Sometimes the not-knowing drives me crazy. Please tell me if this is real, and who this soul is. I would greatly appreciate your answers and advice. Thanks

AmsDate Submitted: Mar 28thIs my husband upset with me? If so, I'd like to know why. I feel like he's been very distant for a long time

Brittany&AaronDate Submitted: Mar 28thHi, what you guys told me was true. I wanted to thank you for telling me it. I was just wondering will he cheat again or will he leave me?

ShDate Submitted: Mar 28thI left my wife 6 months ago and moved in with s but things aren't how I thought they'd be. I miss my wife and still Speak to her but don't know if things will work out this new woman. I don't think my wife would want me again, but I don't want to lose her. How do you see things working out?

JJ CCG HMODate Submitted: Mar 28thI were tryna see is we gone get together n how he feels about me n is my baby girl gone grow up being something is me n her dad gone be a family

HorzieDate Submitted: Mar 28thI'm really in love with the person indicated above, but he stopped talking with me a month ago for no reasons. Whenever I text or call he never answers my phones call or text. I would like to know if he will end up coming back in my life?

T.LDate Submitted: Mar 28thHi, I have been with my boyfriend C for about 6 months now and it's my first relationship that lasts longer than a month. Although everything in our relationship is going fine right now, I still have doubts if we last. His fears are based in us being bored of each other. But although it's been 6 months, to us it still feels like we are only together for a month and everything still feels new. Can you give me insights if we are going to be together for a long time? Thank you.

AbDate Submitted: Mar 28thI have been in a relationship with T for two in a half years, all of a sudden he says he needs time to himself he completely opped me out of his life, I don't know what to do, are we met to be? Do I wait for him or do I move on? He has be . Depressed ever since he lost his job.

ChonnyDate Submitted: Mar 28thI no he's a aquriuis an we bn seeing each other for a while now I guess I need to no will he ever date me will I b his gitlfreind and how long its killing me

DillonDate Submitted: Mar 28thCan yu help with witch career I will have success in the work field also witch tour is to be taken or stoped please and thanks?....................

DameStar7Date Submitted: Mar 28thI wish to know if my ex SM is seeing another man, and was I ever offered a career with her uncle, GM, or does he still work for C?

AnnieDate Submitted: Mar 28thOur future please. Husband been made redundant: have lots of debts to pay. Where will the money come from, and will we have to relocate back to our old house in Mount Magnet Western Australia? Sincere thanks for your assistance.

SCDate Submitted: Mar 28thI am inheriting some money and will have to move because i live in income-based apartments and won't qualify. I am having a hard time finding a place to rent. Do you see me finding a place soon?

AJYDate Submitted: Mar 28thI feel like a black cloud has been hanging over us for about 9 years. Will we ever get our finances back to where we were?

Maya the beeDate Submitted: Mar 28thWill my marriage work out for the best I really love my husband but we don't seem close anymore at all

Pierre Date Submitted: Mar 28thI want to know if you see me helping someone buy their house? Do you see me sign any mortgage paperwork this year? Do you see me find my soulmate? Do you see me become financially successful ?

jsejuse001Date Submitted: Mar 28thI am a single mom and have always had to struggle or see more bad times then matter wat i do..i feel i have been cursed by someone.i recently started working.and saving for a car will i find the car i the next 2 months.

HolzDate Submitted: Mar 27thI found my step dad dead 13 years ago, he had taken a accidental drug overdose I think. I was first to see him at the flat and had to call my mum. I've kept it in for 13 years now but it's destroying me inside it's made me numb. I just want to connect with him

booDate Submitted: Mar 27thI came across a photo of me when I was a child and it was a white blur over me in the picture and there have been occasional weird occurrences in my life. Is there a spirit watching over me and if so who are they and do they have anything to say to me?

SamDate Submitted: Mar 27thIs there ever a chance i could be romantically involved with S or Am i better off staying good friends with S?

BREDate Submitted: Mar 27thI need to know what my grandfather was trying to tell me right before he passed.and is he still around me?

Nikkie305Date Submitted: Mar 27thI've been in love with D which is the person I named since I was 16 we got separated for 9 years and now we are united, but not yet together. Could you please tell me if it was date that brought us back together does he love me? Thank you.

SunshineDate Submitted: Mar 27thWill D and I be in a committed relationship this year? We have been seeing each other off and on for the past year. The distance(300 miles) between us makes it difficult to see one another.

TJDate Submitted: Mar 27thI have a friend named J and I wanna know if he has true feelings for me or is he just using me? And what do my future look like with him?

JassDate Submitted: Mar 27thI want to know about my love life,my future job,my family life,I want to know if me and a ex would be together

lcribabyDate Submitted: Mar 27thMy nephew was injured a few days ago and is in the hospital icu with brain hemmoraging. Has had a cat scans and the swelling in the brain hasnt gotten worst nor better. He does not know what happened to him or why he is in the hospital and only him and the man above know the answer. So my question is "What really happened to my nephew Ernie" Thanks

LttleOne78Date Submitted: Mar 27thApologies on asking about my "ex", I am looking for clarity. We had been together since November, he had a lot of baggage from a marriage with children & he was in a bad place when we met. We worked through issues & had a really fulfilling relationship. We were happy. 2 days ago he broke up with me because "he cares about me so much, so that is why he had to end it" which makes NO sense. Will there be an opportunity to deepen our relationship again or should I just move on? Thank you smile

old flame 31Date Submitted: Mar 27thWhat is in store for the future between D.G(details included) and I? D is the person I have feelings for...Will I meet a new partner who is suitable for marriage? please and thank you

lizzette69Date Submitted: Mar 27thi ended the relationship, i just wanted to know why he didnt love me right, i just didnt understand his behavior,

EleaDate Submitted: Mar 27thI just want to know if my mother in law or my in laws secretly hate me? Im worried I might be set up for failure. I am tired of not trusting people.

HunterDate Submitted: Mar 27thI met a girl named K back in january at a mental health group I attend. The staff found us holding hands and flirting with each other shortly after our meeting. She left the group for a couple months and then recently returned. I don't think she remembers me, but I still think about what happened before. Will a relationship form between us?

CreggyDate Submitted: Mar 27thI'm a positive person I never wish ill on people i work hard but over the last few months nothing goes right on a daily basis I thought I was just going through a tough patch but it seems to me to be something more,I've been told it is from a previous life which I can accept but how can I break the cycle if it is from a previous life?

whiteorchidDate Submitted: Mar 27thWill my deal go through with K. I have busted my butt to get all the relevant information to the buyer and now he is stalling

KattyDate Submitted: Mar 27thWill I marry my partner im with and be happy inlove plus travelling, will we be forever, loving, diningout, exploring, Lo

XxxrosexxxDate Submitted: Mar 27thI would like to know if there is any messages from my loved ones advice or guidance. A message from my granny would be great.

ShannonDate Submitted: Mar 27thI have recently gotten involved with a new man. I have 4 young children and I am very worried about him possibly becoming a bad influence on us. I am worried basically about being with another con man or is he going to be someone I can put my love and our lives safely into his hands? AM I paranoid or not?

DianeDate Submitted: Mar 27thDoes M really love me or is he just playing games or is he going to hurt me is he a soul mate if he does love me how long is he been loving me and does he intend on being with me for the rest of his life is this man straight or bisexual

ChelseaDate Submitted: Mar 27thI'm in a long distance relationship. But I have not heard from him in 4 days. He suppose to visit. I am worried. Is he okay? Is he cheating?

Sassykat801Date Submitted: Mar 27thI need to hear from my mother. She passed on July 15, 2015. I feel my father around me, he has passed as well. I don't feel my mother. I love them both but I really need mom right now. Does she have any words for me? Was she happy with the care I gave her? Is she proud of me? Thank you in advance.

Tarna1978Date Submitted: Mar 27thE came back 2 my life after month 2tell me he has cancer& b moving away soon.wants things 2 bnormal,but doesnt text or respond when I text.igot upsetwas like wtf!He got angry&said lose mynumber.I want 2b there 4him.I apologized&said Im here 4him when hes ready.Im scared.thought we friends,guess Im selfish&thought he want me around help him through this instead ofbeing pushed away Idk if this counts as dont ask when ur Xwill b back.But will he let me in.soon/eventually?Or is this it.he's gone.?

nadsDate Submitted: Mar 27thwhat is in store for me year 2017, what will this yaer bring for me and what career path will i take

LmkDate Submitted: Mar 26thI would like to know if me and my boyfriend with our children will be moving into our new home this week?

MK1611Date Submitted: Mar 26thThe person referred is my boyfriend. We are in long distance since 4 yrs now and facing a lot of trouble. He says we should break up because he feels I might breakup in future. We are worried about our future. We had asked an astrologer who said that I would leave him. It supports his gut feeling. And he worries that my Dad wouldn't accept him so we would break up. Please guide us. Will we be together? Will we marry?

Cece Date Submitted: Mar 26thI wanted to knw when will he call me what day will he call and what will he say and is this other girl is out the picture or getting out of it

SeunDate Submitted: Mar 26thWill my life this year go to the next step? I would like to know about my school results this year, will they be good. Could I catch lotto this year? My life is horrible,dont know what to do to make my life better. Please help me!

Kathy17Date Submitted: Mar 26thMy mother passed Wednesday. I been having strange things happen along with feeling like she is hugging me or next to me comforting me. I know she has been giving me signs I'm just not sure what kind and if the feelings are actually her

CHITADate Submitted: Mar 26thIs my current partner loyal and trustworthy. is she lying to me and cheating on me like so many times before

JanDate Submitted: Mar 26thplease can you tell me what lies ahead for me and if I will be ok in the future, also my partner has lied to me in the past and I want to know if I can trust him now

shruDate Submitted: Mar 26thMy mother in law is making my life hard. It's been a hard time ever since I got married. She is very bossy and dominating. I'm currently staying with my parents and plan to return to stay with in laws sometime next month. I dread the hard times I've faced earlier. Please let me know if there is any sunshine I can hope for because now I have a child and can't think of coping up with all the physical and emotional stress.

JoedyDate Submitted: Mar 26thDid JR fell in love with me somehow and did not take advantage of me? Does JR have other girlfriends? If given the chance , would he want to be with me?

ThingpheDate Submitted: Mar 26thI want to be rich and have abundance in my life. When will my wish be reality? Will I ever achieve it?

BVDate Submitted: Mar 26thWill my crush AM ask me out through my bedroom window and be my boyfriend on June 20, 2017?

TJDate Submitted: Mar 26thWill i ever get my DOT card back to get my job back at Kinder Morgan Pier IX Terminal and win the lottery

SavioDate Submitted: Mar 26thMy husband died earlier in the month. We have a 5 year old son (J) . Me and my son are due to go back to london in June for his studies. What will be life like for us ( me and my son J ) now that i have lost my husband and he has lost a dad. sad

E.KDate Submitted: Mar 26thi want to move back to sydney to make family visits easier ... in a year or two . Im doing office administration at TAFE next month with a part time job , i want my future career to be in sydney in order to make visits easier . i want to support my half sister J cause she is having a baby soon and she doesent have any family around except brother and husband ): . Im thinking of having an apartment near a family member

HenzoDate Submitted: Mar 26thI have court on the 5th of April to ask the judge to spend time with my children will this be granted

TrendyDate Submitted: Mar 26thWill he be in touch again, we have only ever spoke online, found a connection with each other, but have I blown it by throwing a tantrum

TfDate Submitted: Mar 26thWill R and I get back together. It's been 3 months and he went back to his child's mother buy he claims he loved me so much. I just have so many un answered questions and it's hard for me to let go.

Pookie Date Submitted: Mar 26thMe & My friend guy have fell off bad and i jus wanna know will he come back and my life and the for me like he use too.. he loved me and my son and i love him from the bottom of my heart i jus want him back in my life wilk he ever come back around and we be a happy family ?

TabDate Submitted: Mar 26thWhat is it time for?... The voice I keep hearing says it's time. I have an uneasy feeling I don't know what I'm supposed to be looking for but I know that it's going to have a major affect on my emotional stability.

jamie kDate Submitted: Mar 26thhi wat does future hold for us wet will we be in 5 years time Wil I get a good job soon and eat does future hold for my partner

EskimolochaiDate Submitted: Mar 26thWill my husband move forward in the future with my us and family? Will he understand that this is the most time that I can give and will he give it a chance?

RachelDate Submitted: Mar 26thMy sister F passed away she only sixteen she killed in head on crash and what happen to her really and is spirit still around


Lori2368Date Submitted: Mar 25thNeed to no if DG has true feelings for me or is he playing with my heart is there a future foe him and i

Happy1Date Submitted: Mar 25thWe are getting married in a little over a week in Vegas foretold by one of your awesome psychic's. My question is this, we have been moving around quite a bit, looking for that place that feels right. I don't know if my feeling is right but I feel that where we are is not the final place we will settle. I have no desire to look for a house or even a more permanent place to live, I do want to plant my roots just not sure where to dig in. Do you see us moving on? and if so how many more moves?

DedeMemeDate Submitted: Mar 25thI ours life everything was loses almost 4 years after his father died, we have 2/3 months job after we staying at home 1/2 months.My question is: what is the problem why only lose and nothing good happens in our lives?

courtDate Submitted: Mar 25thMy mom passed away 5/6/2005. I feel like she has been trying to reach out to me, but I can never see her in my dreams or talk to her. I was just wondering if she has a message to tell me, and what the message is? I think of her and miss her every single day. Please help me.

Alison Date Submitted: Mar 25thIs J seeing someone else? He rejects me 100% of the time and I'm so depressed and lonely.. please help

CindyDate Submitted: Mar 25thWill she be coming back to me after all this turmoil over these past few months? Basically will I get her back in my custody?

EmnDate Submitted: Mar 25thThe 2nd person will be returning into my life soon. They went away for a year. I met him 2 years ago and have been in love ever since. But when I met him I had a boyfriend and I'm still with him today, 5 years strong. I know the 2nd person loved me too but I didn't show my love because I thought it was the wrong thing to do. I am very loyal in a relationship. But now I feel I should have. I feel like there is something very special between us but I could be crazy. I need to know!

ArielDate Submitted: Mar 25thMy boyfriend J and me have talked for a while when he asked me out I kinda pushed it now we barley talk it takes him hours to reply . (Were younger and in a long distance relationship) and we were fine until we started dating he says he's been busy with school sick and tired I want to believe him. Is he okay is he the one? Will this work out?

JF1017Date Submitted: Mar 25thI've had a string of unexpected setbacks from 2015 through now. I want to know when I will finally get a breakthrough and experience a positive turn of events.

AnushaDate Submitted: Mar 25thwas told by a psychic I have curse on me she remove performing a ritual- I pay 80dollars first. get luck,win lotto,kids b successful careeres,no fighting home,previous partner will return. went to traditional hearler,paid thousands-was fake-will he return money, daughter 1. currently studying,will she pass and b successful. daughter2. matric- confused what to study,what field go into,will she pass and b successful. My husband fights is their someone else.Pls help am in financial difficulty,

LODate Submitted: Mar 25thWe've been together for a little over a year now and things are a little rocky right now. I know that we love each other but sometimes hardships in relationship tend to break up the relationship. I would love to know what can we do to make this situation better?

Hotmar40Date Submitted: Mar 25thWill I get approved for a Hyundai sport sante Fe New I went everywhere some dealership ask me to do two loans because don't want me to used my 2015 for trade what's going on with markets and my husband willing to be co signer Toyota treated us like %$#! trying to put me in something old and ugly and would not let me trade my current car in with hardly no miles just want out the car I am not satisfied when I brought two years ago just want another suv

Aeril5Date Submitted: Mar 25thNeed help in direction regarding future, I feel like I'm lost and don't have much hope for the future


jaydellsDate Submitted: Mar 25thHi C is my mother I was told she had passed away 3/11/1999 had funeral well recently iv been informed there is achieve she is alive I'm witness protection please help me swear me in the right direction I need closure thankyou kindly

Twinmomof3Date Submitted: Mar 25thTheir father has kept all 3 from me since July 10 of 2010. Ive epileptic and I am fighting him in court and I firmly believe it will go in my favor because of contempt of court and he hasn't financially been taking care of them according to his mother who is 74. He recieves over $1200.00 a month from my disability. Yet he still will not allow any contact. My question is can you tell me if I can get full custody? Thank for giving people this service. God bless you.

RedDate Submitted: Mar 25thHow many marriages will I have? Is my marriage gonna be difficult or great? I really don't want to get married twice

BarbooniDate Submitted: Mar 25thDo you see a future where im working now or should I try to find work elsewhere? Will I get my dream job and further my career or should I start my own business?? Very lost and in financial hardship. Please help guide me in the right direction.

Leena003Date Submitted: Mar 25thI have recently discovered that I have such strong feelings for my boss who I have included her name for my question. Now I was told she has feelings for me but I am not so sure anymore. Basically long story short I said something before thinking it through and now she won't talk to me at all. I'm just wondering if I am wasting my time pursuing her should I move on or go after what I want?

Kitkat13Date Submitted: Mar 25thI had a dream where i found 3 quarters and 1 nickel by a printer and then a note printed out in all bold letter caps saying "we are back now" i thought i woke up and told my friend when i saw two orbs coming at me glowing brighter. So i freaked out and woke up for real in my bed freezing cold. Our ac broke and ive been waking up hot, plus i live in Fl. So its been hot but i woke up freezing. Dreams like this have happened before. Are they goof or bad and what do they want with me?

WeezyDate Submitted: Mar 24thHello,please help give me guidance my brother well my whole family besides me are addicted to drugs my brother recently over dosed 2x in the past few months lucky he's still alive an trying to get better I had to give him CPR both times he lives right next door I have terrible anxiety and panic attacks now I'm afraid every time I hear something over there or every time my door opens that it happened again what can I do to help with this an relax a bit I feel like I'm going crazy plz help thanks

CarmsDate Submitted: Mar 24thMy husband T and i have seperated not by my choice but we have talked a few times since he has left me. I truely miss him and we have a daughter together. Will my husband try and come back home to me and his daughter

Cinnabon 19Date Submitted: Mar 24thHi pbs, Which career should I go into? Software programming or medical transcription? I love software programming but a lot of things about this profession concern me, specifically working in teams and not having enough education to be successful in this profession. With mt I would love the social isolation and independence but am concerned about the salary. Which career would I would be more happy in? In which career would I be more successful in? Help me make this agonizing decision. TY pbs.

Tay Date Submitted: Mar 24thMy name is tay and I'm in love with this boy I've been with for almost 2 years name C and we stepped into a rough patch in scared we may not get out , My Question is Will we overcome this ? And do he love me ?

ejl34Date Submitted: Mar 24thAm I going to begin to provide a financially stable life for my son within the next two to five years?

AKDate Submitted: Mar 24thI feel stuck at work.. and in my relationship.. will he be the one? Also what will happen to my career?

Maggie Date Submitted: Mar 24thI'm in a major financial crisis. I really need to know how I'm supposed to be making money or will I finally get my social security?


AliltokyoDate Submitted: Mar 24thWill EC and i continue on with a happy or unhappy reationship? Will we get married and stay married?

JayDate Submitted: Mar 24thPlease help,my boyfriend has one kid,but I have seen pics that show he has 3 is he lying to me,i hadly ever see him but somehow i cant seem to leave him when he comes back for one night,this has been going on for 3 years,i dont know what to do.i think he might be just using me.


J.b.Date Submitted: Mar 24thThere's this guy I been talking I like him I don't know if he really likes me like I do and he's been talking to this other woman to that I know but I want to know if he likes her for more than a friend or what does he see in her

Bkelly127Date Submitted: Mar 24thI've had a strong connection to somebody that I have gotten extremely close to over the past two years and is now my best friend. Am I meant to be with her?

HGDate Submitted: Mar 24thMy question is very simple, what are some exciting things that will happen to me in the near future?

TreeDate Submitted: Mar 24thWe had such a strong connection with each other why were we connected what was the purpose if the end result was pain and dissapointment.

T. H. Date Submitted: Mar 24thI want know if my relationship with my boyfriend love or does he love someone else more. I feel we are falling apart and it's killing me bad. I love him so much. I want to know if he doesn't want to be with me anymore. The feeling I had with him is going away. I want to know please help me understand why I feel this way. Please help me

Jwalk415Date Submitted: Mar 24thI have recently been building a friendship with someone I have romantic feelings for and few believed I could reestablish any kind of connection with her as I had a previous setback with her. While being friends would be something I'd value if that's as far as I can go with her, my preference is to be in a romantic relationship with her. I defied odds just to be friends with her, so could I defy odds again to eventually be in a romantic relationship with her? In other words, can I win her over?

AWDate Submitted: Mar 24thI'd like to know what the future holds for my love life and wealth. I just want to know if someone has their eye on me. Do I know who they Are? And for wealth. Will I become a very wealthy person? Will it happen soon?

LEDate Submitted: Mar 24thI am lonely. When will i find true love? Do i already know him or will i meet him? What is his name or something about him?

BlueDate Submitted: Mar 24thI think someone is cursing us or putting a bad omen! Bad things are happening unexpectedly we want to know what it is?

MannieDate Submitted: Mar 23rdMy ex fiance broke up with me and I want her back do i have a chance to get her I really her and do she still love me and think about me

LisaDate Submitted: Mar 23rdIm dating J but like to know if he loves me enough to marry me and have sex with me or am I stuck in the friend zone?

WRDate Submitted: Mar 23rdWhat direction do I go,and how do I get there,I'm lost in my life.I have been through hell which includes the loss of my little girl .

TiffDate Submitted: Mar 23rdHello, I am in the middle of a custody battle over my son XAC. I am needing some type of answers as to what the judge will order. The unknown is bringing me down and I am at a total loss. I need to know if I will be getting full custody over my son.

carlycDate Submitted: Mar 23rdDo you see a my husband and i staying married now and in the future. We are having problems as a result of my having an affair and still being in love with the other man. The other man and i are living in different states now, but my heart belongs to him. I just am not certain he still has feelings for me ir has he moved on with a new woman. What can you see and tell me about my life going forward. Thank you

PlayedDate Submitted: Mar 23rdI dated a guy for over 8 months, and it was a intense relationship. He has a long history of not committing to anyone for several months to know the person very well before committing. Everything was very intense until a few months ago and he completely changed. A few weeks ago he said he can't date me or anyone or be in any relationship because it was too overwhelming to have a relationship with anyone right now. 1 1/2 wks later he had a boyfriend. Did he date us both at the same time and lie?

AbabyDate Submitted: Mar 23rdWhere do you see me and K. In the next few months living wise are we gonna have own house in Maryland


mlaDate Submitted: Mar 23rdLately everything seems to be negative. Since last year going thru a terrible awfull starving cow time. Couldn't be worse. About to loose everything the family worked so hard for. The simplest phone call turns into a nightmare. It looks like I shouldnt even make an attempt to leave the house in fear of an accident. Things are not getting better as time progresses. It is all black, gloomy, negative no good cant find the right path to follow out of this hole Too many problems no solutions. HELP

Reddhead72Date Submitted: Mar 23rdHi I met a guy by chance he texted me. But the text was suppose to be to another girl Anyways we have been talking since And I fell in love with him. My question is. Is he my true love the one I'm suppose to be with