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Blacchina84Date Submitted: Feb 24thHello, Thank you for your help in the past. Is this man going to get divorced, is he lying about the kids situation. After ten years I'm ready to give up but we've been through so much, well he put me through so much should I walk away. Thanks for your help and time

VisiondreamerDate Submitted: Feb 24thEnDanger Missing Person Case out of Lafayette, LA USA. My Friend went missing on February 8th, 2013 after she left a Domestic Abuse Shelter called the FAITH HOUSE. She was seen departing the shelter in a Black Hummer. She has reached out to me in my dreams by showing me visions of details of what happened to her, however she is very confused about her exact location. I would like to know if any psychic can give me the answer to help give her family closure. Please Help!!!!

lostoneDate Submitted: Feb 24thwhat does the future hold for benito and I? will we get back together and get married as planned? be happy again before our bad break up? how does he feel? does he still love me like he says? why is he still acting jealous if we are just friends? and is benito talking to other girls? does he want me? or does he want some one else? did he go out with the other girl to get back at me for what I did? just for revenge to show me how it hurts?

PhDate Submitted: Feb 24thI don't know what to do with my life, I want to attained knowledge but failed miserably every time.

SECMDate Submitted: Feb 24thI have been working on a video game but don't know if i should continue it, should i give up or will it pay off as i don't have much time? should i do something else?

LebayaDate Submitted: Feb 24thWhen will I find the man I will be spending the rest of my life with? Have I already met him? Either way can you give me some indication about him: name, initials, birthday, astrological sign, physical description? Where and how will I meet him? Thanks

DrmDate Submitted: Feb 24thWill I ever give up on fred, our relationship, and our business or will this be the last time I will ever love?

HeidiDate Submitted: Feb 24thI am about to undergo a property settlement with my soon to be exhusband and want to know if I will keep my home or if a move is coming?

thorisDate Submitted: Feb 24thI have trial coming and its all bad and I'm scared. Are the crooked cops in this case going to be caught and I remain free and get my boy home where hes fighting to be.

KSKDate Submitted: Feb 24thi was wondering what job field would be best for me. currently i am in a STEM major, but i am indecisive on whether id want to stay in it or switch to something else. i am currently having difficulty in chem and programming, so this is making me think of switching majors even more. i am also wondering when/ how i will meet my future husband like if it’ll be within the next 5-10 years or during college.

amandabanks08Date Submitted: Feb 24thI recently came across an opportunity to to become a realtor. A very popular reality company posted an add. I applied and was sent an email about it. I've always wanted to try it but I've been skeptical. Is it something I should do? Would I be successful? I don't want to make it fill time but something that will pay up the bills for awhile and I can live comfortably. I've had terrible luck and I hope being a realtor will fix this. Thanks!

Roscoe66Date Submitted: Feb 24thDo you see me getting this job I really want ? The interview went well and I left very confident but I'm yet to hear anything back

merissacatDate Submitted: Feb 24thHi My mane is Merissa I am a very anxious person I need to know will my husband Joshua be approved for perminent residency in Canada?

faybabyDate Submitted: Feb 24thI met this guy recently and his name is Brian and I ended up falling for him. Do we end up getting together or is it not meant to be?

cleDate Submitted: Feb 24thI want to know how to I can find my soul mate and who is she? Her name and what she expect from me.

skybird756Date Submitted: Feb 24thI want to know if my financial situation will get better this year? I have been staying up and down the last few years. I'm looking for a better year.

CK01Date Submitted: Feb 23rdWhat will the future hold for Cynthia Reyes born on February 08, 2000 and (MOVED TO PRIVATE INFO)), in their relationship?

AckDate Submitted: Feb 23rdHello, Is our relationship over because I think he is involved with someone else? I don’t hear or see him hardly ever

sassykat801Date Submitted: Feb 23rdHiya! My sister has been very hot and cold with me. She insisted I stay at her home until my SSI went through and I'm eligible for housing. It's been 6 months, just got approved for SSI. I've been helpful, I pay for things and clean up. Now my whole existence irritates her. Asked if I did anything wrong and I was told no. I'm planning on getting out by April 1st. It hurts me because I would do anything for her. What is the issue? I wore out my welcome? Thank u. ❤

CathyDate Submitted: Feb 23rdMy ex-husband called and left me a message begging me to call him. Said he needed my help with his mother. Said his sister is screwing his mother over. I love his mother but I don't trust him. Does his mother really need my help or is this just about him and another of his lies or tricks ?

CathyDate Submitted: Feb 23rdI won my workmans comp. appeal but now the insurance has appealed. It is their right . Please tell me will I have still won. I'm desperately struggling to get my life on track. I'm just looking to get what I'm entitled to.

hayleeboo12Date Submitted: Feb 23rdAre my boyfriend and I meant to be? It took me a while to get him and I still question if he loves me or not

UrsulaDate Submitted: Feb 23rdI have been single for a really long time now... Almost 4 years and I have not been able to meet anybody.. Yet.. Please tell give me some insight into as when I meet the person I will have a relationship with Thank you :)

QanDate Submitted: Feb 23rdShe is my girl friend, i just want to know if we are breaking up? And when this relationship gets over?

QanDate Submitted: Feb 23rdI’m in love with the second person, would we begin any relationship? When? And would we meet each other?

C.EDate Submitted: Feb 23rdHi! My ex-husband, (but soon to be husband again, and also my son's father), was murdered last March. For a long time now, It seems that I've been held down or blocked and I'm just stuck in this one spot, not being able to make any kind of progress in my life, even before this tragedy happened. I feel It has only gotten worse. I just don't know which direction I should go or how to go about getting myself unstuck. Your guidance is very very much appreciated. Thank you for your time and insight.

jappyhDate Submitted: Feb 23rdIs my boyfriend attracted to other women, he is flirting with women online and says it is just porn. is he being honest when he says he only wants me? Or is he a cheat?

BabriDate Submitted: Feb 23rdI want to move from Rawalpindi, Pakistan to Wazirabad, Pakistan along with my family. I want permanent settlement along with my family at Wazirabad , Pakistan. When will I move along with with my family to Wazirabad , Pakistan.

GramDate Submitted: Feb 23rdWhat do you see for this guy's future, will he stay off drugs, stop taking us into court for more time and be happy with the custody of our granddaughter being with us, our daughter is, will he ever back off and leave us in peace? Will he go back to prison or is he now a model citizen who will do no wrong ever again?

danibviDate Submitted: Feb 23rdHello.... thank you in advance if you do get to my question..... currently I am working to pay of my debt..... I want to know if you see my parents helping me purchasing my first town home/condo in the future? (My parents names are Maria Teresa and Luciano )

Cancerlady93Date Submitted: Feb 23rdTo put some kind of closure with or without speaking to each other, why does he hate me so much that he gets entirely frustrated with me if we did talk or not? What is his problem with me" I'm not proud of things I've said and did to him but he's no different than me. If he doesn't hate me then why be frustrated at me.

Lost girlDate Submitted: Feb 23rdPeople are trying to say I am a bad mother and take my son but my son Jaxon is my hole world I love him so much and spoil him and he is only three can already knows his ABC's and 123's he can talk better then 5year olds and he is my little hero. But people are trying to say I am not a good mom and take him this is so hard and is destroying my relationship with the love of my life josh and my heart and soul Jaxon. Will this end badly or will it all work out in the end and give me my life back?

ShortyogiDate Submitted: Feb 23rdI will say this - this person has no real significance in my past. There is no communication between us. I am one to close chapter with peace, prayers and good wishes and move on without hatred or bad energy. I am not too aware of telepathic energies. Why then does this person still randomly cross my thoughts? It kind of bothers me a bit because Im pretty content with my life and I have no hatred/bad chi towards this person

navielpaulinoDate Submitted: Feb 22ndI’ve been talking to my ex boyfriend Anthony Rodriguez for about five years now and i can’t seem to move on. I moved from NJ and now I’m living in SC. Do you think we will ever make it work?

Jorgi89Date Submitted: Feb 22ndEver since I was young I've had nothing but bad luck. One bad decision after the other. Is this due to some hex or curse? I don't know what it's called in english but in spanish it's called santeria. And I know people who practice it. Is it because someone practiced a hex related to that belief?

gratitude5Date Submitted: Feb 22ndHi, am I more likely to find love in 2018 OR in 2019 onwards? I have been focusing on self-love & on my hobbies for a while but I would love to add some excitement in the form of romance in my life. Can the Spirit guides point me towards anything I can do or anywhere I can start going to increase my chances of finding true love? I am definitely not for online dating. With many thanks

BJGDate Submitted: Feb 22ndSo frustrated please help. Been looking for the green metal strong box still haven't found it yet. There are important papers in there such as my birth certificate. I have moved and went through alot of items. Am I ever going to find or was it stolen?

vignesh KRDate Submitted: Feb 22ndHello, I am not getting answers from my love. She is says she is not interested but her eyes don't say that. Will my love succeed? Awaiting your reply. Vignesh kr

IsayolololDate Submitted: Feb 22ndHi! I would like to know if you could please answer my question. My question is if my best friend likes me. I've liked him since we were in 7th grade, but I don't know if he likes me back. Thank you!

babybat56Date Submitted: Feb 22ndI would like to know if I will find a girlfriend one day and if my dream of wrestling or singing will come true or if I’ll just be famous one day I’ve been vary frustrated and feeling like I’m try so hard but it’s not gonna be worth it

hurtntoredownDate Submitted: Feb 22ndTell me about my future love life with RC he's included in this because he's my baby's father and we're going through hard times right now and our relationship and he's carrying on extra relationships behind my back and I want to know if it's worth it to stick it out with him or just move on

ghDate Submitted: Feb 22ndThis week I got into a tiff with one of my group members in one of my classes. What do I need to work on as a preservice teacher to get along with people? I feel as though his questions are intense and way too abstract. Am I right about him and the way he thinks and should I just suck it up and hold my breath.

Ellie_RDate Submitted: Feb 22ndHas the guy I mentioned moved on? As in is he dating someone currently. We've known each other for a couple years but haven't spoken for a year. I was thinking of contacting him but if he's dating someone I won't. I just don't feel comfortable contacting guys who are dating someone. Especially since we had chemistry between us. But I think time dwindled it. Just wanted to know in case I wanted to reconnect with the guy. Thank you for your time.

staceyellDate Submitted: Feb 22ndI have decided to start over fresh with my life. I am studying for a new career change to better things for myself and my daughter. It is the first time in 25 years I have stood on my own. will I be happy and successful in my decision or have I made a big mistake

ChachaDate Submitted: Feb 22ndI am caught in between two men I want to know if I should stay with Concepcion or should I go on with my life with Roberto.

monicaDate Submitted: Feb 21stMe and my fiance ( he just proposed on christmas ) have hit a rough patch since. We also share 3 beautoful children. I recently found some communication in his phone with his ex girlfriend. Which has happend before. I was wondering if he is feeling like he still loves her or if its just his "male genetics", so to speak.

Jen220Date Submitted: Feb 21stWhen will P finally express his love feelings to me and which continent should my real lifemate whether blonde or dark be born from?

ANC Date Submitted: Feb 21stWhat will 2018 bring to our lives? We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs... we just want to be prepared for this year.

Confused LeoDate Submitted: Feb 21stFirst time I've ever asked and cared about my future. Wondering when I will find success. I've recently enrolled in college in January. Every possible obstacle has thrown itself at me. Including a student loan that went into default. I don't get a pell and have no money to pay my tuition. I'm so content on finding myself and being successful. This just put me in a major damper mood and I even cried a little realizing I can't continue. So, is there anything positive coming at all in my future?!

jjDate Submitted: Feb 21stI have been unemployed for 18 months. I have gotten interviews for two jobs, but problems with references have blown two of them. I think my last referee really bad mouthed me. My question is, I have been praying for a life less ordinary. I want to work, but I don't want to have to go back to my old profession of speech lang. therapist. My sort of new career of management seems stymied by references. Do you see me working any time soon, and in something I actually like?

checkersmrDate Submitted: Feb 21stPlease tell me that why does my boyfriend always have to sneak me in his house when his parents go to sleep does he really love me is he seeing anyone else wat does he think about me he my soul mate please tell me anything i feel he ignorea me a lot or is it just me thinking this way idk just feel hopeless n sad n i cry for him is he even worth it

Waiting to hearDate Submitted: Feb 21stI would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read my question. I really do appreciate it. So thank you. The other person is my momma.. she passed away on December, 6th 2017, I feel like she has message for me. Could you please tell me what it is , or could you please tell me how to hear her myself? Thank you

Jennifer Date Submitted: Feb 21stWho is close to me that is keeping a secret from me, or what is the secret? Would love to know because I have been going crazy trying to find out who or what it is and I'm praying it doesn't not have to do with what I think it might. I'm just needing to know.

blackwidow1313Date Submitted: Feb 21stIs my boyfriend zach in love with me do you see anything bad happening in my life am i getting money soon

TanyaDate Submitted: Feb 21stWhy can't I stop loving my ex partner and understand why he doesn't want me anymore and why he keeps lying to me

sammicheleDate Submitted: Feb 21stI've been dating this guy name Tim. It was going well and then he started to slowly stop calling and texting me. Now it's been almost a week and he hasn't called or text me. Is he my soulmate and should I contact him and ask him why he stop out of the blue? I really like him alot and want him to be the one. What should I do? Thank you!

Johnson45Date Submitted: Feb 20thHi i am trying to move on but for some reason i CAN'T we dated about almost 6months ago but he broke it off with me and started dating this Lady .we all work at the same job just different departments....anyways everytime i see him at work it just bring back memories of me and him.i really still have feelings for this guy and i just don't know what to do.i know i need to move Forward but i can't. Will we reconcile again!

LaDate Submitted: Feb 20thWill he and I get back together? Is he in love with the other woman? Does he still love the kids and I. Does he miss us?

TZDate Submitted: Feb 20thI would like to know if Marc is interested in me or bas feelings towards me because i cant stand not knowing. I'm going insane,please help me. Thank you in advance

Miracle1Date Submitted: Feb 20thHi, Y’all at Psychicbitch I was wondering when do u see me moving out of this neighborhood full of negativity what month & year do u see it happening?

3lovesDate Submitted: Feb 20thI have been filling out applications and dropping my resume off, applying for jobs. I’m having a hard time. Nobody is calling me back. I have 11 years experience working for a lawyer. I’m kinda desperate for a job at this point. Do you see anything changing for me soon? I don’t want to have to ask my family to help me with my rent. I’m going to a employment agency tomorrow. I’ve heard good things about them.

beth155williamsDate Submitted: Feb 20thI have recently started seeing someone much older than me - is he interested in seeing me more than once?

LPLDate Submitted: Feb 20thPreviously you stated that Alan was not my special love because of his infidelity. He stays in touch and sent flowers on Valentine's Day to his lover and me. I prefer he makes the contact. However, three men younger than myself has contacted me. I am hesitant because of the scammer potential. I have never sent gifts or money to men I meet on the internet. Richard is 63, Doug is 57, and George is 50. I am more drawn to Richard and Doug. Are they scammers or potential love interests? Thanks

KatDate Submitted: Feb 20thHi my question is can u tell me if john Paul is my soulmate by comparing our birth charts I don't know his birth time tho, I feel a strong connection to him so I'd u can tell me how he feels towards me and if there is any synestry in our birth charts thankyou in advance katx.

ArsDate Submitted: Feb 20thI was wandering if I had a curse on my life it seems that my karma or something is off o have had many write me saying I have a gift but no one will tell what it is I want to know more about how to get my life back on track I have just broken my relationship with my husband he is a work of art too much of my energy is causingy children problems I need guidance... Thanks for your help.

Bsm517Date Submitted: Feb 20thWhat does the future hold for our relationship? Thank you! We've been dating since October 21,2017..

Marianne Date Submitted: Feb 20thMy question is related to my son's exam(he is the second person here). He is going to appear for an exam(a very important exam in my country... board exams from March to April). Well I want to know if he will get the highest marks in his school. I will be very grateful if you provide some other details about his performance(like national rank, state rank, grade etc.) I as a mother will be very happy to see my son becoming successful. I hope that you will answer my question very soon. Thank you

ShaanCDate Submitted: Feb 20thChristiaan and I got engaged on 16 December 2017. We will be getting married on 30 April 2018. We are moving to a new house on 1 March. Will our finances be okay and what are the chances of getting a large sum of money in this year? Thankyou in advance.

russo1713Date Submitted: Feb 20thAnthony 1-17-80 about rachel I would like to know if Will we get back together? If so when?

hh100217Date Submitted: Feb 20thWill my ex Tyler whom I was with for over two years and I get past his past infidelities, my hateful words after he proposed, the legal issues we are both going through and every other heartbreak we’ve been dealt so that we can get back together and raise our daughter together and be a family?

mikamurphDate Submitted: Feb 20thwho was i in my past life? i feel a connection with a certain actor from the 1950’s. I feel like either I was him or was his lover

TashaDate Submitted: Feb 20thMy daughter Natasha has been looking for her dog Jasmine, is she still alive and if so any clues as to where she is?

AlfredDate Submitted: Feb 19thMy partner and I had an argument this morning and she told me that she will marry someone else. We are living apart and I dont know if she is telling the truth or just saying that to hurt me. Can you please help me see if she is really in a relationship with another man now and will do what she said? Thankyou in advance for your help.

diamondqueen24Date Submitted: Feb 19thme and Austin graduated together 6years ago and we lost connection during that period. In June of 2016 when started to talk again but briefly then in October 2017 we started talking more and more and he was being flirty but disappear Becuase he is a marine. My friend read my Sagittarius love horoscope for this year and it says I suppose to meet the love of my life In may. The crazy is that Austin told me he wants to spend time with me in may. My question is is Austin the guy I suppose to meet?

lozatozDate Submitted: Feb 19thWill I be approved for a car loan within the week? It seems I have had a run of bad luck lately. Family car was involved in an accident last month and insurance company misprinted some details. They may not repair it yet.

tracyDate Submitted: Feb 19thSometimes it seems like i can read someone or something i was wondering if i was born a natural psychic?

Confused1Date Submitted: Feb 19thHi my boyfriend seems like he is so angry with me and I don't know why ,? He is talking to me so disrespectful in front of his people and for the first time he actually laid hands on me . He smaked me in my cheek. I was in shock. This isn't like him. Can you please help me understand what I've done wrong or if I can fix this ?

stanleydeanna1979Date Submitted: Feb 19thWill I have a future marriage with Jason and do we have a lot of potential to be a harmonious union and partnership? Is it Gods will?

willysquareDate Submitted: Feb 19thI had my fiance cheat on me, so in dumping her I was left homeless and jobless. Now I stay at cousin's home in the middle of nowhere. It's hard to find a job because of it being nowhere ville. I have been both mentally and emotionally a wreck, only recently recovering. I want happiness and love, yet it seems my whole life has been cursed. I am told good things are to come, but I don't see how... My question is this, what must I do to start this long awaited abundance in my life? I need 1st step.

JhDate Submitted: Feb 19thWill our relationship work out or is he all talk and no walk or should I just move on does he even want to be in a relationship

BabriDate Submitted: Feb 19thWhen will I get married ? Can you tell me the name ? and which city ? Can I marry a specific girl named " Rabia " of Gujranwala ?

FerilDate Submitted: Feb 19thI'm going to apply for a study grant for master's at Ludwigsburg in Germany, will I get this this time and leave on September? Thank you very much, I appreciate your time and efforts.

Jclark7Date Submitted: Feb 19thI was wondering where I'm going to meet the man I will date or have a LTR with? I was wondering his identity, and age. we live a successful life together? Thank you

Sherriebabe59Date Submitted: Feb 19thWill we be able to move to a nicer house soon? His sister just passed away and possibly left us her townhouse and/or money. We are living in a very small apt on a resort now. Thank you!

KKDate Submitted: Feb 18thMy wife is bipolar and after my cancer I am not like I was once was. She has abandoned us the family 4 times in the last 4 years this man is 12 years younger his birthday is 12 19 1980 and has numerous crimes. Will she return to us or should I let the 27 year marriage go?

Diamond212Date Submitted: Feb 18thHello, I feel like I’m in a bit of a limbo as far as a career choice. Should i pursue a 9-5 or become an entrepreneur?

prissy4garyDate Submitted: Feb 18thGary joe is the one for me because atm we only talking and just want to see if we go to the next stage

DeDate Submitted: Feb 18thWill our relationship last? It's been a really rocky one.He keeps ending the relationship. Not sure if he really lives me.

kathyDate Submitted: Feb 18thmoney misfortune,will i be moving soon?i'd really like to move but i must have the funds available to do so.

bunnie85Date Submitted: Feb 18thi like this guy a lot and i know he likes me too, i want to know were you see this relationship going for this year and beyond

VeeDate Submitted: Feb 18thMy cat is missing, she is like a child to me. Is she dead? Horrible visions are plagueing me about what might have happened.

davidddgDate Submitted: Feb 18thWhat is my future like ? And my future in football what do I need to be aware off . I’m really down

BabriDate Submitted: Feb 18thWhen will I get a Job ? I am jobless currently. I want to get a good salary job. When will I get a nice desired job ?

lovewineDate Submitted: Feb 18thI met this girl at a bar last week. I messaged her and we were texting for 2 days straight asking things about each other, then she mentioned that she has a boyfriend in passing whom I didnt know existed. I asked about him, and she said her boyfriend knows we are texting and that she's bicurious. We met up again the other day and got to talking more about stuff we like & I could be wrong but I feel she was flirting. The next day she completely ignores me. Is she interested or not?