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EarnestineDate Submitted: 2017-03-23Will W ever unblock me on social media and talk to me or be friends again. I really miss him so much

GracieDate Submitted: 2017-03-23Did D my ex girlfriend make out with a girl named H before?& do you see D trying to contact me again. as of now we're distant and not communicating much

OdiliaDate Submitted: 2017-03-23Does my personal love life it is about to start with this awesome handsome man that I have a lots of dreams

T DDate Submitted: 2017-03-23I am wondering where I am heading in my current job as I feel like I am at a standstill and out of my comfort zone

Reena Date Submitted: 2017-03-23Hi I recently posted a question which was not answered I'm happily married no children but unemployed can you tell me anything about my career path kind regards Free spirit xx

Clarice51116Date Submitted: 2017-03-23My BF "D" and I both have huge trust issues/ insecurities from our pasts. Lately, I feel like he's checking out of our relationship. I can't shake this nagging feeling that's he's saving money to leave and has been flirting/chatting with other women on Facebook. He insists this is not true. Says he's in love with only me, that wants to make a life together and maybe someday get married. He believes better times are coming for us. Are my insecurities making me crazy? What lies ahead for us?

booDate Submitted: 2017-03-23A couple years back my sister went to a psychic and the psychic told her that I wasn't meant to be here or it wasn't my time. This is troublesome because when I was a child, apparently I said something eerily similar. And on top of that it took a while for my mother to have me. this true and what does it mean? Some times I feel as though it has to do with a past life, but I'm not 100% sure. Hopefully you can answer this question for me.

NaNaDate Submitted: 2017-03-22We are giving this relationship another chance. Is he going to change this time around and do better towards me?

ConfusedgirlDate Submitted: 2017-03-22I've been hooking up with this guy recently and I can't deny that I felt an instant attraction when I first met him. I'm not sure if it's just sex for him... after we finish, he would cuddle and play with my hair and kiss my forehead and cheeks. People don't do that if it's simply just a hook up right? I know for a fact that he's seeing other people but is there potential that he has feelings for me and wants more out of this like I do? It's killing me inside and I don't know what to do

b23Date Submitted: 2017-03-22What do I need to know/do to get unstuck? Have had a really bad depressive bout recently and feel completely stuck (I feel stuck in general, but the feelings were magnified by the episode). Thanks for your time.

RosiebellDate Submitted: 2017-03-22Hello tthank you for taking the time to read this. Well I've been in this relationship nearly 10 years my partner is taking of for 6 months in a few weeks I'm worried that he's going to find someone else cause he did leave his ex gf from 3 years for me. I don't know am I in over my head

charlotteDate Submitted: 2017-03-22what will happen in my future prospects ,current love life and family. and also my personality deeper meaning to that

ShyDate Submitted: 2017-03-22Hello! I lost my job almost 2 wks ago. I'd like to know when I'll get a new one? Im really scared over this after a terrible experience 6 yrs ago. I lost everything but rebuilt my life over the years.Could you tell me why the women I worked directly with disliked me so much? They wanted me gone. I'd also like to know about the 2nd person I listed. What is in store for us & how he feels about me? I've asked this question twice but both times were archived. Thank you so much for your guidance.

Want to find loveDate Submitted: 2017-03-22I've met a guy I like online he's Asian and called D he's a 24 year old Capricorn. We want to meet up but id like to know is it just going to be regular friends with benefits hook ups or could something more come of it?. Please answer me I need to know before I go ahead with the meeting in June.

KMDate Submitted: 2017-03-22I want a change in employment. Will I get the motel job (live in job) that I have been trying for? I'm tired of working two jobs.

earth angelDate Submitted: 2017-03-22is there anything i can do to turn my financial situation around,i really need to get myself a vehicle..and get back on my feet

Beme571Date Submitted: 2017-03-22Moving back home, boyfriend helped get a place, but since I returned from trip to get a place to live hes been distant and doesnt communicate that much. I'm wondering what is wrong with him. He's a great guy who I knew many years ago. Very sweet.

SBDate Submitted: 2017-03-22I did something with a work mate that now I regret. I also almost became just like him and I had to stop and get back to who I was. Now I'm worried about my future and I fear everyone knows and is judging me. Does my manger know? Is he holding back to talk to me until appraisals? I feel I've been punished enough with illness and different emotions. Is my gut feeling right or that I'm just anxious?

SPDate Submitted: 2017-03-22My boyfriend and I just moved in together a few months ago. He moved several states away to be with me, after I got a job there. We were apart for 6 months, and couldn't take being apart anymore. He is having the hardest time finding a job, and mine is not a good fit either. I know it takes time to adjust after a move that way, but I am wondering whether it is even worth it for us, or if we should give up and try to have some success back at home.

PhazeDate Submitted: 2017-03-22I have been outta work for 10months Can't seem to find a job. I "feel" as if God wants me in a totally new career field, but I am not really sure what? I could really use some guidance on the job front, or knowledge that some miracle money is coming as I am close to losing my apartment. I have had many interviews, just no job offers.

VanDate Submitted: 2017-03-21Do you know if My ex T and I will get back together soon and do you know if he has been hooking up with other girls lately?

lasDate Submitted: 2017-03-21My husband and I are having severe financial troubles, both disabled, trying to sell lake property to pay for our home and other debts. Will we sell this property for enough to pay for our home to be able to stay and live here in mixon very soon like within 3 to 6 months.

SdlDate Submitted: 2017-03-21Will my husband stop fighting blaming others and become a better man to me and our children and will we be together forever?

fernandoDate Submitted: 2017-03-21I want to know about my plans of going into entertainment like singing,modeling and acting in would really like to know which one or two or all three them would work out I'm really desperate and scared things won't work out as planned

TlzDate Submitted: 2017-03-21QaunleeDate Submitted: 2017-03-09The man I asking about is my boys father .we were together 20 yrs when we separated and the man that I ended with it didn't turn out so well and I'm now in a position where I'm having to move back in with him he said he would help me so plz can you tell me will we beable to make it work or will I find a job to beable to hold my the very near future Or what do u see happening

CazDate Submitted: 2017-03-21Will my situation improve in love and who is there for me on other side helping me overcome my tribulations

My name is MaryDate Submitted: 2017-03-21Hi I will like to know what really going on in my life ,and what the furture holds for me. And will I be withmy present partner in the furture.

Dee DeeDate Submitted: 2017-03-21My mother passed in sept of 2016.My spouse and I moved from florida to ms to help before her passing.She left everything to my sister in florida.3 life insurances,van,property,etc.My sister collected checks and threw everything away inside my moms house and abandoned the property.I have driven by and my heart is so broken.It is only worth $4000 but to me and my spouse it is priceless.We thought we were going to get it and keep the memories.Does my mom want me to give up on trying to get it?

DMTDate Submitted: 2017-03-21Now that P and I have broken up, is there real love, a real life partner and happiness in near love in my future? Thanks!

Jenrosa99Date Submitted: 2017-03-21I have loved this man and love him still. He will not let me go completely but he does not hold on. I only want to know am I waiting on him in vain? Should I finally move on? I have been dating and have others interested but I cannot let him go because I love him. What should I do? Will I love another? Will I be happy? I know it seems like a million questions but this is what my head feels like. I just want to have a family and be happy being settled. Is that even in my future? Thank you

Ah0824Date Submitted: 2017-03-21Thank you so much for this! I'm applying for law schools right now and I just got rejected from my top two dream schools, and haven't gotten accepted into any other school I want, so I'm really anxious. I was wondering if you could tell me what my career path will look like, where I will go for school, and what can I do to help me succeed professionally in this field? Thank you!

LoveSeekerDate Submitted: 2017-03-21Many blessings. The past year has been rocky for me, I have been trying to mend a broken heart after losing someone I really loved. I also met a character who really messed me up. I do however feel like I am ready to be in love again. I am ready to open up myself to someone and be swept off my feet. My question is, when do you see me falling in love? Will it be reciprocated? Are you able to give me more info about my future partner? Any enlightment would help. I am ready for love again.

Bobis_12Date Submitted: 2017-03-21I've had a crush on my coworker for years now, but he's dating another coworker since I've met him. He flirts with me a lot and it's obvious his gf is intimidated by me. Does he actually feel something for me and will he ever break up with her and act on it?

3rd Resubmission Please HelpDate Submitted: 2017-03-21Hi this is a resubmission. I think my question was archived, can't really seem to find it anywhere. I applied for a post and they invited me for interview (I went there last week Tuesday) and now they want me to come for a psychometric test on Tuesday. I really want this job, I previously applied for it last year and I never got a response. So at least things are looking more positive now. My question is, will this be successful? If not, when will I get a better job? I really need the change

RLDate Submitted: 2017-03-21Hi, I just wanted to know if N had sex with J on March 15th, 2017. Also, did she really like me? And was she talking to other guys?

WhyWhineDate Submitted: 2017-03-21Will we ever get back on our feet financially? We had a business, and were doing great, but then the housing industry left us in a lurch, and people turned on us. I've been told we were too nice, and let people run over us! I want my life back! -- PART 2 -- Is our home going to be foreclosed on, and will we lose everything we have worked so hard for? Or, will be start making the money we need to keep it? We've always had a great credit score until we lost our company!

UntetheredDate Submitted: 2017-03-20I never had a “calling” and now I feel lost. I spent years in a survival mindset, now I struggle to take decisions and set goals. I feel resource-less, directionless. I’m moving to Scotland, to be in a place where I can speak the language. I work as a cleaner in Denmark, but I’d like something better and more meaningful, but what? I’m a quick learner, but awkward, depressed, and inexperienced. Will my drive ever awaken? Is there a field that has been calling out to me, that I just can’t see?

pinkypinkDate Submitted: 2017-03-20Can you tell me anything about my future love life??? I was wondering if there is anything important I need to know about or maybe someone I need to know about. I'm currently single.

BellaDate Submitted: 2017-03-20I applied for medicine last year and have been rejected this year by every university. I have had a very bad past few years and was hoping this one would be better but it has been the worst so far and we are only 3 months in. Will things turn around at all for me this year, in particular will any universities reconsider my application and give me an offer or should I give up? I have worked all my life for this and it isn't happening.

GennieDate Submitted: 2017-03-20Will R and I get back together? If we do will it be better and happier? Will the relationship last this time. Does R love me. If so will he tell me. Will he contact me. Is he bipolar.

Rose86Date Submitted: 2017-03-20I ended my relationship with my ex three years ago due to his actions. Recently I went on a date with him throught a populardating site just to hear his side of the story and etc. I thought I made it clear to him that night that I don't want to date him ever again. Within a week he sent me two doses rose (one set red and the other was white), claiming his love for me and etc. I'm in a better spot in my life! How can I tell him to back off for good?

KarenDate Submitted: 2017-03-20Hi my question is about my love life with this guy if he is good for me? if we are going to workout in the future.

SilashaDate Submitted: 2017-03-20Looking ahead I want to know if the next ten years will be the same or better than the last ten years as far as my well being is concerned.

MochaDate Submitted: 2017-03-20Is my boyfriend cheating or interested in someone else? Is he hiding something from me that im not seeing?

LindajDate Submitted: 2017-03-20Will I win the lottery or lotto drawings that I have entered or any of the drawings I've entered to win

DmarieDate Submitted: 2017-03-20I met him 20 years ago he was my then boyfriends best friend, life went on and I had no idea he had fallen in love with me, move ahead 20 years, we came back together he said he belonged to me for the rest of his life and asked if he could keep me forever , I really like him we went out had a great time spent days together and then it just stopped he stopped answering my calls my texts complete silence what happened?

KbDate Submitted: 2017-03-20My sister ran into my ex today at the supermarket. Said he was friendly but he looked sad and I know him he's too cocky. She said he didn't ask about me is he still in love with me. And does he hate I'm the one that gyou t away

JvonDate Submitted: 2017-03-19Not quite sure why I feel that this will be the man that I'll end up with. I'm just looking for opinions and/or confirmation. He is more of my associate. I Just want to know what our future together looks like and when we will become closer friends & I also would like to know why is he so shy to approach me.

Bigdogzz Date Submitted: 2017-03-19I met R a month ago and we hit it off. We are getting along amazing!! We have so much in common and have the same wants and desires for a future relationship. The connection we have is ridiculously strong. My question is will we marry?

RPDate Submitted: 2017-03-19I have been trying to find my great grandfather ET. I have hit a road block. please can you help. where can I find his birth or death records and is this his real name.

ABDate Submitted: 2017-03-19Will I ever hear from him again and if so when or is the relationship over and if so what happened for him to completely stop all communication with me

TADate Submitted: 2017-03-19I included C because I am in love with him. I want to know if he will marry me? He claims that he loves me. He is in a me sizable marriage and her children are keeping him fom leaving her.

MWDate Submitted: 2017-03-19Hi! I used to be involved with this guy for awhile I'm wondering exactly if he's thinking about me. I keep doing online tarot to see if my chances are good with him but I am unsure of the answers I am getting from it. I have a fondness for yes or not oracles and an app on my phone that allows me to me choose my own cards and If i do the yes or no option I kind of draft in threes to see If I pull the same answers. Question is should I trust the answers i get in regards to him? Am I reading right?

SbDate Submitted: 2017-03-18Is this truly over or will we reconnect one day I understand this is a corny question just everything in my body tells me not to give up yet and I need some guidance on what to do

lilgirl6ajDate Submitted: 2017-03-18My first love and I broke up more than a year ago because of distance. I chased him but to no avail. We agreed however to be friends. He'd sometimes feel so warm and sometimes cold. There are also times I just get a feeling that he is missing me because my heart feels heavy and he'd cross my mind. Sometimes right after I wake up or when I'm in the middle of doing something. Am I just imagining that or he really does miss me? Is he still going to be a part of my future?

Lillt2017Date Submitted: 2017-03-18Would he fail a lie detector test if asked had he cheated? Did anything happen in the cleaning cupboard?

KaylaDate Submitted: 2017-03-18I am wondering if he is the one that's going to be with me or is it going to be with MF or what my future looks like

Misssy01Date Submitted: 2017-03-18For sometime now, I feel as if a significant change is going to take place in my life and I am hoping it is something positive. Would you be able to give me an insight on what I can expect?

NicoleDate Submitted: 2017-03-18Will me and D-L get back together! Will he ask me to marry him. I know and believe he is my soul mate!

StarlordDate Submitted: 2017-03-18I recently received a job offer from the second company I listed, but I really want to work for the first company. Will I get another job offer soon? I need to make a decision before the deadline, which is next week.

yiddiesDate Submitted: 2017-03-18In 3years a lot has happened 2me,left a lot of physical and mental scars..U cud not make this %$#! up!!. I attract the wrong ppl, am an asshole magnet! 😂 Tired of ppl thinking they know me better and know what I want/need better than I do myself!!.. sometimes I'd love nothing more than to be a BITCH!! But I can't be.... (unless provoked obviously)😂 Little things matter to me ppl always say it doesn't matter you dnt need to know, well yes I do!!! That's me!... Why am I so misunderstood?

EmmibenBDate Submitted: 2017-03-18We had filed for divorce and just recently decided to work things out. He even proposed to me again. The problem is he cheated on me so many times before hence reason for divorce, we don't live together currently so when I am not with him he barely texts me at all. Is he still with someone else and just playing me?

NeicyDate Submitted: 2017-03-18What will happen with work situation in next six months will work change/stay the same. Will it be better or will situation be able so that new opportunities are available

HHDate Submitted: 2017-03-18Will I beable to help my soul mate threw this time in are life is he following orders in the facillity which he resides at this time i would like to no what his state of mind is emotional

MvrDate Submitted: 2017-03-18Are the two of us going to get married in the very near future or are we going to fade away as a couple?

JADate Submitted: 2017-03-18I included ZR as my private person because we are in a relationship. My question is will we be happy together in our relationship?

ellebelleDate Submitted: 2017-03-18I am wondering if there is something spiritual influencing me right now. I have always been very intuitive, but lately I am having vivid/lucid dreams, some predicting events. Did something happen that increased this ability? Or is it just coincidental? It is scaring me a little and am wondering if you can help me figure it out. Thank you.

Bacon8706Date Submitted: 2017-03-18I would like to know if my ex girlfriend and I will ever get back together and what can I do to get her back it has been long enough she has my heart and I wanted to make sure I did everything I could before I move on with my life. Just give me some help and just show me which path I should take do I hang on or do I let her go.

LueDate Submitted: 2017-03-18Is my gf cheating? What is my money looking like in the next 5 years? Will I be rich? Will we break up?

LGDate Submitted: 2017-03-17Is he the one? I don't know what his motives are and am scared of being hurt. I really like him! Am I pushing him away?

Toothpaste Date Submitted: 2017-03-17My wife and I are having issues. Does she still still live me?Are my wife and I going to work things out?

BreeDate Submitted: 2017-03-17Will we get back together and make amends and be stronger once again and will he be the one to come back?

viveDate Submitted: 2017-03-17Will I achieve everything i am planning to? Will all results i am waiting for give me my answers ? Will i be able to find my path?

HunterDate Submitted: 2017-03-17I met a girl at a mental health group in January named K, and we started having feelings for each other almost instantly. She left the group shortly after, and I thought I would never see her again. I tried online dating, and that didn't work out. She recently called the group and said she was coming back. Do you think there will be a relationship between her and I?

Laura CDate Submitted: 2017-03-17M is my older brother, and he's been doing some REALLY stupid things. His wife is about leave. He even threatened to hit me and we didn't speak for weeks. He's breaking all of our hearts with all the drama he's causing. Our parents died when we were teens and it's been he and I against the world since. Now it seems it's him against everyone, wife, kids, me. Do you see this situation getting any better?

sharmiDate Submitted: 2017-03-17On the 13th of march my laptop disappeared from where id put it in a zip up bag under a table in the living room. I had my ex who is shifty, RM and a friend DH around at the time and my housemate RR was allegedly asleep in her room. I don't trust any of them. Who took it?

Miss NDate Submitted: 2017-03-17I have been having some issues at work. I am concerned about any sort of consequence as a result of a recent scrape I was in the other night. Will it blow over or is this something I should be concerned about?

RochelleDate Submitted: 2017-03-17Does T still consider us together even though we hardly communicate or he's thinking about someone else? How do i approch him and tell him i miss and need him? I don't want to ruin what we have or has it been ruined already?

JNDate Submitted: 2017-03-17i keep have dreams in my head and when im in these dream i feel exactly how i am now (normal) i know what im thinking in theses dreams, these people in my dream don't exist in this world but they do in my dream world, the dream world is earth, these people have the technology to show me my future path they have already shown me my full year for this year but i can remember whats going to happen, this is real! and now every i do i remember that i have already done it, i have da ja vu eveyday?

MzwenDate Submitted: 2017-03-17I just moved back into my parents house after a relationship ended a few months ago. We cant seem to find a common ground, especially when it comes to my children. I'm not currently working, but i need to get out of here ASAP Cuz i cant take much more. What kind of a job do you see me doing? What should i be looking for? Theres also a chance i could get disability (ssi). Should i take that path or try and work?

MzwenDate Submitted: 2017-03-17Just started dating this guy a couple weeks ago. We both just got out of toxic relationships (had i listened to you before, i wouldnt be here now). Anyway, we talked for a couple months before starting to date. I think i might be starting to fall for him and vice versa but i need some guidance on this one. I know my picker is broken and the fact that i cant read him makes me nervous. So do i stay and wait for what ive been looking for or do i turn around and run?

WipsyDate Submitted: 2017-03-17I'm looking to move out when do you see me find a place and who do you see me moving with? Will it be this year?

AmsDate Submitted: 2017-03-17I'm wanting to know that my relationship is going to be ok, and my husband isn't flirting behind my back

EJDate Submitted: 2017-03-17I have a lot to work on.. Im trying to do so much at once. Im feeling a bit lost and confused about almost everything. My love life is a mess as well.. I have done just way too much. What I wanna know is if I will get it together? Maybe get my car soon.? I just want to be happy. Will I be? Seems like it will never happen. Everyone is bypassing me. I just wanna be who I was made to be, who or whatever that may be!

WonderingDate Submitted: 2017-03-17I dated a guy for over 8 months, and it was a intense long distance relationship. He has a long history of not committing to anyone for several months because he wants to really know who he is getting into a relationship with. Everything was very hot and heavy until a few months ago and he completely changed. On Feb 22nd he said he can't date me or anyone or be in any relationship because it was too overwhelming. 1 1/2 wks later he had a boyfriend. Did he date us both at the same time and lie?

marloweDate Submitted: 2017-03-17what is going on for me spring and summer 2017 court case, money, leaving P?, moving , work, need to see scope

Jwalk415Date Submitted: 2017-03-17I have been slowly starting to improve myself as a person, yet I'm still single. I have a feeling that will change soon but I'm being cautious. Will I be in a romantic relationship with a colleague by the end of the year?

NellyDate Submitted: 2017-03-16I met this person after leaving a long term relationship of four years. When we met I instantly felt a connection, only problem is, he is 5 years older than me. Throughout the last two years we've been seeing each other on/off. Now, things seems a bit more official between us. We get on extremely well, and I'm honestly falling fast for him, and I really need to know will he be in my future. I'm scared if I'll fall I may get hurt. Thank you

JDDate Submitted: 2017-03-16Will I get back with my ex go to school will my kids listen and have a good future will I end up Alone for lifd

ChaitraDate Submitted: 2017-03-16Will I get my love soon ,how will be my spouse ,character ,appearance & profession. how will be my married life

JMDate Submitted: 2017-03-16I am 32 years old and have lived a long life. I have recently found my spirituality and am growing internally faster and faster everyday. I meditate daily and follow my horoschopes religiously. My question is Am I on the right path? Am I on the right path for everything? Love? Abundance? Happiness? Am I on the right path, is all I want to know.

Tiffany AnneDate Submitted: 2017-03-16I've always been different. I spent time with my imaginary friend "the ceiling lady" when I was young, and recently started receiving visions. I don't remember actually having them, but they show me future events that are to come in my life. They might come to me during sleep and that may be why I don't remember when the visions come. I've always felt different or special, but since this began to happen, the feeling of intensity only grows stronger now that I'm noticing and recognizing it.

NdoDate Submitted: 2017-03-16I met C this year at university and we instantly got along. He began to give me mixed signals and then all of a sudden pulled away completely. My question is why did he pull away?

WipsyDate Submitted: 2017-03-16What do you see for my relationship with my current parent will things be good or do you see us not seperating?


AckDate Submitted: 2017-03-16Why my life has been nothing but sready falling apart and nothing seems to be good enoughfor no one lately

SandybeachesDate Submitted: 2017-03-16Will I achieve my goal through increased finances and be able ti give ou work complelety and own my own home

BrittanyDate Submitted: 2017-03-16Is my boyfriend being unfaithful to me and how long has he been talking to this other women and what's her name has he had sex with her