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SupasarahDate Submitted: 2017-02-18Will I get my full taxes this week. And will I stay and love me forever. Will my children grow up to be successful all 4 of them.

RmeDate Submitted: 2017-02-18How do i get D to be mine? When will he be simgle and why is he pushing me away? When will we have a genuine conversation?

smDate Submitted: 2017-02-18I want to kmow if i will every get to see my friend and what date and year and am i due to get some money owed to me through an insurance company

Hwen63083Date Submitted: 2017-02-18I am about to end a big chapter in my life. Unfortunately, i have to move in with my parents at the age of 33 with 2 kids. I want to become independent again and be in love, real love. No more of these stupid half assed guys. I really want to find out what i have to look forward to. Had i listened to yall a year ago,i wouldnt be in this predicament now. You live you learn. I will heed the advice from you this time. Please just tell me what i can look forward to. I dont have much hope these days

jewelDate Submitted: 2017-02-18Awhile back I gave my daughter (person in 2nd box) an old phone of mine to use it had no service but was connected to the internet. We found in the photo gallery 3 very strange pictures of what looked like a empty room a French door and a house we did not take these pics. Can you tell me where they came from and if they meant anything. Just some weird things going on in our house.

Christy D.Date Submitted: 2017-02-18After being divorced for 8 years and devoting my life to my son, will I ever find true love again. And if I do what is the name of my future husband?

Dimpz Date Submitted: 2017-02-18Why does he act as if he doesn't care about me anymore? He ignores my calls and text. Does he still want to be with me at all? Should I move on?

TaytayDate Submitted: 2017-02-18Will me and J get back together in this month? Will he call me back this weekend? Will he forgive me?

TAPDate Submitted: 2017-02-18I would like to know if my financial situation is going to get better where I can support my house by myself?

yvonneDate Submitted: 2017-02-18does P love me ? I KNOW HE is married but do me and him have an actual future ? does he want an actual life with me ?

Sunshy946Date Submitted: 2017-02-18Would like to know what my future has in-store for me in love and work in particular. Is there someone out there for me?

E.CDate Submitted: 2017-02-17I would like to know if and when my financial situation will improve? If my love life will happen anytime soon and is there a suitor for me out there that has as much love to give as I have to offer ?

Fairy92Date Submitted: 2017-02-17I went through somewhat of a spiritual awakening last year. I started meditating everyday and began opening up my abilities. I feel like those abilities are meant to be a part of my path.I went through some difficult times and since then Ive had a hard time having that connection again. Was wondering if you could possibly point me in the right direction so that i can reclaim my gifts. What should i do?

PtwDate Submitted: 2017-02-17What's installed for our future and how can I improve on making our relationship more strong? He's very blunt and I don't know what to do? Does he like me or does'nt he?

MalecQueen Date Submitted: 2017-02-17What are B.P's true feelings towards me? As I am curious to know.....does he see me just as a co-worker, a friend or could something more potentially happen at some point in the future?

VikijmilaniDate Submitted: 2017-02-17Will S return to me we were together foemr a whole year he decided to leave cause he feared parents won't approve but we were fine plz help me find if we will be back together our outcome

RjoDate Submitted: 2017-02-16Am I wasting my time or is he the one for me. Should I be patient and just hang on and see what will happen.

JdoDate Submitted: 2017-02-16At my current job will there be changes in my department that will benefit me? Or should I look for a new job,

BRuffDate Submitted: 2017-02-15My husband has been very grumpy and withdrawn for the past few months and doesn't want to talk, what is really going on with him, if we (me & 2 kids) are making him so miserable why doesn't he just leave?

KloDate Submitted: 2017-02-155 years of hell. Please help I have a court case that has been simmering for 5 years now! I have used up every penny of my savings. Will I win? And will I be able to fix the damage it has caused me as well as get back all the money it has cost me? Thank you

ShayDate Submitted: 2017-02-12I was wondering when and where will i become employed? Will i syay with my longtime boyfriend and get married?

F.kDate Submitted: 2017-02-11Hi my name is Faith and the second person I put down is A my husband. I want to know what our future holds together and the journeys we will have with our family.

RenuDate Submitted: 2017-02-11I have been waiting for the one....since a really long time....and recently I am having this desire to have some one ...can I tell me when I will find my Lyf partner.

YannaDate Submitted: 2017-02-11When will I meet that special girl? I know that I am young with a lot of other things to prioritize but when will there be a girl who will come into my life and we will begin to have a romantic relationship?