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Tbayteach2Date Submitted: 2017-07-14Does my mom have a message she wants to deliver to me now that she has passed that would leave no doubt in my mind it is her ?

Emi In Need!Date Submitted: 2017-07-13HOW IS HE ? Please try to feel, see or sense and answer simply this, how is Josh, is he happy? and is he succeeding? does this person ever think of me at all for any reason? if so what does he think of me? Thanks x

TpDate Submitted: 2017-07-13When my brother committed suicide. Was he trying to get the attention of the guards to help him live?

SpikeDate Submitted: 2017-07-13I want to know about my future wife. Where will she come from?? Where will i meet her?? Will i get married?? Does the public love my wife??

SJRDate Submitted: 2017-07-13I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a year, I want to know where is the relationship heading. Does he want to marry me? Is he my soulmate? Lastly, why does he hold on to hurt from his past?

V. ODate Submitted: 2017-07-13Will I be financially free soon? Will a relationship enter my life soon? Will I Ever get married? What career path should go on?

LeaDate Submitted: 2017-07-12Greetings, My question is about my friend and I. We used to be lovers, but it didn't work out. We've been best of friends for some now time, it works, we're even closer. We've been supporting each other through rough times lately, big lifestyle changes for both of us. In his case a bypass(not a health question! I promise!) on his 98% blocked heart, he might actually have a real feeling for a change! With all these changes, might we find ourselves starting over with each other as well?

Farida OsmaniDate Submitted: 2017-07-12I have lost an important personal item at college due to exam rush and am afraid someone has stolen it. Will I find it back ? Please its really important I find It back because my sister's teacher's belonging was also with it and now she thinks I am lying.

LaLaDate Submitted: 2017-07-12This man stole my car and I was devastated, none can help me. I just want to know where it is? Please help me.

MadzeejoyxDate Submitted: 2017-07-12What do you see for me in the future? I would love to know anything you could give me! Thank you! smile

SJBDate Submitted: 2017-07-12He's my father and he passed away. I would like to know how feels about me and how I doing with my life? I would like to know how he feels about my marriage? And how he feels about Tanya and Robert "Chris" is what he prefers to be called it's his middle name not sure if that makes any difference?

SG123Date Submitted: 2017-07-11I'm at a point where I have to make a desicion of where I want to go with my career. My mum said I'd be a good lawyer but I'd rather be a film director or a buisness woman. Could you please tell me if I would be successful in any of these careers? Thanks.

Black Dragon 81Date Submitted: 2017-07-11Is my late beloved husband, J, trying to get into contact with me, and if so, what is his message? Thank you for your time.

TinyTeacupPipDate Submitted: 2017-07-11I've always had a sneaking suspicion that I'm more open than the normal person. I also seem to have some sort of spirit at my Grandparent's house that targeted a friend but I shielded her with my own energy, taking all the negative feelings and energy meant for her. Am I more spiritually/supernaturally open and what is this spirit? What does he, because that's what we feel he is, want with me? I have this burning desire to know. Like I HAVE to know. Please help!!

Sweet Pea❤️Date Submitted: 2017-07-10What is B friggin doing to me?! I've been wanting to reconcile and get back together. He added me again on Facebook, messages me, sends me videos of him singing to me, sends photos of himself- yet can go days without speaking to me. Usually on weekends. And then I see him having flirtations with other women still! I have been being so polite and it hurts me seeing him do these sorts of things! What are his real intentions? What should I do?! I'm still in love. This really hurts :'( plz help

Alex TDate Submitted: 2017-07-10I would like to know about what will happen this year if that is OK to ask? Like will I get a job or will I find love this year?

Boston239 Date Submitted: 2017-07-10Is my dead ex boyfriend watching over me and dies he hear me when I talk to him is he giving me signs he hears n loved n watches over me and what are those signs that maybe I overlooked . Second my daughter Hanna says she has s gift n that he talked to her is that true and was what she said true ? Does he still love me and will I get to talk to to him again soon either by a medium a dream or will he show himself to me soon . Is he in heaven and ok . Does he see me cry everyday and calm me down.

JWDate Submitted: 2017-07-09My oldest son died on 11-4-16 i want to know if he is ok he has visited me 4 times but i need to know he ois safe . i miss him so much will i ever except his death