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UPTOWNGIRL24Date Submitted: 2017-05-16Is there any chances for me to get out of current life path, to have a comfort, easy, carefree life and with someone i truly love and love me at return?

Jennifer Cisneros Date Submitted: 2017-05-16I would like to know if my dad spirt is still around us? And if he knew that we were all there when he passed. And was he given enough time before the dr said he was gone?

Vian Date Submitted: 2017-05-16I've got a partner I want to know whether he will marry me or not and whether he just want to spend time with me

silvieDate Submitted: 2017-05-16My sister (Tanesha) and I have not had an easy life, our mother did not make the best choices for us. I have been trying to make a better life for myself however, I just can't seem to get a break. My sister applied for the work overseas programme but never got through. I am thinking about migrating as well. Can you guide us on the right path to take. I am currently employee to a company , should i look for growth there or at another company?

NjtDate Submitted: 2017-05-16Why he left us I also want to say sorry as Im never going to get the chance to say how sorry I am. I want to know if he had a painful death and was he alone at the time. I miss him so much its made me ill. I hope we done him proud when we layed him to rest and I hope he liked the songs we pick and poem I wrote. I just want to know he is ok. And we all love and miss him deeply and he will never be forgotten his name will live on always.

April Date Submitted: 2017-05-17Is my husband cheating will our marriage work. Is my dad happy why did he go.Will I be happy again one day.

BrittDate Submitted: 2017-05-17Whats next in my love life am i going to run into any blessings or good luck lately blessing pouring down for me

NSDate Submitted: 2017-05-17Hi. I have been told by two psychics in the past month that I should pursue studies, but I am not sure in what field. Any idea what my future career options are ?

YOOJDate Submitted: 2017-05-17I need your help for my job it has come to a stagnancy whether I will survive with this company or get a new job Is any abroad settlement possible and when

L.v.m.Date Submitted: 2017-05-17I wanted to know if she has a message for me. She died a year after I was born and she was psychic. All o know about her is that she liked me and couldn't do a reading because I was too young.

Piscesgirl1963Date Submitted: 2017-05-17My question is about a dead musician, MKH. In my dream M saw me, he was angry with me for some reason, then as I walked away from him in my dream, I heard a very loud door slam. Like he was closing the door to me. Why did he do this, and why is he angry with me. M has been dead now almost 19 years. I just need closure. I just don't understand why he is so angry with me to start with, I only met him once in my life.

MJWDate Submitted: 2017-05-17I've been thinking about taking Legal action against someone for money that is owed. Do you see the courts being in my favor?

JustwanabLovedDate Submitted: 2017-05-17Arion is a guy I've been seeing since November 2016. I need to know if this man loves me and actually wants to be with me or if I was simply someone to use. He had a baby end of November with a younger girl (Peaches) he says he doesn't want to be with but the whole baby thing seems to be driving him crazy. Not wanting to be babydaddy he is willing to force a family with her, knowing he's not truly happy just so the baby doesn't grow up resenting him. But does he really love Peaches or me?

JustwanabLovedDate Submitted: 2017-05-17Im not too sure of her birthday or town she lives but wanted to know if this work"friend" is really an enemy who's been talking bad about me. I have a very strong she has and the people she has been talking about me to are making comments towards me indirectly. If I'm right, please tell me what is her issue with me. Not sure if it's racial, my looks, personality... What is the deal??

JustwanabLovedDate Submitted: 2017-05-17Will I finally get the position I want at work that pays slot more than what I'm making now or should I forget about it happening. Feels like I've been blacklisted at work and any real positions to move up and make more money, which I desperately need, are intentionally being block. I'm convinced they don't like me and are pretty toying with me. Working here with slot of these people is like being in high school.

GAGURL71Date Submitted: 2017-05-17Can you tell me if I need to be worried about a woman who was flirting with my husband last week? Even after I told her he was in fact married, she emailed him thinking I would not see his emails since she knew I knew about her texting him. I mean worried as him acting on her flirting.

QQ5Date Submitted: 2017-05-19Do you see i will be going to have an easy, comfort and good life in the near future and with someone whom i love so much?? am i going to stay on my own country for rest of my life??

P CDate Submitted: 2017-05-19I lost a very important Navjo ring on Sunday in my house, I have hunted high and low , can you help me find it ?

LynnDate Submitted: 2017-05-19My mom passed 3 years ago unexpectedly and we were very close. I want to know that she is ok and if she's with my 21 month old niece. Happy!! Is she trying to contact me? I don't always remember my dreams or hardly remember my dreams. I really miss her and love her and I want her to know that. I didn't talk to her the night before she left this world and I really regret that because I used to talk to her almost everyday or every night. I want her to be happy and pain free she deserves that.

carlycDate Submitted: 2017-05-20Do you see where my future is leading me to, I am in long term relationship with M, but dont know if that is who I will be with. Things are strained, unhappy but in these late stages of my life i am confused. Do you see any happiness for me and with who, M, someone else new or past or alone. I am at the crossroads of my life.

ConcernBrotherDate Submitted: 2017-05-22The second person is my younger brother. He was an educted professional graduated overseas and has been earning a very good living for the past 18 years. he got jobless three years back and cant even get a job either in local and overseas after so many application. he was highly depressed and sale some of properties to survey living now. will his situation changing for the better? will he manage to get a job later in this year or 2018? he now refuse to talk to anybody else & quarel with wife.

BMWDate Submitted: 2017-05-23My boyfriend Steven stayed out all night on Friday and didn't come home till Saturday evening. He said it was because he had a migraine. I want to know if he was telling the truth about what h was doing and where he stayed or if "having a migraine" is his excuse to stay out all night I feel like he's having second thoughts about us and I'd like to know if he regrets being with me