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CCDate Submitted: 2018-02-18I met someone about 12 years ago in a dream. We met co-incidently online 2 yrs. Became attached (within a few months). We connected several times a day, then, once or every 2 days. Then, he suddenly, disappeared. I get dreams before they happen. Before he disappeared, I dreamt, that, he was walking away, but he kept looking back at me, but continued walking. A few days ago, I dreamt that we met he said, that he misses me. I said I miss him also. Can you clarify this for me, please Thanks?

Shruthi Date Submitted: 2018-02-17I'm in love with abhijith will he love me and will his family accept me and will I succeed in the field of acting and when will I get opportunities

AnuDate Submitted: 2018-02-17I need to know whether my current job will give any promotions and when should i change my job? little confused with regards to career.

LilyglisteningDate Submitted: 2018-02-17Last few years have been %$#!ty. I am moving nowhere into my next chapter of life. Nerve issues, pain, relationships lack any form of connection or depth, career is stagnant and no one will hear what I have to say to protect work and huge financial issues. I feel completely disconnected now ad if I am a fish caught in a net it's suffocating. What the heck is this blockage and how do I move forward or to the side to step around it? If I have to face it head on, where can I pull strength from?

Jemma2901Date Submitted: 2018-02-17Does my husband still love me or is he happy with the other woman? If/when will he ever come back to me? If I do have him back, will I ever be able to trust him again? Can we ever be happy together or is our relationship over?

PraptiDate Submitted: 2018-02-17I'm in relation since past 8 months and my age is 21 and his 24. He stopped communicating with me for nearly month, and since last 15 days he has come back in connection with me. When he came back to me, he said me that he feels that he's not good for me, and feels that he's not perfect man for me asking me to move on. But I assured him that we would make way out together. I wanna know whether our relationship make upto marriage as we belong to different religions. We feel homely with each other

johnny Date Submitted: 2018-02-16Hi I'm John my girlfriend latifia does she wants to be with me iv been waiting for her iv know her for about 4 month now is she interested in me what can u see for us

MozeyDate Submitted: 2018-02-16I'm not sure what direction to take, I've hurt her, I'm in love with her, is she in love with me, what will our families say about our relationship.

RhondakayDate Submitted: 2018-02-15My mother passed away 10 months ago unexpectedly. My step father didn't tell us she was dying until she had an hour or so to live. His behavior has been strange ever since. He gave away most if moms things without telling me. Him n his family have nothing to do w me now. I feel there is something below the surface I need to find out. My question is does my mother have info or answers for me that can help me to understand what happened and is happening now concerning that part of my family?

QanDate Submitted: 2018-02-15I’m in love with the second person, would we begin any relationship? When? And would we meet each other?

QanDate Submitted: 2018-02-15She is my girl friend, i just want to know if we are breaking up? And when this relationship gets over?

waiting to hearDate Submitted: 2018-02-14The other person is my momma..she passed away Dec. 6 2017. I know she visits but I feel like she has a message for me. Do you know what it is..or can you help me to know how to hear her myself? Thank you very much for taking the time to read my question. I really do appreciate it.

Noel KerengaDate Submitted: 2018-02-14What is happening to me, my personal life?My finances , my marriage and relations and my house hold please?

KimberlyDate Submitted: 2018-02-13Hi I wanted to know if Rendell found anybody else since we haven't talked and if not has he been doing anything sexual with anybody else ?

LishaDate Submitted: 2018-02-13Have my husband been cheating with david, who he calls his boss but is very private about this person. I've been married for 10yrs. This is bothering me I have 6 kids it's taking my mind.please help me for my kids sake

AGHDate Submitted: 2018-02-13Me and my boyfriend Sean have been together for one year and two months. We both argue a lot. But here recently we haven’t been arguing and it feels good. I hope it stays this way. What do you see for our relationship monthly or just for 2018?

Johnson45Date Submitted: 2018-02-12Hi i really have feelings for this guy even though he's dating someone esle.i am trying to forget about him and move on but i can't seem to to let go of him we use to date for a while and then he started dating someone else. He didn't have the decency to tell me that he didnt want to talk to me anymore.but anyway i forgave him for what he did to me so i can move on.but for some reason i can't seem to move on .seeing him at work everyday.and the woman he's dating works at the same job too!

Stacey90Date Submitted: 2018-02-12Will myself and liam be happy soon with are current situation and finally be able to setyle in to life together

Erin Date Submitted: 2018-02-12I have been single for a little while. When do you see me finding love and what can you tell me about this person?

perpette911Date Submitted: 2018-02-11I'm planning to move abroad for a better lifestyle,many countries on my mind but I'm not fixed yet.I would like to know when this project will finally happen and where it will be?Thank you.

CkdDate Submitted: 2018-02-11I am looking to find out about life in general and also do you do any mentoring work i would also like to know my past and presant and future about my life What’s install for me and my family

J B BDate Submitted: 2018-02-11My Mother passed away 3 weeks ago, we both believed in an 'afterlife'. Why hasn't she given me a sign that she is still around?

hcDate Submitted: 2018-02-11CHARM; question: I was In a relationship for 2 1/2 yrs with a guy, a Pisces with brown hair and brown eyes. I am a Scorpio 01/11/1995, with blonde hair and brown eyes. We split in June 2017, and he got into a new relationship by September with a Libra, a girl with brown hair and brown eyes (MOVED TO PRIVATE INFO). Will it last?